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Library Administration Dismantled; New Leadership to Take Over

By Josh Resnek

In a command performance Monday night at city hall, the mayor and his solicitor bullied and intimidated Parlin Library Director Stacy DeBole and the Library Board of Trustees and belittled their existence before attacking them and snuffing them out.

It was a fierce forage by a pack of hungry, greedy wolves versus defenseless lambs on a wide open field where the final outcome was never in doubt.

The city council voted 6-4 allowing the change in administration of the library system as desired by the mayor, thus ending 139 years of independent administration of the city’s public library system.

The mayor, the city’s Human Resources officer and city solicitor’s office will be running the library for its own good now. The library will be staffed by the mayor’s appointees and approved by his Human Resources director.

Terrifying liability issues have now all been resolved with the change. Utterly lost, never considered and unspoken by the mayor, and his solicitor are the intellectual and philosophical underpinnings allowing libraries to breath and to thrive since the ancient Greeks first created them.Continue Reading

Marchese Forces Mayor to Explain Cancellation of State of City Address

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 12.08.07 PM.png
The mayor answers Councilor Mike Marchese’s questions about calling off the state of the city
address. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

The mayor will not be delivering a state of the city address this year, preferring to use social media and the Internet to get his various messages across in the next few weeks. The mayor sought to answer the many questions that had been raised and to allay the fears of others that the cancellation of the address scheduled for the 25th might be the precursor to bad news.

Was the mayor waiting for the casino licensing decision? Were there other factors in him putting off the kind of event he tends to enjoy, and to look forward to?

Is he as tired and weary of giving the same speeches on stage as he is appearing before the city council?

He tried answering all of these questions, raised in part by Councilor Mike Marchese.Continue Reading

St. Benedict Parish’s Good Friday Play

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— Eye on Everett —

Looking Inside the Casino

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM

By Josh Resnek

Eating lunch at the 8/10 on Tuesday I sat with a Wynn employee who’s been working the site for 22 months.

He’s a tradesman. A higher up type of employee overseeing many other tradesmen.

He said the place is in fact coming to completion fast.

He said the restaurants are nearly completed and that a Dunkin’ Donuts was going to open there, contrary to rumors that Kickback Carlo had succeeded in getting a Honey Dew Donuts concession in the casino for himself.

He said the gaming floors are complete. The slot machines are fully installed and ready to go.

The famous Popeye sculpture by Jeff Koons, which Steve Wynn paid $27 million, is not located at the entrance to the casino in the middle of the twin staircases as originally planned.

He said the sculpture will be located further inside the casino.

He said the hotel is done, that it was finished some weeks ago, that only smaller details are left to complete here and there.

This guy has no skin in the game.

He’s just an employee looking forward to being done and taking a vacation.

Parking will very likely be a disaster, he said.

The parking lots don’t have even a fraction of the spaces that are needed if the crowds arrive.

As I have written recently on several occasions, the question is not whether or not the casino will be crowded, rather, but how crowded it will be.Continue Reading

Everett High School Sports Roundup

Junior pitcher Ariana Garay (2) hurls the ball to a home plate in Everett’s, 12-1, win over Somerville. (Photo by Joe Prezioso)

By Lorenzo Recupero

The Spring sports scene in Everett is beginning to heat up, with nearly a quarter of the season already in the books.

Each team will be reevaluating where they stand now to make the proper tuneups needed to put themselves in position to compete for a playoff spot down the line.

Heres’s a quick look into how some of the varsity teams are performing in the early stages of the season (as of 4/23/19).Continue Reading

Raid at motorcycle club Leads to 3 arrested

By Josh Resnek

A raid at what has been described as a motorcycle gang clubhouse on Orient Avenue in Everett Friday night has led to three arrests, and to the confiscation of four illegal firearms and ammunition, according to the Everett Police and the Middlesex District Attorney’s office.

Police said at least a dozen members of the Pagan Motorcyle Club were present at the location having a few drinks wearing their patches and insignias – known as colors.

When all was said and done, four semi-automatic handguns with loaded magazines and additional ammunition elsewhere were taken from gang members at the scene.

Police reported no violence at the club during the raid.Continue Reading

Globe wants Casino at Any Price; Herald wants the License Denied

By Josh Resnek

The debate rages on about what is going to happen as the decision presumably comes closer everyday as to whether or not the Encore Casino owned by Wynn Resorts will receive a license from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

The MGC has given no indication when or how it is going to rule.

Here in Everett, this coming MGC decision is the vote of a lifetime for the city.

Everett awaits the outcome with baited breath as everything about the city’s immediate financial future hangs on the vote made by the MGC.

The mayor is believed to have cancelled his annual state of the city address until the vote is decided. After all, the state of the city depends almost entirely on Wynn Resorts getting a gaming license.

The mayor is said to be extremely jittery and nervous about the outcome of the MGC’s deliberations.

“He could not get himself to address the city without knowing about the outcome of the vote first,” said a source close to the mayor.

“Can you imagine him speaking about the state of the city without knowing what the MGC is going decide?” added the source.Continue Reading

Senator DiDomenico Joins Stop & Shop Workers on Picket Line

A union employee of the Stop & Shop on Revere Beach Parkway takes part in a picket line outside the grocery store. (Photo by Lorenzo Recupero)

Senator Sal DiDomenico recently joined Stop and Shop workers in the United Food and Commercial Workers Union 1445 in Everett and Revere on their picket lines in front of their stores.

On April 12th, 31,000 Stop and Shop workers went on strike across New England for a fair wage, affordable and accessible healthcare, and a reliable retirement plan.Continue Reading

No Split Decision For Ryan Pietrantonio

boxing 1.jpg
Everett’s Ryan Pietrantonio (above) clinched the New England’s tournament championship April 6.

By Lorenzo Recupero

The journey – and victories – continues for local boxer Ryan Pietrantonio.

Everett’s champion recently competed in his first boxing competition, The New Englands, since besting the Golden Gloves tourney in February.

Last weekend’s split decision victory over Holyoke’s Denzel Whitley was Ryan’s eighth straight win and fourth tournament championship.

And with each victory inside the ropes, he’s more convinced boxing is his calling.Continue Reading

Everett Youth Football Leaders Rally at State House

Dozens of players from around the state showed up to the protest held by Massachusetts Youth Football Alliance on the steps of the State House. (Photo by Joe Prezioso)

By Lorenzo Recupero and Joe Prezioso

Many local youth leaders and advocates of the freedom to choose to allow elementary school children to take part in contact sports such as tackle football made their way up to the State House on Tuesday, April 16 as part of a growing protest of Bills H. 2007 and S.1223. Both are currently progressing through the legislature.

The bills, presented by Paul A. Schmid III of Westport, MA, and Bradley H. Jones Jr., of North Reading, MA, was presented to the legislature to help “prevent the practice of tackle football for children in grade 7 or under”.

The official website for the bill making its rounds states it’s “an act for no organized head impacts to school children.”

The bills were referred to the Committee of Public Health by the house on January 22 and the senate concurred.

The 2.5 hour rally combating the bills featured some big names, including guest speakers and former NFL players Merril Hoge and Andre Tippet.

The Mass Youth Football Alliance, USA Football, Pop Warner and American Youth Football have all teamed up to counter the bills that most certainly jeopardize participation in local youth football leagues across the state.Continue Reading

Golden Moment

2019 New England Golden Gloves Champion Ryan Pietrantonio hits Raul Cruz with a right jab.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 9.14.25 PM

By Lorenzo Recupero

In convincing fashion, with a thorough demonstration of technical boxing, Ryan Pietrantonio clinched the 152-pound 2019 Golden Gloves New England Novice title at the Lowell Auditorium to become the latest local boxer to wrap up the tournament as champion.

Pietrantonio (10-1 overall) dipped, dodged and punched his way into Everett lore, joining locals Pat Gigante, Joe O’Donnell, and Richie “The Mountain” Lamontagne as the only other boxers in city history to compete in and champion a New England Golden Gloves tourney.Continue Reading