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Everett out of the red, virus numbers down

FEBRUARY 20: The vaccine clinic at Pope John was up and running over the weekend. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


It is a time when we watch on television as the president does a candle lighting for the 500,000 dead from COVID-19 and memorializes the nation’s dismal, third- world country response to it.

Another 100,000 Americans from all walks of life are expected to die in the next three months – so it is obvious the virus remains deadly as our response to it finally ramps up.

Many millions more will come down with the virus but will likely survive.

Here in Everett, infections are dramatically down. Hospitalizations have dropped. The use of masks and social distancing efforts have worked – and now comes the advantages that begin to be felt with mass vaccinations.

Everett’s designation as a hot red zone for the virus has been changed to yellow this week by the Department of Public Health – a sure sign the virus trend is apparently heading in the right direction.Continue Reading

Looking at Politics

Jet setters

US Senataor Ted Cruz. (Courtesy Cruz.senate.gov)
Mayor Carlo DeMaria (File photo)

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, traveling pols are cut from the same cloth


The recent winter storm catastrophe in Texas sent Senator Ted Cruz traveling to Cancun, Mexico with his family to get away from the freezing cold and ice storm that paralyzed the state.

Millions went without electricity, heat and drinking water as Cruz relaxed under the warm sun on the beach at the Ritz in Cancun.

Sound familiar?

When the state shut down last March – in the days before it shut down – the mayor went on a trip to Aruba, to the Ritz, knowing full well the city of Everett was shutting down. No emergency, not even a pandemic, was big enough to stop the mayor from going away.

Cruz never should have gone on a vacation to Cancun.

The mayor never should have gone on a vacation to Aruba at that time.

Cruz has apologized for making a mistake – not the mayor.

In fact, the mayor took another vacation to the Ritz in Aruba at the end of December.

This was followed by her appearance on the Jim Braude Show on NPR.Continue Reading

EFD rescue person from Lewis St. fire, manpower shortage still a problem for city

February 21: A two-alarm fire at 40 Lewis Street. EFD rescued one person from the second floor. (Photo by Patrick Johnston)


A Monday night fire on Lewis Street led to the over the ladder rescue of a person trapped inside the burning home.

That fire came at a prophetic moment as the firefighter’s union, the mayor, and others in the administration are having talks about what to do about the dwindling number of Everett firefighters.

According to those familiar with the ongoing talks, the mayor is not now prepared to hire any firefighters despite the department being down 20 firefighters mainly due to retirements.Continue Reading

–Eye on Everett —

He doesn’t believe anyone can beat him.
“No one can beat me,” he says over and over.

– The Mayor’s Blue Suit talking with Josh Resnek


A few days back, I picked up the Blue Suit at the end of Abbott Avenue where it meets Elm Street in the early morning. It was snowing. The Blue Suit opened the passenger door. He stepped into my car. He sank into the seat. He let out a huge sigh.

“You OK?” I asked him.

“I’m good,” he answered. “Thank god the mayor went out early. He gives out free time to me the way he likes to throw c-notes around, which is to say, he tosses around c-notes like manhole covers.

“Drive into Woodlawn Cemetery,” the Blue Suit ordered me to do.

He directed me to drive toward the area of the cemetery that borders the back side of Abbott Avenue.

“I can keep an eye on the mayor’s mansion from here,” he said to me.

“What stories I can tell you about what’s gone on inside the mansion,” the Blue Suit added.

“Forget it,” I replied. “I don’t need to hear that stuff. I mean, don’t you think the mayor deserves a bit of privacy from you?”

“Yeah. I guess you’re right,” the Blue said.

We were chatting about this and that, more this than that, when he perked up.

“You know that last trip the mayor took to Aruba?” the Blue Suit asked.Continue Reading

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Encore coming to life

Revenues start to recover, Wall Street bullish on casino industry


Encore is revving up.

The return to 24/7 gambling hours at the casino and the reopening of the hotel led to higher revenue figures in January.

In addition, Wall Street’s bullishness on gaming stocks, and in particular Wynn Resorts, led to a respectable run.

Wynn’s stock price closed at $126 a share Tuesday, outperforming all other gaming stocks on the major exchanges.

Analysts nearly all agree – the pent-up demand to experience again the excitement of casino venues is much more to bet on in the future than the depressed earnings reports for the past year.

In other words, when the virus is finally under control, whenever that time arrives, the casinos and their hotels will once again flourish.Continue Reading


Living inside a revolution

FEBRUARY 20: The Grace Food Pantry Everett line on a winter morning. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

This pandemic has taken 500, 000 lives and made millions sick.

In one year, the world, our world has changed.

The nation forced to close down for a while. All public schools and universities closed down. Bars and major sporting events with large crowds ceased. Crowds of every kind evaporated. All our great cities became ghost towns with thou- sands of small businesses going out of business overnight. Then came a partial reopening followed by a giant spike in COVID-19 cases across the land and here in Everett.

For a long time, masks weren’t required, science wasn’t paid attention to, and what was bad got worse.Continue Reading

Bullock led Tide as captain in late 1800s

Matthew Bullock, Everett High School star went on to Dartmouth College. (Creative Commons)


Everett is no stranger to great athletes and sports teams. We all know names such as Diamond Ferri, Omar Easy, who both excelled on the football field for the Crimson Tide before runs in the NFL, and even Ghared Boyce, the city’s all-time leading basketball scorer, among many other names that proved their ability in a special way on the field and hardwood of play.

But what do all the aforementioned athletes have in common? They are all achieving Black men.

In honor of Black History Month, we at the Leader Herald would like to shed light on the first documented African American leader in Everett sports history – Mr. Matthew Bullock.Continue Reading

Mazzie Collyer signs of from EPD

Sgt Regina Mazzie Collyer receives her pin. (Courtesy of Everett Police Dept./Facebook)

Sgt Regina Mazzie Collyer. She retires after 32 years of service with Everett PD. She worked stints in Patrol Operations, was a long time investigator in the CIU & recently was assigned in a support role working special projects.Continue Reading

World reknowned jazz painist dead at 79

Chick Corea at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival in 2018. (Photo by Tore Saetre/Creatvie Commons)

Mulitple Grammy Award winner, musical giant, winner had strong Everett tie


World-famous jazz pianist Chick Corea succumbed to cancer over the weekend.

He grew up in Chelsea, where a street has been named after him. But he spent his high school years in Everett, where his parents moved.

His father was a musician in a band. Son Chick was brought up in the Woodlawn neighborhood.

He attended Chelsea Public Schools.

When Corea was 16, the family moved to another Woodlawn home on Abbott Street.

Corea had strong Everett connections.

In fact, he graduated from Everett’s Vocational High School in 1958 and left to embark on a lifelong rendezvous with destiny as one of the world’s most renowned and accomplished jazz composers and pianist.

This writer interviewed Corea in 1992 for a lengthy and personal piece that appeared in the Improper Bostonian Magazine.Continue Reading

Desk drive

Everett firefighter Joe MacLaughlin along with Parlin School social studies teacher Stacy Poste Shiavo assemble and deliver desk for remote learning students as part of the Desk Drive campaign. The drive started when MacLaughlin donated a desk to the school to help out kids. They were recently featured on WCVB- 5. (Photos courtesy of WCVB-5)