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Partial school reopening slated for November 16

Hybrid classrooms on tap if virus stats allow it


Monday night, for twenty minutes, during an Everett Public Schools on-line informational, Superintendent Priya Tahiliani said that the EPS are scheduled to go hybrid with a reopening of classroom instruction on November 16.

Tahiliani cautioned that the metrics must be weighed and measured against required state standards and that the hybrid reopening could be dashed by a drastic change in statistics regarding the effects and extent of the COVID-19 spread in the city.

“In the meantime,” she said, “we’ve developed a comfortable rhythm” despite all the obstacles placed upon the public schools by the exigencies of the virus.

During a 20-minute Superintendent’s Report that was produced by her office, she made the point that “despite all odds” and with “everyone’s working together” that education was advancing in Everett despite the virus.

The EPS is monitoring daily and weekly figures to know what might be possible when November 16 rolls around. With three weeks left to go, it is anyone’s bet what might occur when the 16th arrives.Continue Reading

State issues warnings as COVID-19 cases rise

Help Everett Stop Covid-19 volunteers Renato Trombini and Joyce Silva show some of the free face masks they are distributing throughout Everett. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Everett still in “red”, urged to continue precautions as second wave appears forming


Massachusetts reported the highest number of new virus infection cases earlier this week, a trend which is continuing.

The rising numbers have prompted a widening of the “red communities” throughout the state to include about 10 locations.

The state notified the city Monday that Everett, and nine others, have been sent an emergency alert by the COVID-19 Command Center to warn of the higher possibility of infection here and in neighboring cities like Chelsea and Revere. Lynn also made the list.

The alert, sent to mobile phone holders encouraged facemask wearing, hand washing, and social and physical distancing.

The city ended its second consecutive week with more than 100 new cases of the virus.

Monday alone, 827 new cases of the virus were reported by the Department of Public Health throughout the state.

Fifteen new deaths were added to the state total of almost 9,800 since the pandemic hit us in March.Continue Reading

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–Eye on Everett —

I’ve witnessed some very poor behavior.” – The mayor’s Blue Suit to Josh Resnek

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“We have to stop meeting like this,” The Blue Suit said to me. He was concerned, looking from side to side to make sure the mayor wasn’t going to catch him talking to me.

“He’s going to slice me up, tear me apart, and toss me into the trash. I know he is,” the Blue Suit said.

“How do you know?” I asked.

‘I can tell by the way he looks at me, and tugs at me, and stretches me. He’s guaranteed pissed off at me,” said the Blue Suit.

“Look. You don’t want to risk him getting really angry because I know what the mayor is capable of,” I answered.

“I’m the one who knows what he’s capable of,” the Blue Suit insisted. “After all these years of being abused by him, I’d like out of his world. It is a dark world. Plus, I’m tired of being broke.”

“Is the mayor broke?” I asked.

“He never has cash reserves. He lives from week to week off his salary – and other things.”

“I can’t believe he’s broke. What other things?” I asked.

“You know, other things I can’t talk about in specific. I don’t want to get myself arrested or in the crosshairs of the FBI. Take it from me, there are other things that produce a steady round of income for the mayor.”

You mean he gets payoffs?” I asked. “Is that what you mean. I can’t believe that,” I answered. “Or should I believe that?”Continue Reading

Gridiron Flashback

In honor of all the fall football stars just waiting for their chance to pound the turf at Veterans Memorial Stadium, during the 2020-2021 Everett High School fall sports season, we are showcasing snap shots of newspaper clips from the past, each including some of the biggest names and games in EHS football history.


This week’s Flashback is a tiny break from the usual as we are featuring an Everett resident that actually graduated from Malden Catholic, big man Anthony DiNuccio. Back In 1993, he was picked up and added to the Bridgewater State roster on the heels of one of their best seasons on record. DiNuccio has actively been on the Everett Police force for over 20 years, so if you see him out there let him know he’s our Gridiron Flashback.

Continue Reading

Everett needs a relief program for the needy like Chelsea’s

City councilor Gerly Adrien supports as-needed stipend to help pay medical, food bills and improve quality of life


Everett’s failure to help out the working poor and the welfare poor who live in our city is highlighted by a program just launched in Chelsea, where that city has taken $3.5 million and will be giving it away on an as-needed basis to that city’s poor.

“I strongly support a program like this,” said Councilor at Large Gerly Adrien.

She said Everett’s poor population is enormous compared with Chelsea’s.

“We have more than several thousand low-income families living here. They need to be taken care of,” she added.

Chelsea estimates there are 2,000 low-income families in need of no strings attached “bailouts”.

To that end, beginning in November, Chelsea city hall will be giving to needy families $200 to $400 stipends that can be used for anything from medical bills to food to paying for bills.Continue Reading

Mayor hires new chief of staff, communication specialists


The mayor revealed a series of new hires for his corner office in city hall last week.

Through a series of costly shifts and reassignments of key personnel, the mayor was able to make three new key hires as he attempts to stay within the $1.1 million office budget voted for him by the city council.

The way the mayor spends taxpayer dollars, he will be hard-pressed to stay within the $1.1 million.

The mayor is gearing up for his re-election bid. So what does that require?

He shifts his loyalists around while keeping them on the public payroll to do his bidding.

There is a nearly invisible line of separation supposed to exist between city work and campaign work performed by city employees.

That invisible line does not exist at all when it comes to black and brown hires because, frankly, there have been very, very few of those hires to the mayor’s team.Continue Reading


Presidential election in two weeks

We are two weeks away from the Presidential Election being called by folks who consider themselves pundits that it is the most important in US History.

We would beg to differ.

Several elections have meant more to the American Republic and for American democracy than this election between President Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden.

We believe the election in 1860 of Abraham Lincoln was perhaps the most important and historic moment in all of American history.

Lincoln’s succession to the American presidency at a time when the nation was split politically, socially, and economically dwarfs the first election of President Trump four years ago and his possible re-election in two weeks.

The coming of the Civil War, which had everything to do with America remaining a slave-keeper democracy or not, was a far greater moment than trying to ascertain just how nasty Trump might be if he gets another four years.

Lincoln would lead us through the war. He would free the slaves. He restored the Republic, and it was brought back to life as one nation.

That’s very big medicine as far as we’re concerned.

The idea that American democracy is over if Trump is re-elected is stale and ineffectual reasoning.Continue Reading

Fall flag football

Everett flag football is a game for all ages. Sunday morning’s are for league play at Sacramone Park. (Photos by JIM MAHONEY)