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Everett Firefighter Thad Baxter Dies Unexpectedly at the Age of 43

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By Josh Resnek

Cafasso’s Funeral home will be packed to capacity Wednesday for the wake of Thaddeus Baxter, Jr.

Visiting hours are 4-8.

He will be buried with full military honors Thursday morning following a funeral mass in St. Charles Barromeo Church in Woburn.

Interment in Woburn’s Woodbrook Cemetery will follow.

One of Everett’s best known and highly respected firefighters died unexpectedly on November 9.

Mr. Baxter was 43.Continue Reading

Everett Football is Back!

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— Eye on Everett —

The Stock Market and Wynn Resorts

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By Josh Resnek

All our Everett readers with retirement accounts and stock portfolios or IRA’s and 401K’s are watching with heightened attention as the stock markets are heading all over the place from week to week.

The swings have been death defying -up 400 one day and down 600 on another, as happened on Monday.

Experts and analysts say the volatility level is dangerously high, as evidenced by the wide swings.

In other words, anything could happen and it likely will. All of our accounts these days are like electronic blips with our personal numbers.

These wild swings can cause our accounts to go up or down by as much as 10%-15% in a day.

Some stocks widely owned by Everett people – Apple, Google, and Amazon – can go up or down $10 – $15 in a day!

Once the apple of everyone’s eye, GE is nearly hitting rock bottom. The stock has fallen on hard times, as the company has fallen on hard times. The dividend has been cut to a penny. The stock price is hovering at $8.00. It was $20 a share this time last year.

Of great local interest, Wynn Resorts stock has been on a long and wearying downward plunge.

Last year this time the stock was about $190.00. As of Tuesday, Wynn Resorts was checking at about $98.Continue Reading

Quiet Everett Man With a Studied Point of View

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Shown above is Steven Pinto, local man about town, observer of the goings on in city government and occasional commentator in the Leader Herald. He has lived in Everett since 1996.

By Josh Resnek

During the past 6 months, Everett resident Steven Pinto has published a number of thoughtful and incisive op-ed pieces in the Leader Herald.

All the pieces drew a large response from readers, from some local officials and from an abundance of taxpayers.

For an Everett guy who claims not to be a writer, who finds writing hard and something not done whimsically, when he puts his pen to the paper he says something, it is noticed, and it is talked about.

He has written about city spending, taxes, burdens, and local politics.Continue Reading

From No Program to No Peer; Undefeated PJ Rolls Into State Semis

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Tigers quarterback Anthony Mejia looks for an open receiver.

By Lorenzo Recupero

What’s going on over at Pope John High this fall is pretty historic stuff for the school, a renaissance if you will.

Just a few years ago the football program didn’t have a single athlete suit up in helmet and shoulder pads, going team-less for consecutive years. Click forward to the present and you’ve got an undefeated, well-coached, defensive juggernaut clawing through school records in dominating fashion.

The 2018 Tigers are not only still undefeated at 10-0, a school record through ten games, they are the MIAA Division 8 North Champions after pummeling Boston English/New Mission, 51-8, at Everett Stadium this past weekend.Continue Reading

Flag Football: Tigers Honor Veterans

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Pope John’s Brian Baez (#65) waves the American flag in honor of all military veterans.

By Lorenzo Recupero

Pope John honored Military Veterans all across the country in their latest win at Everett Stadium this past weekend, hand flying the United States flag throughout the entire game – a rain soaked one – without letting it ever touch ground or flagpole.

The flag flying that day as a show of honor and respect for all the brave service members past and present was being held by a former player of Pope John assistant coach Mark Silvestri, who is a United States Army vet.

The flag, gifted to the team by coach Silvistri on the way to Cape Cod to play St. John Paul High School during week 5 of the regular season, rode the wind especially in his honor that night.Continue Reading

EHS Shakes Off Playoff Loss By Rattling A-B; Team Improves to 9-1

Everett Leader Staff Report

At first consideration, Everett fans had a lot to feel sorry about last Friday.

For the first time since the MIAA expanded its playoff format in 2013, the Crimson Tide failed to reach at least the Div. 1 North final.

After their loss to Central Catholic in the previous week’s North semifinals, the Tide were unceremoniously but unavoidably dumped onto the MIAA’s “Non-Playoff Schedule,” which is a little like being forced into a staycation when you had your heart set on jetting to the Caribbean.Continue Reading

Another Lawsuit Added to Bunch; Wynn Sues His Former Company

By Josh Resnek

In a truly ironic twist. Steven Wynn, the billionaire founder of the company that bears his name is suing the company he founded as well as the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

He is taking a legal swing at both who are investigating his alleged sexual misconduct.

The lawsuit accuses the MGC of conducting its investigation without regarding the privileged nature of the communications between Wynn and his former company. It also alleged Wynn Resorts, in providing documents to the MGC, disregarded Steve Wynn’s attorney-client privilege and common interest agreements held with his former company.Continue Reading

Moment of Truth Approaches

By Josh Resnek

If you think its easy to start a gambling concern in Everett, Massachusetts, look again.

With the Wynn Resorts Casino and Hotel nearing completion and scheduled to open in June, 2019, a number of lawsuits have been led in courts that will require a great deal of legal expertise and money to either settle or to litigate and ultimately, to get out of the way.

It is literally and physically, a swamp of law suits from powerful people all complaining that they lost at the hands of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and or Wynn Resorts, Steve Wynn individually or all together.

Here’s the list right now:Continue Reading

District Re-Hiring School Teachers in Order to Cut Classroom Size

By Josh Resnek

The School Department is speeding ahead with efforts to hire back several dozen teachers and aids in order to shrink the size of classrooms which had been ballooning since the School Department cut 100 teachers and aids before the present school year began.

Although awaiting the city council’s affirmative action to release $2.5 million to make the hiring possible, the School Department was already in a major hiring mode, according to Assistant Superintendent of Schools Kevin Shaw.

The council is expected to approve the mayor’s request at its November 13 meeting.Continue Reading

Steve Wynn Discusses Enthusiasm, Doubts, About Casino Project With Mayor

By Josh Resnek

It is March, 2013. The mayor and Steve Wynn are in full swing about the potential of a casino and hotel for Everett.

Strategies are being prepared.

This discussion begins with the mayor speaking with the operator outside Wynn’s office in his complex in Las Vegas, according to information the Leader Herald has received about the interaction.

The mayor is in Everett, somewhere out on the streets here.

“Hi, this is Cindy,” the operator says.

“Hi Cindy, this is Carlo DeMaria from Everett. How are you?”

“Just fine,” she said.

“Ah, is Mr. Wynn available?” the mayor asked.

“Hold on just a moment. And your name again sir,” the operator asks.

“Carlo DeMaria. Mayor Demario from Everett,” he answers.Continue Reading

The Convenience of Delivery

By Lorenzo Recupero

With the warm weather waning and winter slowly creeping in, the urge to stay inside and enjoy an adult beverage from home is probably stronger now and will only get a little more potent as temperatures drop.

Luckily, for those ID-bearing adults looking for the buzz without the battle of getting up and getting out, a couple Everett establishments offer a rare service: liquor delivery.

Both Fernandez Brothers Liquors on Main Street and McCormack’s Liquors on Hancock Street offer liquor delivery on any day they’re open.Continue Reading


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The mayor of Everett (above) is paid more than his counterpart in Boston.

Mayor’s Salary Ranked with Highest in the United States

By Josh Resnek

A report published in this week’s Boston Business Journal reveals that the mayor of Everett’s salary is among the highest in the nation for a small city mayor.

The mayor of Everett makes more in salary than Boston Mayor Martin Walsh.

Walsh gets about $175,000.Continue Reading