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Shayna Foppiano delivers a left uppercut.(Photo by Emily Harney)

By Lorenzo Recupero
Leader Herald Sports Editor

The legend of Everett boxer Shayna Foppiano continues to grow.

Her latest feat — to remain undefeated and improve to 6-0-1 professionally — a third round TKO victory.

At the sold out Castleton in Windham, New Hampshire Friday night Foppiano, who co-headlined the main event hosted by Boston Boxing Promotions, showcased how turning boxing into life has turned into punishment for her opponents.

It was Bourne, Massachusetts’ Sarah Click that got the unpleasant privilege of being the next one up, and subsequently put down, at the hands of Foppiano.Continue Reading

Does the long awaited and much touted ambulance service make sense?

Years in the making, the city’s ambulance service dream remains just that, a dream, with the ambulance out of service for months to come.

By Josh Resnek

Last year, there were approximately 1800 calls for medical aid in the city of Everett answered by the local fire department and the Cataldo Ambulance Service.

Lives were saved. Emergencies were solved. The services worked the way they are supposed to work, that is, Everett fire apparatus accompanied by Cataldo ambulances responded to every call.

Several years back, the former fire chief and others all agreed, it would be a better thing for public safety if the if the city put into service its own ambulance response team.

To this end, the city embarked on a program more than two years ago to hire and to train more firefighters as EMT’s and bought a costly ambulance.

Now, several years have passed.Continue Reading

Former Senate President Tom Birmingham dead at 73

Tom Birmingham

By Josh Resnek

Twenty-five years ago, when Everett was a far different place than it is today, I wrote a cover story in the Improper Bostonian Magazine about Senate President Tom Birmingham.

He represented much of Everett during the 1990’s. He was no stranger here.

His appearance at the then heralded St. Patrick’s Day roasts at the Bon Saisson are the stuff of legend – and today – the stuff only of anecdotes of those who can remember that time now so long ago.

Birmingham died last week following a long illness.

He was 73, and arguably, about the only intellectual to hold the office of Senate President in its long history.

Here’s how the piece began:

Lilly Navarro hugs her young son tightly in her arms in the time-warn living room of her top floor apartment in a dilapidated wooden three decker at 125 Essex Street in Chelsea. It is a hot summer day in July. The temperature inside is about 80 degrees.Continue Reading

I can see for miles and miles… the view from the top of the 600

Breath taking view from atop the 600 Broadway building. (Photo by Joe Resnek)

By Josh Resnek

Our photographer made it to the top of 600 Broadway this week.

This is the tallest, newest addition to the local apartment housing market on Broadway except for Sacro Towers.

There are 85 units.

It is six stories high.

The units are spacious and well appointed and for those looking for higher end living, they are market priced in the upper range.

Our photographer came away from the experience with some of the most spectacular shots ever of the Everett skyline and Boston rising in the background taken from the top of a building in Everett.

It helps a lot to sit at the very top of the upward slope of Broadway.

Everett has not seen anything that matches this in the local apartment house market.Continue Reading

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EHS fall athletes honored by Boston Globe

Superintendent Priya Tahiliani stands alongside Everett High School football senior ath- letes at the school’s fall sports banquet held at St. Anthony’s in Malden earlier this month. (From left) Ralph Pierre, Nick Raymond, Tahiliani, Karmarri Ellerbe, and Kevin Ruiz.

Leader Herald Staff

A successful fall sports campaign at Everett High School produced plenty outstanding athletes across the school’s sports stage.

Included in the Boston Globe’s annual high school fall sports honors was EHS senior Karmarri Ellerbe, who was named All-Scholastic for his efforts at quarterback for the Crimson Tide. The bruising football star compiled 1,944 total yards and 18 touchdowns (10 rushing) on the year. In two seasons at QB, he amassed a 17-3 overall record while averaging over 9 yards per carry.

Listed below are all of Everett High School’s 2022-2023 fall sports honorees.Continue Reading

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The Blue Suit has taken the week off. He said he was doing a personal reassessment of his life and that he’d need a few days before figuring out what exactly he wanted to say and how he feels. He told me he was feeling extremely introspective, so introspective that he had lost his appetite. When he told me he had lost his appetite, I knew he was feeling very serious about his life. So I gave him the week off. Before we parted, he asked me to write about Tyre Nichols, the young Black man who was beaten to death by five Memphis police officers who have been charged with second degree murder.


What do most of think about the beating death of Tyre Nichols? Shock. Disgust. Depression and on and on.

How could five grown men, police officers with experience, beat to death an unarmed man following an alleged traffic stop. “He ran away from the police,” some people will say. Yes.

He did this.

He got away.

But then the police caught up with him and manhandled him like he was a serial killer and he lost his life as a result.

His last lingering moments were spent on the ground, laying against a police car, flopping over from side to side in pain and suffering while trying to breath.

We wonder, what had he done to deserve being beaten as he was.

In fact, what had he done to be chased like an animal and then beaten like an animal until he was almost dead?

This is what’s hard to figure out in the debate about police responses to some incidents like this.

What could have been so important about the law or justice for Nichols to be chased, with multiple police cars all charging down the highway hunting him down and the original five officers just waiting for him to be caught so they could beat him into submission, presumably for running away.

Let’s face it, most of us would never run away from a police officer after being stopped for whatever reason.

If you don’t run away, the thinking is, you won’t be hurt.Continue Reading

Sports betting began Tuesday in Massachusetts; Encore leads way

Encore Casino

Special to Leader Herald

Five months after legalization, the first three brick-and-mortar sportsbooks in Massachusetts opened Tuesday. Sportsbooks at Encore Boston Harbor, MGM Springfield, and Plainridge Park took their first bets at 10 a.m., and each location featured a Boston sports celebrity as part of its opening day ceremony.

Massachusetts lawmakers approved legal sports betting on Aug. 1, 2022, and 10 days later, outgoing Governor Charlie Baker made it law. Tuesday marked the start of multiple launches in the state, as live digital wagering is set for early March and two more physical sportsbooks, one each at the Raynham Park and Suffolk Downs horse-racing facilities, are expected later in 2023.

The new law allows for five retail locations and up to 15 digital platforms. Every major operator will be in the state, including Boston-based DraftKings and rival FanDuel, both of which have initial approval for standalone digital betting licenses.Continue Reading

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My 10 minute $5.00 lunch

By Josh Resnek

If you are devoutly dedicated to only the homemade and the very best, well, this lunch isn’t for everyone.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a ten minute preparation time and a you’re on a $5 budget, this lunch nears perfection.

There is no debating the efficacy of home made tomato gravy and bottled, manufactured Pastene products.

But – and this is a major but – I’ve got to tell you, the Pastene product sold in glass bottles is about an 8 out of 10.

Cook some pasta – in this case it was Ronzoni spaghetti, warm the gravy, put them together and sit down to eat.

Really, it was about ten minutes.Continue Reading

Where did we go wrong?

By Stephen Pinto

The casino recently pulled in record revenues, yet Everett taxpayers have seen a substantial increase in property taxes without further payments to the city from Encore. The situation is only going to get more painful.

Can’t say I see any real improvements in the city, either esthetically or operationally as a result of Encore’s presence.

It appears the mayor, council and the administration were short sighted on Wynn’s potential earnings.

Everyone also underestimated the mayor’s extravagant spending habits.

Wynn executives are laughing all the way to the bank while Everett taxpayers and renters are taking it on the chin.

The mayor totally blew it when negotiating Wynn’s host agreement. Let’s hope he gets it right the second time around. Should the mayor and council continue their ways of spending, then it won’t matter. There will never be a host agreement sufficient enough to satisfy the taxpayers.

It’s time for the council to take a serious stand against runaway spending.

Now let’s play stack the deck.Continue Reading


Sports betting

Sports betting began this week in Massachusetts with Encore Casino leading the way with its parent, Wynn Resorts the dominant sports betting entity in the nation.

It’s effect on individuals who cannot control themselves and on the Lottery must be watched carefully by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

Experts who follow the gaming industry claim sports betting will unleash an incredible torrent of gaming income for Wynn, and for the other gaming entities in Massachusetts.

Some experts have been indicating a great deal of turbulence might be caused by the opening of sports gaming in Massachusetts.

Specifically, they claim the state’s multi-billion dollar Lottery could be adversely affected.

If this is the case, the state’s successful Lottery could be impacted, causing a contraction in Lottery gaming and just the opposite in sports betting.

Experts claim it is impossible to know exactly what will be wagered with the sports betting platform that opened Tuesday.

Within 30 days, the state will know exactly what has been wagered here in Massachusetts, and specifically with Encore and Wynn Resorts.Continue Reading

Breath taking views from atop the 600 Broadway building

Our photographer made it to the top of 600 Broadway this week. The views are incredible. (Photos by Joe Resnek)