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Encore Needs $1.2 billion to Cut the Mustard

Encore is almost ready to open. The only piece missing – a license.  (Photo by Josh Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Industry sources have revealed that Encore Boston will need approximately $1.2 billion in income during a given year to allow for the profits it is planning to make after the doors open in June.

Also, based on other numbers we are reporting in this edition, the $1.2 billion number appears very low. If MGM Springfield can take in revenues of more than $1.3 billion since August -9 months- then the Encore set-up should go way beyond that figure.

Why? Because the hotel is a five star operation, the only one in Boston.

The casino itself dwarfs the Springfield operation and is located in Greater Boston, a far more attractive revenue generating position to be located in.Continue Reading

Everett Youth Football Leaders Rally at State House

Dozens of players from around the state showed up to the protest held by Massachusetts Youth Football Alliance on the steps of the State House. (Photo by Joe Prezioso)

By Lorenzo Recupero and Joe Prezioso

Many local youth leaders and advocates of the freedom to choose to allow elementary school children to take part in contact sports such as tackle football made their way up to the State House on Tuesday, April 16 as part of a growing protest of Bills H. 2007 and S.1223. Both are currently progressing through the legislature.

The bills, presented by Paul A. Schmid III of Westport, MA, and Bradley H. Jones Jr., of North Reading, MA, was presented to the legislature to help “prevent the practice of tackle football for children in grade 7 or under”.

The official website for the bill making its rounds states it’s “an act for no organized head impacts to school children.”

The bills were referred to the Committee of Public Health by the house on January 22 and the senate concurred.

The 2.5 hour rally combating the bills featured some big names, including guest speakers and former NFL players Merril Hoge and Andre Tippet.

The Mass Youth Football Alliance, USA Football, Pop Warner and American Youth Football have all teamed up to counter the bills that most certainly jeopardize participation in local youth football leagues across the state.Continue Reading

Easter in Everett

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— Eye on Everett —

About the FBI

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM

By Josh Resnek

It is difficult to know what exactly the FBI is doing at anytime.

The recent indictment of about 30 rich people and a few television Hollywood celebrities for paying bribes to get their kids higher test scores and acceptance into elite colleges shows what the Boston office of the FBI has been busy with.

The indictments of such rich and fancy people expresses the American ideal that the law applies to everyone – even to the rich and the famous. No one knows this better than Andrew Lelling, the US Attorney for Massachusetts who is prosecuting this case.

The FBI has told the public they conducted wiretaps and listened in on conversations and that participants in the education scam cooperated with the FBI to ensure the leaders of the ring as well as others using their resources to get their kids into better schools.

Lelling shows that he is unafraid of the rich and famous. Getting convictions is what Lelling’s game is all about.

The investigation doesn’t matter if no one goes to jail.

This is why the US Attorneys office tends to be careful about the investigations it conducts.

Investigations that use heavy resources and go nowhere seem to go on endlessly, without finality, ie, indictments.

Such is the case with the casino mess and our mayor, Kickback Carlo.

This we know – the FBI has had its eyes on Everett for more than 6 years for a variety of reasons.

The FBI’s eyes and ears remain on Everett.Continue Reading

Panhandling ordinance amended to combat rise in begging expected with casino opening

By Josh Resnek

Are you disturbed by panhandlers begging for money from you in front of your favorite 7/11 or at street corners like Chelsea Street and the Revere Beach Parkway?

If you are, well, city officials lined up before the city council last week to tell those of you who are disturbed that there is very little that can be done to alter the situation.

In fact, Police Chief Steve Mazzie and Assistant City Solicitor Keith Slattery advised the council not to act with vigor lest the city should be charged with First Amendment violations in court.Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 5.21.27 PM The recommendation came in response to a motion ordered by Councilor Mike Marchese who said he is concerned with panhandling and its effect on the quality of life in the city and that it concerned as well the safety and well being of Everett’s residents.

He also reminded the council that in June, when the casino opens, pan handling will likely zoom out of control.

“You watch what’s coming,” Marchese told the Leader Herald.Continue Reading

MGM Springfield rocking; Plainridge right up there With big gains in March

By Josh Resnek

Figures just released baby the Massachusetts Gaming position should be paid close attention to by Everett residents about to welcome a casino here.

Business should be brisk if these figures tell the story.

They do indeed tell a story of great success.

MGM Springfield, the state’s major casino at this time, has reported sharply higher earnings all around for March.

The total of wagers at MGM Springfield last month amounted to $203 million. That’s up by more than $30 million over February.

Since it opened in August, MGM Springfield has generated $1.345 billion in revenues.

Encore, when it opens, is expected to generate at least $1.2 billion a year, a figure which should be much higher given the level of investment and the positioning of the casino in Everett – so close to Boston.

State taxes amounted to $6.421 million – up by $1.1 million over the February figure.Continue Reading

Senator DiDomenico Joins Stop & Shop Workers on Picket Line

A union employee of the Stop & Shop on Revere Beach Parkway takes part in a picket line outside the grocery store. (Photo by Lorenzo Recupero)

Senator Sal DiDomenico recently joined Stop and Shop workers in the United Food and Commercial Workers Union 1445 in Everett and Revere on their picket lines in front of their stores.

On April 12th, 31,000 Stop and Shop workers went on strike across New England for a fair wage, affordable and accessible healthcare, and a reliable retirement plan.Continue Reading

No Split Decision For Ryan Pietrantonio

boxing 1.jpg
Everett’s Ryan Pietrantonio (above) clinched the New England’s tournament championship April 6.

By Lorenzo Recupero

The journey – and victories – continues for local boxer Ryan Pietrantonio.

Everett’s champion recently competed in his first boxing competition, The New Englands, since besting the Golden Gloves tourney in February.

Last weekend’s split decision victory over Holyoke’s Denzel Whitley was Ryan’s eighth straight win and fourth tournament championship.

And with each victory inside the ropes, he’s more convinced boxing is his calling.Continue Reading

Man charged in Everett stabbing held without bail

Everett resident Victor Mariscal swearing at reporters on his way into court last week. (Boston Herald photo)

By Josh Resnek 

Police are remaining closed mouth about whether or not Victor Mariscal, 27, who was charged with stabbing a man on Bradford Terrace on March 16, is the same assailant who stabbed to death 54 year old Michael Starr ten days later.

Officials familiar with the investigation who wished to remain unnamed said the two stabbing incidents on the same street during the same time of evening within ten days would appear to be the work of the same assailant.

“There are many similarities to the two crimes,” a police official added. “The State Police are trying to connect the two crimes,” he said.

On Saturday, Starr’s funeral was well attended by his many friends and family members at the Vertuccio Smith Funeral Home in Revere, where he grew up. Starr had lived in Everett on Bradford Court for almost three decades.

He was stabbed in the back, found by neighbors and rushed to the hospital where he later died, according to sources.

He was returning to his apartment after shopping at 7/11 in the crowded, closely knit neighborhood, when he was attacked.Continue Reading


wynn-presser-05jpg-7097c646735fe7b9.jpgNew charges of Wynn Resorts as thoroughly corrupt applicant; Mayor accused of accepting kickback, again

By Josh Resnek

The efforts of Suffolk Downs to secure a gaming license for a casino in Revere were decisively trampled by Wynn Resorts, a corrupt applicant, as proven by the outcome of the three day Massachusetts Gaming Commission hearings which ended Thursday, according to Suffolk Sterlings lawyers, in a 100 page memorandum filed in Federal Court late Friday afternoon.

The memorandum argues that revelations made during the hearings, proves Wynn Resorts culture of deception and complicity at the highest level, with secret payoffs, mistreatment of women and a clear attitude that the rules do not matter, sank Sterling Suffolk.

“The defendants’ association with felons, false certifications to the MGC, false testimony to the MGC, and the plainly conflicted relationship between the Chairman of the MGC and one of the FBT owners (of the land), enlisted Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria, and put him on the FBT payroll. DeMaria’s ongoing effort attempted to drive innocent businessmen out of their business for the benefit of FBT and Wynn.”

The memorandum claims Wynn Resorts was awarded the license when it should have been denied because Wynn lied throughout the proceedings.Continue Reading

Golden Moment

2019 New England Golden Gloves Champion Ryan Pietrantonio hits Raul Cruz with a right jab.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 9.14.25 PM

By Lorenzo Recupero

In convincing fashion, with a thorough demonstration of technical boxing, Ryan Pietrantonio clinched the 152-pound 2019 Golden Gloves New England Novice title at the Lowell Auditorium to become the latest local boxer to wrap up the tournament as champion.

Pietrantonio (10-1 overall) dipped, dodged and punched his way into Everett lore, joining locals Pat Gigante, Joe O’Donnell, and Richie “The Mountain” Lamontagne as the only other boxers in city history to compete in and champion a New England Golden Gloves tourney.Continue Reading