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The view from a sample suite up high in the new Encore Hotel in Everett. Can you imagine?

Casino Opening a Controlled Explosion, Rocket Launch

by Josh Resnek

Each hour brings the city closer to the new era about to dawn in this city.

The opening of the casino and hotel on June 23 is racing closer and closer, causing spirits to rise among those who understand what is about to happen.

This is not a time for naysayers.

It is a time for soaring hopes in the belief that the casino and hotel will bring financial security to the city for decades to come.

If the opening comes off neatly, the success begins there.

This sprawling, almost exotic, testament to Steve Wynn’s genius as a businessman, should become a beacon in the day and the night to those seeking luxury in their hotel accommodations, and the excitement of casino gambling with all the fixings, including Italian food prodigy Frankie DePasquale’s restaurant among many others.Continue Reading

Wynn Resorts to draw Visitors from all over

by Josh Resnek

Wynn Resorts is a marketing giant pushing with all its might to launch on June 23 with an advertising campaign intended to boost the numbers of visitors to the casino and hotel in our city.

The company is providing international influencers and travel professionals with the chance to visit the resort as part of “familiarization trips” that are intended to boost the number of visitors not just to the site, but to Massachusetts.

Bottom line: Wynn is trying to lure as many as 10 million visitors to the casino during its first year in operation.

This may just happen, and if it does, watch out!Continue Reading

Everett Fireman’s Relief Association Memorial

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Looking at Politics

Businessman Greg Antonelli Pondering at-large run

by Josh Resnek

Everett businessman Greg Antonelli is believed to be close to taking out nomination papers for an at-large council run.

“I am seriously considering running for an at- large seat,” he told the Leader Herald Tuesday.

“Many, many people in Everett have reached out to me, urging me to run since the speculation started that I may run,” he said.

“All types of people have reached out to me, residents and business owners throughout the City. These are people who know me, who understand what I bring to the table, know of what I am capable of, and feel that a new voice is needed on the council,” he added.

“The council needs someone with ambition and intelligence who will work from a position of strength and knowledge to head the city in the right direction. I could be that candidate,” Antonelli said.Continue Reading

The Line-Up

by Josh Resnek

Gathering signatures to get your name on the ballot is a job and it is also an art.

Some gather their signatures quickly, and record many more than they need. Others simply achieve the amount needed by gathering as a few as possible to attain that end.

Still others never gain the amount needed and their candidacies fail right out of the starting box.

As of Tuesday afternoon, records on hand at the Election Commission at city hall reveal 39 candidates who have taken out nomination papers.

Of that number, 24 have submitted signatures that have been certified.

However, only a handful of candidates have been certified to have their names on the ballot.

A look at those candidates can be revealing, although too much attention should never be paid to the gathering of signatures.Continue Reading

— Eye on Everett —

The $12,000 Fraud

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By Josh Resnek

The mayor granting himself $12,000 for a car allowance at a budget cutting session two weeks ago is US Attorney material.

The council awarding him the $12,000, and the mayor accepting it after he berated the council, was an obscenity.

Did everyone in the council chamber interested in this matter, voting on it and accepting forget for a moment that this is bad government?

That it might be illegal government action?

I wonder what Andrew Lelling would think about this $12,000 car allowance?

US Attorney Lelling is the guy overlooking the more than 6 year ongoing investigation into municipal corruption in Everett.

The FBI has been all over the mayor and his friends.

There are wire taps, secret grand jury reports, law suits, allegations of every kind being made including that the mayor took a payment for his role in the casino land sale.

Many citizens come forward to remind us of the mayor’s alleged schemes to profit from his hard work here in Everett.

The mayor believes he should be paid for everything he does. That’s what he told the city council.

He complained they had hesitated about the $12,000 he asked for. He would punish them if they didn’t give him the $12,000.

So he got his $12,000.Continue Reading


By Lorenzo Recupero

The Crimson Tide’s postseason slate included the baseball and softball teams, but both went down in defeat during the first round of the MIAA D.1 north tournament last week.

The dual loss brings a close to the 2019 spring sports season at Everett High School.


The Lady Tide (12-9) had a fantastic year on the mound behind the starting duo of freshman Celeste Fuccillo and junior Ariana Garay, but a lack of hitting in vital situations led the team to falter during the postseason as they fell, 9-2, to Woburn High School in the first round of the playoffs.

“We got our bats on the ball, but just hit it directly to people,” said EHS head coach Stacy Schiavo after being bounced from the playoffs by Woburn HS. “We had ups and downs this season, but I will say I’m proud of all our girls for their accomplishments this season both on and off the field,” said Schiavo as her season came to a close.

The good news for the Lady Tide: They graduate just one starter, senior captain Kaylee Nearen.

The lack of a roster turnover allows the team to pick up right where they left off next season. Another year of experience for a playoff roster should bode well for the team next year.Continue Reading


Casino to be great success? It will be a giant success

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The casino opening now only ten days away is certain to be a giant success.

The huge investment made in excellence is bound to pay off, even in Boston where folks can be finicky about casino gambling.

Let’s start with the 671 room five star hotel.

This is a stand alone among the many hotel giants operating in Boston.

Those seeking the opulence of space and expensive décor, of fine sheets and towels and spectacular views from spacious and elegantly appointed rooms – well – there is only one place in Boston to do this and its in Everett at the Encore Casino and Hotel.

Expect the hotel to be booked solid for years to come.Continue Reading

Second Annual Mastrocola Kiwanis Bocce Tournament

Friends and family wear shirts touting “Cataldo Strong” and an image of Ersilia Cataldo Matarazzo on their backs at the Second Annual Mastrocola Kiwanis Bocce Tournament held in her honor. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

Leader Herald Staff Report

The Second Annual Mastrocola Kiwanis Bocce Tournament was held in memory of Ersilia Cataldo Matarazzo on Saturday June 1, 2019.

Twelve teams competed for a $1,000 prize and the winners also received a trophy, dedicated and named in honor of Ersilia Cataldo Matarazzo.

The money raised was given to the Kiwanis Club to be used for their scholarships and charities.

The event was held at the Italian American Club in Malden from 9am to 5pm.Continue Reading

City should net $40 million Yearly from casino success

by Josh Resnek

In the coming year, if all goes as it is expected with the casino and hotel, the city should net at least $40 million above the $208 million budget just approved.

By any stretch of imagination in the world we live in, $40 million is a mighty amount of free cash to do with as you please in a small city of 50,000 residents.

Forty million a year for many years to come from the casino

and hotel, or more, should make Everett’s treasury among the richest in Massachusetts.

At a finance meeting last week at city hall, the mayor and the city’s Chief Financial Officer Eric Demas detailed the windfall.

As part of the Encore Host Agreement, the city receives $25 million a year for in lieu of tax payments.

The bonus ball, is the per room tax income the city will receive from the 670 room hotel.

With most of the rooms renting for more than $600 and many of them at the $1200 level per night, “this could add from $6 million to $10 million,” said Demas.

More likely than not, he hinted, the amount could be closer to $12 million.

This is every year, amazingly enough.Continue Reading

demaria toon0001

Mayor demands $12,000 raise; City council hands it over

By Josh Resnek

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 5.00.26 PM

The mayor came to the city council hearings at city hall Saturday with a secret appropriation hidden inside a $208 million budget proposal that was being gone over to identify cuts and savings.

Just to show the council exactly where he stands on savings, the mayor put himself in for a $12,000 a year stipend for automobile expenses he accrues during an average workweek driving his car around the city.

Councilor Fred Capone let the cat out of the bag initially, bringing the $12,000 item onto the council floor for public debate.

“I am suggesting we cut the automobile allowance to $700 a month,” Capone told his colleagues.

The mayor grimaced.

He grew outraged.Continue Reading