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Delta virus cases rising

EHD quiet about COVID uptick


Residents here have heard the news about an uptick in new cases of the Coronavirus, but no hard stats are available right now from the Everett Health Department.

Last week and into the beginning of this week, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health confirmed 586 new cases of virus across the state.

Vaccinations here and across the state have been continuing.

Anti-vaccine fans locally need to be aware that the highest number of new cases by a wide margin are occurring in the 20- 29 and the 30-39 age brackets and the assumption is the vast majority of those coming down with the virus or the variant have not been vaccinated.

Across the state, there were 114 patients hospitalized for COVID – 19.

Twenty-nine patients are in intensive care units with 12w of that number on respirators in order to stay alive.

In Middlesex County (Everett is in Middlesex County) during the past 14 days, there have been 526 new cases with more than 90,000 residents tested for the virus.

More new cases were reported in Middlesex County than in all other counties in the state.

In addition, cases were up in every county in the state during the past two weeks, a disturbing trend that could have implications.Continue Reading

Encore is hiring

JULY 22: Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Resort. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

Good pay, benefits, plenty of jobs available


On or around September 4, the government’s unemployment windfall to those who lost their jobs during the pandemic comes to an end.

Many men and women will be looking for jobs.

Encore Boston Harbor is one of the best places to job search.

A perusal of the Encore jobs list posted online on their website reveals nearly 100 jobs available at the $2.6 billion casino and hotel complex.

Encore is a great employer.

They provide employees with good salaries commensurate with experience, job benefits including health care and vacation, but most importantly, for many who will apply and who will be hired, Encore provides careers.

This isn’t puffery.Continue Reading

Looking at Politics

Primary candidates ready to go

ULY 22: Campaign signs are all over the city. (Photo By Jim Mahoney)

High level of excitement for local pols


A total of 43 candidates for public office are now certified by the Election Department and are ready to go.

With a major mayoral race between Gerly Adrien, Fred Capone and the mayor, the primary on September 21 will prove to be exciting, and in large part, with an outcome right now in question and unknown.

Early intensity has marked many races, and especially the mayor’s race.

The mayor has not been challenged with two candidates in a primary in 14 years of political life as mayor.

Former Councilor Robert Van Campen was the last to challenge the mayor some years back.

Van Campen ran a tepid campaign.

The mayor beat him convincingly.

Adrien and Capone present a different scenario for the mayor this time around.

All three candidates have been campaigning hard throughout June and July.Continue Reading

State sues local companies for asbestos violations

A.G. says public health at risk with unsafe worksites

An Everett construction company and its president have been sued over claims of illegal work on asbestos water mains in Everett and Braintree, along with the Boston and Revere companies that transported the asbestos waste and illegally stored it at their Revere facility, Attorney General Maura Healey announced today.

“We allege that these defendants put the health of the public and their workers at risk by conducting illegal and unsafe asbestos work in the middle of city streets, including in environmental justice communities that already bear disproportionate environmental risks,” said Healey. “We will hold accountable people and companies who violate the laws intended to protect the public from this dangerous material.”

The AG’s lawsuit, filed in Suffolk Superior Court Monday, alleges that GTA Co., Inc. and its president, Gregory T. Antonelli, violated the state’s Clean Air Act when they removed and demolished asbestos-containing municipal water pipes without complying with required asbestos work practices as part of the water main replacement projects the City of Everett and the Town of Braintree hired them to complete.Continue Reading

— Eye on Everett —

“When he’s really uptight, the mayor leaves his house to make private calls from Wood- lawn Cemetery.”

– The mayor’s Blue Suit speaking with Josh Resnek


I picked up the Blue Suit in my red Honda Fit on Cabot Street near Everett Stadium Tuesday morning. He opened up the passenger door, bent downward a bit, gave me a smile, and tossed me a gas mask.

“What the hell is this for?” I asked.

“You’re not going to be smoking again my car, are you. Is that what the gas mask is for?” I said to the Blue Suit. Then he tossed a hazmat suit into the car before finally sitting down.

“What’s the hazmat suit for?” I asked the Blue Suit. “If we’re gonna be driving down Cabot Street, Wolcott Street, or Marlboro Street I’d suggest you suit up and then put the gas mask on. I’m going to do the same,” the Blue Suit suggested.

We suited up. We got out of the car. We walked up Cabot Street.

‘I get it now,” I told the Blue Suit. “We’re protected from the asbestos residue that might still be alive that got spilled all over the place and buried in the ground instead of being removed properly. Isn’t that right?” I asked.

“Yes, Josh. You are correct. This street and several others are potential danger zones. We are well-advised to wear gas masks and hazmat suits to keep asbestos from getting into our lungs and bloodstream, causing a nice cancer, and making of us the mirror image of so many former Monsanto employees who got Mesothelioma from working on contaminated land in contaminated buildings where the casino and hotel stand today,” the Blue Suit told me.

“Are you OK?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“You look like you’re struggling to breathe.”

The Blue Suit waved me off.Continue Reading

La Hacienda seeks artist to paint a mural on its restaurant

La Hacienda Restaurant. (Courtesy photo)

With outdoor seating extended, La Hacienda Restaurant on Broadway is looking for a muralist to brighten up the back of their building this summer and is seeking applications from local artists.

Applications are open to anyone, including students or groups. Preference will be given to local artists.

The owners will be looking for designs that are vibrant, bold, and colorful! All the materials will be covered by La Hacienda Restaurant and the chosen artist will receive a stipend of $1000 upon completion of the mural. Artists will also be provided with a free meal every day they work on the project.Continue Reading

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Capone calls for special council meeting


Mayoral candidate Fred Capone has asked for a special meeting of the city council to discuss allegations of improper asbestos disposal on the city’s streets in a lawsuit filed against an Everett city vendor in Superior Court by the Attorney General’s office last week.

The detailed lawsuit raises legal issues and health concerns and imposes large monetary fines and the possibility of criminal prosecution for the vendor and others who participated in pipe replacement contracts for the city on Cabot Street, Cabot Court, Wolcott Street and other communities.

Asbestos was improperly removed, improperly stored outside on Cabot Street, and improperly transported.

The vendor did not comply with Federal and State regulations and submitted invoices that did not reflect the failure to follow the environ- mental laws in the removal and the storage of asbestos.

According to the Attorney General’s lawsuit, asbestos dust swirled around Cabot

Street for many days without being contained and was on the streets and sidewalks close to residents and the Everett Memorial Stadium.Continue Reading

Hazy, Hot and Hummus

A tasty summer treat, hummus, pita bread and veggies. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

Beat the summer heat with this middle eastern inspired delight


If you don’t care for chickpeas or hummus, which is made from chickpeas, then stop reading.

If you like hummus – and I love hummus – then here’s perhaps the quickest, easiest, sweetest, best tasting, healthiest lunch you can eat.

First, you need hummus.

Lately, I’ve been buying Boar’s Head Hummus.

Yes. This is the same Boar’s Head that produces the kind of fine smoked beef products and delicatessen meats that tend to give more hearts attacks and stents than long-lasting health to those who eat such products.

Boar’s Head Hummus is a cut above all others I’ve tried at the supermarket.

It’s about $4.50 for a small container (available at Stop and Shop) which is good for three small meals, as long as you have the rest of the healthy products required.Continue Reading


The buck stops here

Everything having to do with contracts and money paid out having to do with the city of Everett belongs to the mayor.

He and he alone decides who does business with the city and more to the point, who does not do business with the city, or more to the heart of this editorial, who is not allowed to do business with the city.

The larger contracts, even if they are bid, always arrive at the same place – to the friends and allies of the mayor.

During the mayor’s 14 years in office very little has been shared in the way of contracts given to vendors other than to allow close friends and supporters to do the city’s business.

Nearly all the city’s major business tends to be done with the same allies and friends which creates conflicts of interest, favoritism, and exclusion.

In fact, the situation here is worse than that, as the mayor goes out of his way to hurt some people seeking to do business with the city by making such a thing impossible for them.

We understand giving friends business is not a crime.

The crime is excluding everyone else from eating out of the same city treasury trough.Continue Reading

Congratulations 2021 EHS Graduates!

The sweet science

Broadway Boxing Club trainers Dennis Wilcox (thumb up) and Joe Ricciardi (center) surrounded by the many boxers training for free at the new boxing center at the old Everett High School building. (Contributed photo)

Broadway Boxing Club open to interested fighters


If you’ve ever dreamed of climbing in the ring, get your gloves and inner fight readyas a first-of-its-kind boxing center is now open for all Everett residents to attend — free of charge.

Whether you’re 13, 30, or maybe older, the Broadway Boxing Club at the site of the old Everett High School, is welcoming all to train with certified USA Boxing trainers and former amateur boxers, Dennis Willcox and Joe Ricciardi, who have been running the club together since it opened to residents in May.

“Both Joe and Myself were amateur boxers and he had a gym in Saugus. He would train professional boxers and we talked about getting together to offer it to the youth of Everett and that’s how it came to be,” Said Willcox, who said he presented the idea to the city and was offered the space at the former site of the Wellness Center.

“The free program is offered for all ages, but the best time to get started with boxing is between the ages of 12-13. So we really want to encourage all the interested youth in the city to get involved,” said Willcox.Continue Reading

A night at the movies

The Everett Police sponsored a night at the movies at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium and despite the rain a good time was enjoyed by all. (Photos By Jim Mahoney)