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City Urged to Distribute Chapter 70 Money to EPS

Mayor Refusing to Hand Over $2.5 Million intended For Students

By Josh Resnek

Senator Sal DiDomenico ordered the city government to immediately transfer $2.5 million he raised through his efforts on the Senate floor to bring stability to the Everett Public Schools before a packed house that filled the School Committee chamber at Everett High School Monday night.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 8.33.41 PM
Senator DiDomenico

The main agenda item, the only agenda item that mattered, was discussing the swirling debate about whether or not the mayor and the city government will hand over $2.5 million raised by Senator DiDomenico for the exclusive use of the Everett Public Schools.

Classroom size has exploded because of layoffs of 100 teachers and aids before school began this year. School officials revealed that classroom size is in the 30+ range – a situation where the education of children disintegrates in public schools.Continue Reading

Everett Football is Back

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Mayor and School Finance Commission Deny Wrongdoing to Attorney General

Leader Herald Contesting City’s Statement of No Wrongdoing

By Lorenzo Recupero

The mayor and a city commission he heads have denied any wrongdoing in a July incident this year when the mayor ordered Leader Herald Publisher Josh Resnek to leave a session covered by the open meeting law in his conference room next to his office at city hall.

An attorney for the mayor, Janelle Austin, denied all claims of wrongdoing itemized by Resnek to the Attorney General’s office regarding the incident.

Resnek claims the mayor ended the meeting abruptly, stared at him and ordered him to leave and then said:” Now we’re going to have a private conversation.” Resnek alleges the city purchasing agent followed Resnek to the door. He walked out of the conference room with everyone there watching. He slammed it shut.Continue Reading

— Eye on Everett —

A ‘Father’ and a ‘Son’

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM

By Josh Resnek

In a home somewhere here in Everett, a young man grew up wanting money and power. All his time as a kid he idolized his father but he wanted to do more than his father. It was important to this kid to be bigger than his Dad, for his shadow to overwhelm that of his father.

He worked hard. He worked smart. He worked doggedly. He became a big success.

His father watched the son and with some admiration. The kid knew what he is doing.

As a father, you never want to get in the way of that.

Whatever the kid thought about his father’s weaknesses, he knew he was right there for him in his heart and soul. But as time passed, the kid grew into a man, and as a man he enjoyed greater and greater success, mainly acquiring and earning more and more money, mounds of it.

His ego developed win size with the mountain of money he was stacking up.Continue Reading

Lunch on the Everett Line in an Unlikely Place

Two bowls of pho from the court inside the 99 Asian Supermarket.

By Josh Resnek

My son Jacob has a Vietnamese girlfriend. They eat Vietnamese food everywhere all the time. I have been trying out Vietnamese food as a result. I have tried two places in East Boston – one on Meridian Street, the other on Bennington Street. Both were good, but not up to the level of good I experienced recently.

My son recommended 60 Broadway Malden, right on the Everett line.

“You’ll love it. It is the best Vietnamese food I’ve eaten except for my girlfriend’s parents,” Jacob said.

He was right.Continue Reading

EHS Remains Undefeated; Postseason Winds Starting to Swirl

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.09.11 PM.png
Freshman Nureini Mohamed was one of several players to see their first signficant action of the season during Friday’s shutout victory over Medford.

Their record and reputation unblemished, the No. 1 Crimson Tide are free to chart a course for the playoffs, where the measuring stick is longer, the stakes higher, the margin for error narrower.

Everett improved to 6-0 following Friday night’s 33-0 demolition of Medford at Veterans Memorial Stadium, a game that saw the Crimson Tide’s starting offense play two series before calling it a night. The Tide won’t be back in action until Friday, Oct. 26, when they host a Div. 1 North quarter-final game.

The gap on the schedule unexpectedly opened up earlier this week when Malden, which is young and winless and heavily rebuilding, forfeited its scheduled road game at Everett. The Crimson Tide and Golden Tornadoes have been playing annually for decades, and the rivalry dates back to the early 1990s. Not playing this game feels … Odd, to say the least. But it doesn’t distort the big picture. Everett is headed to the postseason, in pursuit of a third consecutive state title.Continue Reading


Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 5.35.45 PM.png
The mayor of Everett (above) is paid more than his counterpart in Boston.

Mayor’s Salary Ranked with Highest in the United States

By Josh Resnek

A report published in this week’s Boston Business Journal reveals that the mayor of Everett’s salary is among the highest in the nation for a small city mayor.

The mayor of Everett makes more in salary than Boston Mayor Martin Walsh.

Walsh gets about $175,000.Continue Reading



Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 4.38.45 PM

The City of Everett has unveiled this first-ever bus stop flower bomb in the country. The flower bomb is the newest addition of the first-ever level boarding platform in Massachusetts.Continue Reading

Everett and the Silver Line a Step in the Right Direction

Silver Line`1.jpg
(Photo By Lorenzo Recupero)

By Carlos Lopez
Special to the Leader Herald

The recent development of the Silver Line (SL-3) running through Chelsea has paved the way for Everett to possibly become the next city directly interconnected with the center of Boston.

The SL-3, the newest addition to public transportation in Chelsea, opens up traffic to a different section of Boston, and with it also comes the potential of connecting local residents to entirely different job markets and social experiences.

The Silver Line not only improves transportation within Chelsea, but allows speedy trips to Logan Airport and a connection to the Red Line for anyone in the immediate area.Continue Reading

All Aboard

First water shuttle in Everett’s history coming to life at Casino

Wynn Ferry

By Josh Resnek

The initiation of a ferry service between several locations along the waterfront in Boston, across the Mystic River and ending at the casino in Everett, marks a major event in the evolution of the Mystic River waterway.

Wynn Resorts LTD has tapped a Charlestown boat builder to construct three water shuttles, sleek but sturdy ferries to move casino goers and anyone else who wishes to explore the distance between the Boston waterfront and Everett once the casino is up and running.

This is historic in every way.

This will allow tourists from all over the nation to take advantage of the near $100 million of improvements made by Wynn Resorts to the environment in and around the casino/hotel and especially to the shorefront where the project is situated.Continue Reading