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Mayor says casino opening assured; Wynn sale “Not going to happen”

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A look down at Encore Casino as seen via Santilli Circle in (photo by Joseph Prezioso)

By Josh Resnek

The mayor is trying to reassure residents and the business community that Wynn Resorts will not be selling out, as reported in the national media last reverberating around the city mightily this week.

It appears to have caught city hall by surprise.

Wynn CEO Matt Maddox announced last Friday that Wynn Resorts and MGM Resorts are in“preliminary” discussions for the sale of Encore Boston Harbor. What exactly is going on has been called a “high stakes mystery” by the Boston Globe.

“It’s not going to happen,” Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria said on Monday of a potential sale. “I don’t think I would have done a host agreement with anyone else. And now they’re going to sell it? No.”

DeMaria’s spokesman, George Regan, stated that city residents voted to approve a deal with Wynn Resorts and Wynn Resorts alone.Continue Reading

Mayor demands $12,000 raise; City council hands it over

By Josh Resnek

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The mayor came to the city council hearings at city hall Saturday with a secret appropriation hidden inside a $208 million budget proposal that was being gone over to identify cuts and savings.

Just to show the council exactly where he stands on savings, the mayor put himself in for a $12,000 a year stipend for automobile expenses he accrues during an average workweek driving his car around the city.

Councilor Fred Capone let the cat out of the bag initially, bringing the $12,000 item onto the council floor for public debate.

“I am suggesting we cut the automobile allowance to $700 a month,” Capone told his colleagues.

The mayor grimaced.

He grew outraged.Continue Reading

Sights Around Town

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— Eye on Everett —

A Raise?

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By Josh Resnek

Driving down Chelsea Street into Everett Square Tuesday morning the traffic was backed up almost to Vine Street.

The red traffic light in Everett Square where Chelsea Street meets Broadway is out of sync. That out of sync red light causes all the traffic. Someone needs to fix the that light.

One of the advantages of inching along in the traffic on Chelsea Street approaching the Square in the early morning is taking a closer look at things.

Tuesday morning the sun was out. The sky was clear. The air was cooler than Monday – which was warm. Monday’s heat, in fact, was a reminder to all of us that summer is just around the corner following the spring that never happened.

Near to Everett Square I noticed two large trucks from the Everett Water Department parked in the right lane. Hoses were everywhere. About a half dozen Water Department employees wearing their bright orange shirts hustled about doing their thing.Continue Reading

McLaughlin versus Lattanzi Ward race takes shape

By Josh Resnek

One of the mayor’s chief allies and staunchest supporters, has announced he is running against Councilor Mike McLaughlin.

Al Lattanzi, the well-known local businessman and owner of the True Value Hard Ware Supply on Main Street, is taking on McLaughlin.

He took out nomination papers Monday, according to information he filed in the Election Office at city hall.

Lattanzi has apparently been considering running for many years, according to those who know him.

“He is a good guy with a large following and a good reputation,” said an acquaintance.

“He will have 300 signatures in a matter of days,” he said. Lattanzi is also a very close friend and a trusted, highly valued associate of the mayor.

He is set to face McLaughlin – that is – if and when McLaughlin takes out his papers for re-election.

“I will run hard and I will run smart,” McLaughlin told the Leader Herald Tuesday morning.Continue Reading

Everett HS Sports Roundup

The 2019 Everett High School boys’ tennis team. (Photo By Katherine McKie)

By Lorenzo Recupero

Boys’ Tennis– First year head coach Steve Gallagher, a 2007 EHS grad, has yet to see his team pick up a win so far this spring. The Tide currently sit at 0-13, but have four more matches still before the end of the season. Coach Gallagher was quick to insert that his team’s overall record, though, is not an indication of the team’s effort and progress. “We’ve actually had a good year, but we play in a really tough conference (Northeastern Conference)” Said Gallagher. “The kids are having fun and getting better with each match. They are determined to play well right now, and the hope is we can carry the development into next year,” said Gallagher. The team will be back in action Wednesday (5/22 @ 4PM) at Medford HS, Thursday (5/23 @ 4PM) at Somerville HS, and finally at Peabody HS (5/29 @ 4PM) to close the season.Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor

Special to the Leader Herald

I’m writing in reply to a recent Letter to the editor submitted by library Trustee Sandy Juliano. First of all, no one ever won an argument by name-calling. For such a serious and important topic, I’m saddened to see Ms Juliano felt she needed to use a silly and demeaning nickname for me. Anyone who knows me and my family would know that is not my style, so I will look beyond that foolishness.

On an important side note, Ms Juliano mentions my sister Anna, a veteran library assistant over 35 years and someone whose professionalism is unquestioned. I’m not sure why she felt it necessary to raise her in the letter, but Anna doesn’t have anything to do with the Council vote, which is what we should be focused on.Continue Reading


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Casino may not open in June; City officials had no idea

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At the center of this photograph a grandfather and his grandchild are enjoying a stroll through a new piece of green park growing across from the nearly completed Encore Casino and Hotel. It is
1p.m. Monday afternoon and there isn’t a bit of traffic.

By Josh Resnek

The June 23 opening date for the Wynn Encore casino and hotel has apparently been put off for at least a week or maybe two weeks according to Wynn CEO Matthew Maddox.

The nearly 3 million square foot mega project, the largest single business development in Massachusetts in state history, will likely have to wait until the beginning of July to open, according to a spate of articles following Maddox’s comments.

His comments came on May 9, during a first quarter earnings call, to investors and investment companies. “I don’t know if the opening date will be June 23 or a week or two later, because we’re going to make sure that it’s flawless,” Maddox said. “And clearly the regulatory complexity we’ve been through has been a challenge. And so now we’re doubling back. We may give ourself another week (or two), we may not. But the property looks great.”

News of the opening date change caught local politicians, and especially the mayor, by surprise.

No public comments about the delay were made to public officials here by Wynn Resorts executives on the ground in Everett, chief among them, John Tocco.

Tocco is Encore’s liaison to the city government.

“That shows you what they’re willing to tell us. What they are willing to tell us is whatever they want us to hear,” said Councilor Wayne Matewsky, a sharp critic of Encore’s ability to share important information with the city and with him.

The mayor did not respond to the Leader Herald’s request for a comment.Continue Reading

Layoffs at City Hall

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A view of Everett City Hall from the Leader Herald office on Church Street. (Josh Resnek photo)

By Josh Resnek

A series of firings, layoffs and reassignments have rocked Everett City government early this week.

In a variety of moves approved by the mayor, and apparently orchestrated and carried out by Human Resources, the city’s Chief financial officer Eric Demas and the mayor’s city hall staff, between 25-30 city employees have been fired, laid-off or reassigned.

The effort is to save $1 million to be consistent with the city budget requirements which must be fulfilled.

The city’s cash needs are up. Income hasn’t risen to make up for shortfalls.

The Leader Herald reached out to the mayor for a rundown of all the changes made Monday afternoon.

The mayor’s office does not communicate with the Leader Herald and did not return our request for information.

This we know, from a variety of sources, including some of those involved.

Only non-union job holders were affected by the mayor’s moves.

Former Councilor Frank Nuzzo was apparently let go from his ISD position.

Ed Mastrocola of the city’s 911 call center was let go.

Steve Supino of the Wellness Center was reassigned to a weekend position as a city problem solver.Continue Reading

Everett most stressful city to live in Massachusetts?

stress city.jpg

By Josh Resnek

Where you live can absolutely impact your stress level, especially when you consider factors such as nightmarish rush-hour traffic, population density, income, and the cost of living. According to a rating of US cities compiled by Zippia, Everett ranks 22nd as the most stressed out.

It is listed as the most stressed out city in Massachusetts, as well.

Hard to believe?

Yes it is.Continue Reading