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A Deal In The Making

Mayor DeMaria is shown speaking with former Wynn Resorts VP Gamal Abdelaziz

By Josh Resnek

Gamal “Aziz” Abdelaziz, 62, of Las Vegas, former president and executive director of Wynn Macau resort was indicted and arrested last week. According to the FBI, he is cooperating in the investigation.

Aziz was arrested with dozens of others who allegedly paid bribes in order for their children to attend finer universities and colleges across the nation.

The US Attorney’s office in Boston conducted the investigation which led to last week’s wave of arrests of the rich and the powerful, as well as the managers of the company rigging the system in return for payments.

Aziz is better known as one of the moving forces in Wynn Resort’s early efforts to motivate Mayor Carlo DeMaria to set-up a referendum in Everett and to make sure it passed so the license could be awarded to Wynn.Continue Reading

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A Spring of First

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM

By Josh Resnek

It is coming up on spring.  The spring of 2019.

This will be my first spring without my mother’s heart beating on this earth.

This is personal but on the other hand, there are dozens of you out there, hundreds really, thousands even, who have lost your mothers, or another loved one whose presence is sorely missed.

I lost my mother in July.

I went through my first fall without Mum – Labor Day, Thanksgiving,
the Jewish holidays, Christmas, New Years Eve and on and on without

I’m going through the “firsts” this year, that is, the first spring, the first
summer and then the firsts will be over because my Mum died last July.

When that first anniversary arrives, and the distance has grown further
and further away from her touch, her voice, her love for me and for my
kids and my wife and my sister – well, what is there to say?

Two days ago, a very dear friend lost her mother.

I knew the woman very well.

Shen had even written a book.Continue Reading

Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Annual Dinner and Roast

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Runners Together

boston runner.jpg
Bobby Hall and his daughter Rachael (above) will soon be running the Boston Marathon together.

By Josh Resnek

Everett Police Detective Bobby Hall has been running around the streets of Everett busting bad guys dealing drugs for 17 years.

He is a clear headed type, no nonsense, devoted to family and job, and devoted as well to
marathon running.

Since 2009, Hall has competed in 17 Marathons.

On April 15 when he rides out to Hopkinson, he will be running his 18th, the Boston Marathon.

The big difference this year since he started marathoning a decade ago, is Rachael Hall.

His daughter will be running with him and by his side. This is Rachael’s first marathon, according to Hall.

Hall, who has run marathons in New York, Chicago and Boston, said he is thrilled beyond all comprehension that his daughter will be running with him.

“I am excited. I am humbled by Rachael’s all out effort to run the marathon…and to do it with me,” he said during an interview at the Leader Herald last week.Continue Reading

Home Run

Red Sox choose MGM partnership over Encore

By Josh Resnek

The Red Sox announced last week that MGM Resorts International will be known as the official and exclusive resort casino of the Boston Red Sox, with game day VIP hospitality, while using the MGM Grand’s facility in Springfield as home plate for the partnership.

The announcement is believed to be a snub of Wynn Resorts Encore project in Everett -not because the facilities are inferior to those in Springfield – but rather – because the Red Sox were not going to put themselves in a position to be criticized about sexual harassment issues dogging Wynn/Encore,” according to an official of the club who wished to remain unnamed.

Also, Wynn’s business plan depends on large numbers of heavy hitting gamblers pouring millions of dollars out of their pockets and into the casino’s money room. Wynn does cater to the hoards of smaller gamblers MGM courts at its location.Continue Reading

Marchese Asks for Term Limits

By Josh Resnek

The city council has decided to consider imposing term limits and reverting back to 2 year terms for the mayor’s position and at the same time, will be exploring the mechanics of giving life tenure to the city clerk.

Both of the above possibilities are governed by charter rule changes review or both and
political maneuvering at the State House which the council, and the city solicitor were unsure of.

“I wish I had my notes with me on the matter,” City Solicitor Colleen Mejia told the council.

Councilor Fred Capone supported tabling the city solicitor’s motion for two weeks as ordered by Councilor Mike McLaughlin.

Councilor Wayne Matewsky supported tabling the motion for the mayoral term limit change.

Both issues arose Monday night at city hall during the council meeting where the final vote tabled Councilor Mike Marchese and McLaughlin’s motions respectively – Marchese asking for a maximum 4 two year terms for mayor and McLaughlin requiring a closer look at how or whether or not life tenure should be given to the city clerk, or any city clerk.Continue Reading

Maddox Wynn stock worth $60,000,000

Leader Herald Staff Report

Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox sold 18,900 shares of the firm’s stock in a transaction on
Monday, February 4th, the Security and Exchange Commission has reported.

The stock was sold at an average price of $124.15, for a total value of $2,346,435.00.

Following the completion of the sale, Maddox now directly owns 487,399 shares of the company’s stock, valued at $60,510,585.85.

The coming storm and will be vindicated or vilified when the Massachusetts Gaming Commission announces whether Wynn/Encore will be deemed suitable to hold the gaming license it needs in order to open its doors in June.Continue Reading

Kane’s Donuts

Screenshot 2019-03-20 at 10.57.55 PM
Kane’s Donuts’ newest location on route 1 in Saugus.

It started in 1955…a classic New England town’s love affair with a homemade donut so delicious, 50-year loyalists deem it their go-to spot for launching their day, while destination diners plan vacations around their visits.

Yes, 1955 was the year Kane’s Donuts opened its doors.

Today, amid a sea of sameness from donut shops and breakfast joints that compete with cookiecutter locations, Kane’s is a Massachusetts icon with a steadfast tradition of serving artisanal donuts prepared fresh daily, and made fresh with local ingredients, even the boxes for the donuts are made locally.

Rescued from going the corporate route by Peter and Kay Delios during the 1980’s, they brought back the shops great local reputation.Continue Reading

As Mass Gaming Considers Wynn Suitability, An Unresolved Sexual Harassment Case Continues

By Walter Pavlo
Special to the Leader Herald

Wynn Resorts is nearing completion of its $2.6 billion casino here that is scheduled to open in June 2019 …. that is IF Wynn Resorts is found suitable to hold a gaming license in Massachusetts.

Starting this week, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) will start to look at details of its investigation into sexual harassment actions and coverup of those actions by senior executives at Wynn.

The investigation was launched after a Wall Street Journal report detailed years of sexual harassment allegations at Wynn, mostly by its co-founder and CEO, Steve Wynn. Multi million dollar settlements with former female employees at Wynn and decades of inaction by senior staff led the Nevada Gaming Control Board to levy a fine of $20 million against Wynn, the largest ever in Nevada state gaming history.

Central in Nevada’s decision to allow Wynn to continue to have a license was its recognition of the significant changes the company made since Mr. Wynn’s departure (changed name of project in Boston, new board members, more women on board, sexual harassment policies, training, etc.).Continue Reading

Wynn files motion to dismiss Suffolk Downs lawsuit

(Joseph Prezioso photo)
Plows clear snow from the entrance of Encore Boston Harbor.

By Josh Resnek

First came an amended complaint from Suffolk Downs in the federal court two weeks ago alleging that the mayor took kickbacks for the casino land deal and alleging the casino license was stolen from them by the Wynn consortium, who have proven themselves to be unsuitable.

Now comes Steve Wynn and Wynn Resorts responding in federal court, answering the charges leveled in that amended complaint claiming it is irrelevant, and does not correspond or conform to the law as it is written.

“ Mr. Wynn respectfully requests that this Court dismiss the Amended Complaint with prejudice. To the extent the other defendants’ motions raise arguments not inconsistent with those contained herein, Mr. Wynn adopts those arguments,” wrote Attorneys Brian Kelly and Joshua Sharp, for Nixon Peabody LLP, who filed the motion for dismissal last week.Continue Reading


Serious About Science

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 7.05.32 PM.png
Twins Emily and Lillian Learned showcase their project, ‘Paper Reinvented,’ during last week’s City-Wide Middle School Science Fair. The Keverian students received a medal of distinction for their entry.

For a full listing of winners and more photos, please Continue Reading

Golden Moment

2019 New England Golden Gloves Champion Ryan Pietrantonio hits Raul Cruz with a right jab.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 9.14.25 PM

By Lorenzo Recupero

In convincing fashion, with a thorough demonstration of technical boxing, Ryan Pietrantonio clinched the 152-pound 2019 Golden Gloves New England Novice title at the Lowell Auditorium to become the latest local boxer to wrap up the tournament as champion.

Pietrantonio (10-1 overall) dipped, dodged and punched his way into Everett lore, joining locals Pat Gigante, Joe O’Donnell, and Richie “The Mountain” Lamontagne as the only other boxers in city history to compete in and champion a New England Golden Gloves tourney.Continue Reading