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Dilboy Down, Nationals to Go


Ryan Pietrantonio (above) got his 12th win in Saturday’s boxing showcase at Dilboy Stadium in Somerville. (Photos by Anna Jeleniewska)

By Lorenzo Recupero

Everett boxer Ryan Pietrantonio already cemented himself in Everett lore after punching his way to the New England Golden Gloves Championship earlier this year. Now, with his 12th victory coming by way of unanimous decision over Josh Raineri at the annual Fight Night at Dilboy event in Somerville this past weekend, he’s looking to spread word of his talents and knock down the competition at USA Boxing’s largest tournament of the year.

“I plan to pick up my training, do a lot more strength and conditioning and focus a little less on the skill part. I wanna be in super shape and strong [for nationals],” said Pietrantonio after getting the fight at Dilboy Stadium Saturday, his last before going to compete in USA Boxing’s National Tournament in October is n Ohio.

Until then, Pietrantonio says he’s got to ramp up the workload if he plans to come back home a national welterweight champion.Continue Reading

Mayor Readying to Turn Over Private E-mails as Directed

By Josh Resnek

City Clerk Sergio Cornelio is preparing to turn over a number of the mayor’s private e-mails to a local news organization following an order from the Secretary of State’s office requiring them to do so.

After first refusing to hand over the mayor’s private e-mails used for public business, the request from MassLive.com was appealed to the Secretary of State’s office.

About two weeks ago, the mayor and Cornelio were given ten days to respond by the state’s supervisor of records, Rebecca Murray.

“The city is working right now to comply with our order,” said a lawyer with the Secretary of State’s office who wished to remain unnamed in response to a query about the situation from the Leader Herald Monday morning.Continue Reading

Encore Income Figures Meet all Expectations; Spectacularly

By Josh Resnek

Encore Boston Harbor’s $48.6 gaming income for July was over the top, according to figures compiled by the company and released by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.

In fact, the three casinos in Massachusetts cumulatively generated $81.4 million in July revenue, with Encore Boston Harbor in our city accounting for about 60% of that figure.

Bottom line – Encore’s predictions of what it would generate were right on the mark.

The state is pleased as well, as 25% of Encore’s $48.6 million translates into more than $12 million in tax revenues for the state.

The Massachusetts state budget had earmarked slightly more than $100 million in taxes during Encore’s first year in business.Continue Reading

Summertime 2019

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— Eye on Everett —

When There’s More of Them Than There are of us, you Lose

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM
By Josh Resnek

The mayor has been at it for more than a decade.

He’s had a great run.

He’s designed his position like a master craftsman, boiling down his effort to never being in the office, never exerting himself, never showing a strong work ethic and by getting sloppy now and then.

He spends enormous amounts of time out of the country on extended vacations that the city pays for, that the voters pay for. Those extended vacations irk many hardworking Everett residents.

At this point in his career, he rules by instilling fear in those he employs.

City employees are intimidated by Kickback. What he has given them he can take away.

The Lord giveth. The Lord taketh away.

Such a system of governing is doomed over time.

Since he first took office he has thrown dozens of city employees under the bus.

He has been disloyal to people who supported him, who gave him money, who helped him along the way to the mayor’s office.

He’s made promises he never intended to keep.

He’s done backroom deals that are the stuff of legend.Continue Reading

Sunshine over Everett

KC and the Sunshine Band performing at Encore. (Photos by Joseph Prezioso)

Leader Herald Staff Report

Close to 1,500 Red Card members and their friends boogied the night away to the Grammy Award-Winning Artist, KC and the Sunshine Band.

The concert opened with people crowding the dance floor as smoke filled the room and the band members started playing their classic tunes,“That’s the way (I like it)” and “Shake your booty” among other classic disco hits they created.

Band leader, Harry Wayne Casey (KC), soon hit the stage to add the vocals. He wasn’t alone, either. Four stage dancers, dressed like go-go girls, also came out to pick up the groove in the room and get everyone feeling the vibe.Continue Reading


Mayor Missing Mark with Diversity

The mayor believes he is remaking the city after his own fashion but he is leaving out diversity in his decision making when he makes his city hall workforce hires.

Statistics don’t lie and statistics reveal that Everett is all wrong racially with a dramatic absence of people of color and ethnicity working in leadership positions at city hall.

This despite the fact that the city is more than 50% non-white.

City hall not representing the population that lives here is not just a mistake in public policy but at this point it seems like something done by the mayor by design.

How can the mayor explain the disparity in numbers of people of color and ethnicity holding important positions as department heads at city hall?

He can’t and he won’t.Continue Reading

Looking at Politics

Positions for At-Large Primary set on Ballot

By Josh Resnek

Ballot positions have been chosen and ballots set for printing for the at-large primary contest which will take place in September.

Coming out number 1 on the ballot – which doesn’t necessarily translate into coming out number 1 in the primary – is Councilor at Large and Council President Richard Dellisola, Jr.

The number 1 position on a ballot is believed to aid in bolstering ones vote, sometimes by as much as 5%, as many voters are inclined to give a vote to the number 1 placeholder just as a matter of habit.

Dellisola can use the boost.

He made it on to the at large position last time out by less than ten votes.

Now he has candidate Gerly Adrien breathing down his back, campaigning hard, and set in the number 2 position on the ballot.Continue Reading

Smooth as Silk

Tony Bennet (above) embraces the crowd during his performance at Encore Boston Harbor August 8, 2019. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

Encore Gifts its Red Card Members a Fine Treat

By Lorenzo Recupero

Encore Boston Harbor really knows how to pamper its guest.

Tony Bennett, a 19-time Grammy winning musical icon, is like fine wine to American music history. And on August 8 Encore’s Red Card members were treated to a life-sized glass full of his offerings.

Bennett, born Anthony Dominick Benedetto, was in the house alongside his singing daughter, Antonia Bennett, who opened the show with a 15-minute set of covers of her father’s songs that started with her declaring she had the “best job in the world” being on tour with her dad.

The stop in Everett was part of a summertime East Coast tour featuring the legend and his daughter.

The 93-year old Bennett, who graced the stage with his embracing smile while blowing a kiss to the audience, turned back time and wowed a capacity crowd in Encore’s largest ballroom.Continue Reading

Everett Lacking in the Art Department ?

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 7.17.05 PM.png
(Photo courtesy of Medrano Visual Arts)

By Lorenzo Recupero

If you ever find yourself strolling through Broadway or Ferry Street, the main arteries through the area, you’d be hard-pressed to find a pulse for artwork.

To one local artist, and her organization, Everett is an empty canvas just waiting to be colored over.

“Everett is lacking art,” said local 24-year old artist, Jennifer Medrano, who has an image in her mind of a more artfully vibrant Everett.

“As an artist, I wish Everett had more. It’s such an industrial place. I feel like you work here and then just go home,” said Medrano, who specializes in acrylic and watercolors as her focus but employs many forms of creativity in her art, including digital mixed media.

A resident of Everett for the last four years, Medrano is ready to advocate for local artist like herself to have outlets within the city to create, share and view different artworks, which to her helps to foster a sense of inclusiveness and community for artists, something she feels Everett is lacking.Continue Reading