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Big month for Encore; Gambling revenues up

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Encore Casino. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

By Josh Resnek

December proved to be Encore Boston Harbor’s best month since opening in June according to revenue information released by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission last week.

Encore took in $54 million in gambling revenues during December, up about $3 million from November.

Encore officials believe the spike in gambling revenues has come about because of paying close attention to what works at the his newest of Wynn Resorts facilities.

More gaming tables have been added and some slots removed to take advantage of higher interest in gaming tables among those coming to the casino.Continue Reading

Mayor paying criminal lawyers for representation

By Josh Resnek

A review of Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s campaign finance report for 2019 reveals he is continuing to pay criminal attorneys enormous sums of money for legal representation presumably to protect him from prosecution.

Out of a total of $91,499.13 spent by the mayor for campaign related expenses in 2019, he gave $37,604.50 to Greenberg Traurig, Llp in legal fees.

An outstanding balance of $22,30.70 remains owed to Greenberg Traurig for legal services provided during 2019, bringing the total of the mayor’s expenditures for legal services to nearly $60,000 during 12 months in 2019.

In 2019 the Leader Herald reported the mayor’s legal fees being paid from his campaign account amounted to $130,000.Continue Reading

HS Sports Roundup

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EHS girls track finished 4th in this years James Kelpris Division 1 Invitational Indoor Relays. Featured from left to right: Junior Dajana Tadic, Senior Captain Lucia Seide, Senior Captain Victoria Chaparro, and Sophomore Rejeana Guillaume.

By Lorenzo Recupero

Boys basketball — With a 56-48 win over Snowden in the BABC MLK Classic on Monday, the boys improved to 8-2 overall. They hit the hardwood again at EHS Wednesday (Jan.22 @7pm) against 9-1 Chelsea High School. Look for the height advantage of the Crimson Tide to help propel them past a skillful but undersized Red Devils squad. With two more wins, EHS will qualify for the division 1 tournament.Continue Reading

Winter sports are back!

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— Eye on Everett —

Casino needs a tune-up

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By Josh Resnek

The first sign everything was not going to be the way it was supposed to be with the casino was when the traffic never materialized.

Everyone in a position of responsibility had been led to believe that when the casino opened its doors, the traffic would line-up from he casino to New Hampshire!

That’s an overstatement, of course, but the harsh reality about the traffic never coming to ruin our lives being one of the missing links to the over the top success everyone thought the casino would be.

In the short term, the casino has served its purpose.

Thousands of people employed.

Many thousands coming to gamble and to stay at the five star hotel. Everett put on the map in a very big way.

The hungry city treasury and the city tendency to always spend whatever comes in at least partially satisfied by the new revenue flow, which is enormous.

What didn’t happen, however, is what is sorely missing in this $2.6 billion investment by Wynn Resorts.

What is missing are the large crowds that were expected.

The hoards that were to have descended on the casino, packing it and making of it the biggest money maker in the history of money makers is absent.

Executives are trying to figure out what works in the Massachusetts marketplace, and frankly, they are baffled about how to pack the place.

This has not happened.


Massachusetts is proving itself to be different from nearly all the states in the union.

What a surprise.Continue Reading

Battle ready

Everett’s Shayna Foppiano shadow boxes while training for her next fight. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

Undefeated Everett boxer Shayna Foppiano is set to enter the ring for the fourth fight of her career, and if you asked her how she feels going into the bout, she’d tell you her third win is on the horizon.

“After the win, the plan is to get maybe one more fight under me and then following that go after the New England title,” said a confident Foppiano (2-0-1, 1 KO), who is finding true value in her work ethic and preparedness. “[The plan] is to beat all the good local girls and expand to fighting around the country,” said Foppiano.Continue Reading


Jeff Bouvier’s dream

The owner of the Bouvier Building in Everett Square went before the Zoning Board of Appeals Tuesday night to test the waters for a boutique hotel with 23 rooms.

This is a universe away from the perpetual state of affairs for this key structure in the heart of the Everett Square which the Bouvier Family has owned for 65 years.

Built in 1877, the building for longer than a century housed offices and apartments upstairs, and featured the popular jewelry store by the same name, Bouvier’s, and Brighams on the street floor.

That was then. This is now.

The building has been an eyesore and from time to time, a danger to the well-being of everyone congregating in the square.

Now comes Jeff Bouvier proposing a boutique hotel, promising to retain the historic aspects of the building which was all about Victorian splendor when it was built, and wanting to remake the place in a very big way.Continue Reading

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Mayor delivers long midterm speech

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 5.55.12 PM.png
Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria gives his Midterm Address during the City of Everett’s 2020 Inaugural Ceremonies at City Hall. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

Wearing his signature blue suit, the mayor read an hour and a half long speech detailing his administration’s victories and dreams and describing as well down to the last bit of minutiae everything done during the past year as well as everything planned for the future.

It was an excruciatingly long marathon of reading from a prepared text – a bit like reading the hundred page long city budget from start to finish, detailing each and every city spending initiative.

What began shortly after 6:00 p.m. ended at 7:45 p.m.

Nearing the end of this epic regurgitation of facts and figures, sensing that the crowd was growing tired of listening and wondering when it would finally end, the mayor grew tired of reading and rushed the speech to its blessed conclusion.

The crowd was generous with applause and respectful of the mayor, whose family accompanied him into the Council Chamber.

“Nothing I do comes from me,” the mayor told the crowd. “It usually comes from wife,” he said, thanking his wife for her guidance as well as her common sense.

In fact, he said his wife was responsible for bringing Steve Wynn to Everett by insisting that he, the mayor, meet with him.

The mayor revealed he will be running again in less than two years.Continue Reading