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Local first responders get Covid-19 vaccine

JANUARY 15: First responders rolled up their sleeve as dozens of area firefighters, police officers and EMTs received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

City suffers 1200 new Coronavirus cases


Everett remains one of the top Massachusetts hot spots for the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Get-togethers continue throughout the city despite a strong effort by the city government to warn residents about the perils of private gatherings.

The mayor continues to place the blame on the spread of the virus on crowded homes and apartments with family members and visitors not wearing facemasks or exercising social distancing protocol and washing hands repeatedly with disinfectant jell.

The mayor’s recent vacations to Aruba and Arizona run against what he has been urging Everett residents to do – “To please stay at home.”

Everett health officials have reported approximately 1,200 new cases of the virus in the city since January 4.

The city remains in an emergency mode that began last March.

Statewide figures have soared and deaths as well.

Last week, the state reported 4,200 new cases and 67 new deaths attributed to COVID-19.Continue Reading

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Aruba vacation reactions heated, Leader Herald Facebook page commenters not happy


The mayor likes to tell his supporters that the Leader Herald is nasty, untruthful, and
involved in a personal plot – something dark and illegal – to end his mayoralty.

Our Facebook comments on his two-week Aruba vacation at a time of emergency attracted 3,800 visitors and more than 150 comments regarding the vacation.

This is what is called blowback.

After all, Everett people aren’t blind and stupid.

On the mayor’s Facebook site, under photographs of him all tan and ready to go . . . in the water in Aruba . . . this warning attributed to him is printed for all to see: “Stay at home. It saves lives.”

Whatever the mayor says about the Leader Herald is one thing.

How he attempts to deceive the people of this city writing about the value of family as the reason he took the Aruba jaunt during an emergency is something for the record books.Continue Reading

Roxy’s Bakery a taste of Central America

JANUARY 18: Different cakes and treats on display at Roxy’s Bakery on Broadway. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


Everett is undergoing a revamp in its demographic, with more Latinos flocking to the city than ever before, according to local business owner Elmer Melara,

For this reason, he felt there was no better time than now to introduce the city’s residents to what he believes is the only Central American bakery in Everett: Roxy’s Bakery & Café located at 614 Broadway.

“In Everett, there’s plenty of Brazilian bakeries but there’s not an exclusive Central American bakery,” said Melara, a native El Salvadorian who moved to the U.S. 12 years ago.

Residing in Malden, Melara stated his desire to set up shop in Everett stemmed from the heavier Latino presence here now.

“Everett, for me, is a better place for business than Malden. There’s more of a Latino representation here than in Malden. From what I’ve seen, over the last five years, a lot of Central American families are coming to live here,” said Melara, who also owns NEON Graphics at 608 Broadway, just a few doors away down from Roxy’s, specializing in a variety of different web design and printing services.Continue Reading

–Eye on Everett —

“The Mayor is wearing me out”


The mayor went into his version of overdrive when he returned from Arizona.

He went from a three-week Aruba-Arizona vacation mode into a Carlo “I’m back in Everett” style work mode.

This was bad news for the Blue Suit – his blue suit, who the mayor loves…to wear that is. Special consideration must be given to what exactly Carlo’s work mode can be compared with. His work ethic is about that of a domesticated gorilla on display in a zoo. All the caged gorilla can do is eat and sleep and mope around looking for something, anything to do.

The gorilla sleeps more than he eats.

The mayor isn’t a gorilla – but he sure acts like one.

The mayor back in Everett was a hard, bulked up fit for the Blue Suit to have to endure.

“Carlo put me on when he got back. He went through the whole routine…fussing with the gel in his hair, a shave and face lotion tossed on, the choice of shirt and tie and then putting me on, pants first, and the suit jacket. Then came the posturing and posing for himself in front of the big mirror in his bedroom in the Abbott Avenue mansion. I can take most things weighing me down when he puts me on, but I can’t stand the way he looks at himself,” the Blue Suit told me.

“He hasn’t taken me off or hung me up in the closet since he got back. He doesn’t sleep with me on. Boy, is he sleeping since he got back,” the Blue Suit said to me.

“Have you watched the mayor’s Facebook video bit about the 311 Department? It’s better than cinema verite mixed with Hollywood comedy,” the Blue Suit asked.

“Oh, yes,” I said.Continue Reading

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2020 a year to forget for gaming giant Encore

JANUARY 15: The Encore Boston Harbor resort. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


The roll-out of the anti-virus vaccines can’t come soon enough for Encore of Everett.

In Las Vegas, the Encore

Hotel and Casino there is being retrofitted into a mass inoculation site.

There is no official talk about such a thing happening here in Everett.

It is a possibility.

The sooner the entire population is vaccinated, the sooner business and especially the gaming business can get back to normal.

What exactly the new normal will be is anyone’s guess right now, but there is the assurance it will be better than what came before in 2020.

With December 2020 figures published by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission late last week, it was revealed Encore’s revenues rose slightly – about $1.8 million over November’s take.

The total take was $29.2 million, up from November’s reported figure of $27.3.Continue Reading


Martin Luther King

American public figures due to world acclaim do not get much bigger than Martin Luther King.

MLK was our Mahatma Gandhi.

He was our profit of peace gained over madness and doom by never using violence.

MLK got it. He understood the human mind, the human predicament, the insanity that pushes white people to injustice and hate judging black people by the color of their skin.

MLK’s life was an homage to non-violence, to turning his cheek, to being beaten and arrested, set upon by dogs, and knocked to the ground by powerful streams of water at the hands of white haters.

White America didn’t come easily or willingly to grant black people their rights.

Martin Luther King was the enemy for many white Americans.

But many more white Americans approved of him and what he stood for.

The vast majority of Christian America and Jewish America stood for him and the just cause for equality he waged a life- long battle to achieve.

When he was cut down in the prime of his life in 1968, the nation was teetering somewhat like it teeters today.Continue Reading

Plan for high school sports to kick off season February 1

Needs approval of city board of health, would give athletes a chance to play short seasons


Pending approval from the City of Everett’s Board of Health (BOH), team sports play at Everett High School is scheduled to resume Monday, February 1. 

Should the City’s BOH approve the winter schedule, according to the Everett Public Schools, the following sports teams will move forward with a modified season in 2021.

If the vote passes, boys/girls basketball along with coed ice hockey will begin tryouts and a preseason Monday, February 1. The regular season for both sports would start on March 1 and run through April 10.

The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) will not be conducting any state-wide tournaments, but the Greater Boston League (GBL) is exploring a division only tournament to wrap up the year.

Along with Everett High School, the GBL currently consists of teams from Malden, Medford, Revere, and Somerville. If a season and subsequent inter-division tournament are approved, these teams would also match up with Lynn Classical, Lynn English, and Chelsea High School to help bolster the competition.Continue Reading

Mayor now a voting member of school committee after state OK


The mayor now officially has the right to sit on the Everett School Committee as a voting member following a swift and well-oiled romp through the statehouse.

Governor Charlie Baker signed the Home Rule Petition which amends the City of Everett Charter and provides for the mayor to be a voting member of the school committee.


“I am honored to accept this responsibility,” the mayor said on his Facebook site.

And just like that, as though with the snap of a finger, the mayor has succeeded in becoming a force to deal with on the school committee.

In previous recent school committee hearings, Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani had protested against the mayor’s effort.

“I do not favor the mayor becoming a voting member of the school committee,” she told her colleagues in the School Department, and on the school committee. Continue Reading

EPD officer injured in Glendale Square accident

An Everett police officer was injured, and transported to an area hospital by Cataldo Ambulance Service, after his cruiser collided with an SUV at the intersection of Ferry Street and Broadway Friday morning. The driver of the other SUV was not hurt. Both vehicles were badly damaged had to be towed from the scene. An investigation into the accident was conducted. (Photos by Jim Mahoney)