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Meet the mayoral contenders

Contender spotlight: Gerly Adrien

(Photo by Joseph Prezioso)


Gerly Adrien’s weekend announcement that she is running electrified the Everett political community and caused a stir among her friends like Kim Janey, the mayor of Boston, Rachel Rollins the District Attorney of Suffolk County, and Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley.

Adrien’s announcement included going online with a full social media platform.

All the material she put out can be accessed by going to her election website: Gerlyadrien.com.

That being said, Adrien’s video was intended to speak to those who feel overlooked and left out of government.

“If you are overlooked, left out, and unheard if you must depend on others to get through the day…I offer the power of us,” Adrien said in her video, which showed her in a variety of poses and places throughout the city.

“This is the hometown I love…Everett is ready for a change…I have spoken up. I did it loud.”Continue Reading

Contender spotlight: Fred Capone

(Contributed photo)


Fred Capone’s announcement was specific and to the point. Residents are being pushed aside.

We should be working for a committed government that is transparent.

Our government must be honest, accessible, and transparent.

Together, we will build a better Everett, he said.

Capone itemized a variety of hot issues he feels are left undone or mismanaged or not managed at all by the present administration.

He identifies what he believes the mayor has overlooked: public safety, and especially that no firefighters have been hired since 2016, accountability, affordability, inclusion, education, senior benefits, and the support of local businesses.

His video was both eloquent and incisive.

He presented the persona he will run on, that of a hard-working, sensible, honest, transparent public figure.ContinueReading

Signs COVID-19 may be easing

Daffodils bloom at Rivergreen Park, a harbinger of better weather. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)


After a year that has changed our lives and finds our society in a revolutionary moment, May is upon us and things are looking up brightly.

Facemasks no longer must be worn in Everett outside as part of the state dropping that restriction, which is in keeping with the CDC directive.

It is not known exactly how many Everett people died as a result of the virus, but that number is probably at least several hundred.

Will there be a memorial for the dead to remind us of what came before?

Seems a bit unlikely.

There remain many people who think the pandemic was a joke or a fake.

For those who suffered a loss, such a thought is not an option.Continue Reading

Adrien, Capone make it official


It was an epic Everett political weekend for the ages.

Councilors Fred Capone and Gerly Adrien both announced candidacies for mayor.

Their announcements, one coming on top of the other, have altered the local political landscape.

The mayor now faces a spirited September primary against two formidable candidates who appear to be serious about their candidacies.

The mayor, who was the first to announce several weeks ago, awakened to a radically changed political landscape Saturday morning.

Friday the mayor was touting himself as the mayoral candidate who cannot be beaten.

Saturday, he faced a two-front campaign versus two very able public figures who both promise to run vigorous, well-funded efforts to unseat him.

Adrien and Capone are appealing to voters to rethink the future as well as to take a closer look at the present under the mayor’s 12-year stay in the corner office.Continue Reading

–Eye on Everett —

The mayor forever is on the ropes


“Hey. Are you OK?” I asked the Blue Suit. “You look like you’re going to throw up. What’s up with you?”

“I didn’t sleep well over the weekend at all. Carlo wore me several times. That’s not good if you’re me. Even though he wore me, he didn’t bother with a tie. How do you wear your best Blue Suit without a tie?”

The Blue Suit shook his head from side to side. He couldn’t look at me. It was difficult for him to focus.

“Josh, you can’t believe what went on after Gerly and Fred announced on Saturday. It was as if the Abbott Street mansion had been visited by brain-eating zombies, the kind that makes Romero films so exciting and scary. It was like Gerly and Fred were exercising mind control over Carlo. Carlo didn’t know what to do. He went from shock to amazement, to inertia, to depression, to overeating all in one great swoop that ruined Saturday and Sunday. It continued like that inside the mansion like a perpetual rainstorm into Monday and Tuesday. I mean the mayor was all twisted up. You have no idea how Carlo’s world has been turned upside down by Gerly Adrien and Fred Capone. Carlo is absolutely out of his mind with fear and worry. He isn’t the same guy this week I’ve known. He’s in a sweat. It isn’t yet the sweat of his life, but I can feel that coming,” the Blue Suit told me unequivocally.

The Blue Suit and I met up at Common Ground in the Pioneer on the Parkway. We sipped Brazilian coffee and ate vegetable wraps at one of the tables in the hallway connecting the huge apartment house to the café. No one noticed us which is just as well. Who needs the hassle of being noticed!Continue Reading

Looking at City Hall

Looking out for the boss


Every Wednesday, I deliver the store copies of the Leader Herald.

I drive around the city to about 60 locations getting into and out of my car delivering stacks of newspapers.

On many other streets throughout Everett, the paper is delivered to homes.

That I am a newspaper delivery man at my age tells you what a big shot I am.

The first stop from week to week is Everett City Hall.

Some might consider it a hostile stop.

The mayor doesn’t like the Leader Herald. We refuse to print his party line. More than three years ago the mayor stopped by the office on Church Street to tell me he was going to put the paper out of business in four weeks.

He obviously failed at that but not for a lack of trying.Continue Reading

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Letter to the Editor

SOS Colombia

“El Gobierno es más peligroso que un virus” 

(The government is more dangerous than a virus.)

What is happening in Colombia right now?

The Colombian government decided to present a Tax Reform in the middle of a pandemic, this implies raising taxes affecting thousands of Colombians (especially middle and lower class) as the costs of their basic needs are already very high.

Thousands of Colombians went out to demonstrate against this and they are being KILLED for exercising their constitutional rights. They are not allowed to march or protest, they are repressed and they cannot refute the corruption of the government.

They are practically in a civil battle. 

The Escuadrón Móvil Antidisturbios (ESMAD) has the order to attack the protesting citizens with everything. There are multiple cases of abuse of authority against human rights defenders, the elderly, children, ALL. There are not enough shelters, doctors, or defense teams for citizens to seek support in their battle.Continue Reading

Rivergreen Park Earth Day cleanup scheduled for Saturday, May 15

APRIL 23: A Canada goose paddles along the Malden River as late afternoon sun shines on the water. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

The City of Everett will be hosting an Earth Day Celebration and Cleanup at Rivergreen Park (1 Rivergreen Drive, Everett) on Saturday, May 15 from 9am-12pm.

This event will include a presentation regarding the current and future plans of Everett’s waterfront, a ribbon cutting of the city’s new canoe & kayak launch, and a community cleanup event. Following the event, there will be a BBQ for all who volunteer.Continue Reading

Tide collar Bulldogs, 42-12, in opener

APRIL 23: Samy Lamothe (5) leaps through a huge hole set by Everett lineman. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Team effort in rout of Lynn English


The Crimson Tide opened the season in winning fashion Friday, blowing out Lynn English, 42-12, behind a swarming defense and an even more potent offense.

The 42 points scored are the most in a season-opener by the Crimson Tide since 2015 when they scored 49 points in a win against rival Xaverian.

The offensive production is proof first-year head coach and Everett High School grad (class of ‘84) Robert DiLoreto is flexing his X’s and O’s prowess.

From 2008-2017, as assistant coach and offensive co-ordinator for Reading High and EHS (2017), DiLoreto helped his teams to an incredible six perfect seasons and three Super Bowl titles, and his coaching skill showed on Friday.

Leading the pack offensively for the Tide (1-0) was senior running back J.C. Clerveaux, who finished with a team-high three touchdowns on the ground. By the end of the third quarter, the game was firmly in Everett’s grasp as they scored six consecutive touchdowns while holding onto a 42-6 advantage.Continue Reading


MAY 2: The sign board outside Everett High School remembers Kristin Fulton. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Celebrating Kristin Fulton

The untimely death of Kristin Fulton 7 days after she gave berth to her daughter, Lenna Noel, is a tragedy of first order.

Fulton was 38.

She grew up here. She loved the city. She was a participant, always in youth programs.

She volunteered often at the local food pantry distributing food to those in need.

She was a former employee of the city of Everett.

As a young woman growing up, she attended the Immaculate Conception Grammar School. She was a graduate of Pope John High School and Salem State College.

Those who knew her spoke of her love for poetry.

She loved life.Continue Reading

Remembering Kristin Fulton

A candlelight vigil and celebration of life for Kristin Fulton was held at Glendale Park Sunday. Fulton died days after giving birth to her daughter, Lenna Noel, but was remembered by a large crowd as an unstoppable cheerleader coach, devoted city employee and unabashed fan of all things Walt Disney World. (Below) Her husband Greg holds Lenna Noel during the ceremony. (Photos by Jim Mahoney)