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The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Josh Resnek

Martin Luther King moved the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions of people around the world when he was alive.

MLK has achieved a wider significance in death.

His triumphs over darkness for his people, for all people, stand as a historical monument to the violent era in which he lived and came into prominence.

His leadership of the non-violent movement to achieve racial equality and justice provided him one of the most powerful political and social platforms of the era.

He created a huge following.

Those of us old enough to recall him, when he was young, when we were young all instantly recognized his strong voice and his inflection, that of a Southern preacher singing the words that came out of him.

He was spiritual. He was hopeful. He set out on a path that brought him fame and applause as a young man.Continue Reading

COVID-19, Omicron on Fire Everywhere With No Real End in Sight

JANUARY 16: The Pope John XXIII Covid-19 vaccine site is open for residents. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Confusion Reigns as More and More Become Sick

By Josh Resnek

The United States is reporting more than 800,000 new cases a day of COVID and Omicron. That’s right, 800,000 as day.

That’s about 6 million a week or 24 million in a month.

Every one of us know someone who is sick or diagnosed as having the virus.

Not as many are dying or becoming violently ill, but hospitals from Everett to Los Angeles have been filling up with the sick.

What’s worse, so many on hospital staffs have become ill and cannot go to work that carrying on is made near to impossible.

In other words, the national health care system is right now weathering its worst time during this lingering pandemic.

Locally, the Cambridge Health Alliance Hospital in Everett is straining at the seams as it tries to balance a huge influx of patients seeking emergency health care at a time when many of its health care employees are out sick.

Much larger hospitals have stopped with elective surgery to take some of the pressure away from health care givers who are maxed out.Continue Reading

Encore Takes Step Back on Auditorium Development After Pushback

Encore Boston Harbor . (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

The Plan for an Entertainment Venue Put on Hold

By Josh Resnek

The rollout of the auditorium development intended for land across the street from the casino and hotel was a typical Encore public relations victory.

They fed the story to the Boston Globe. The Boston Globe carried the report first early in December, 2021 with a glowing appraisal of the 1800 seat auditorium and parking garage to augment the casino and hotel operation across the street.

But then on December 28, after the Gaming Commission got involved following complaints from a number of theater owners, that the project as reported by the Globe didn’t seem right.

What’s worse, the Globe later reported, a number of theater owners who tend to compete with one another had complained – to the Globe and the Gaming Commission that Encore’s development plans didn’t seem legal.

Another Globe piece this time discussed the Massachusetts Gaming laws which do not allow casinos to build entertainment venues, with an explanation about the Encore development proposal.

“State gaming law blocks performance venues at Casinos but Wynn aims to build one next door in Everett…” the Globe wrote.Continue Reading

— Eye on Everett —

Carlo is taking over the public schools. Everything is set in motion. He’s got 8 votes on the School Committee. This is his piece de resistance, the takeover, control and the manipulation of the school department. He’s smacking his lips, smoking a victory cigar and the fight hasn’t even begun.

– The mayor’s Blue Suit Speaking with Josh Resnek


I picked up the Blue suit at the end of Elm Street Tuesday afternoon.

“Hey, let’s get out of town for an hour and talk,” the Blue Suit suggested.

“Where do you want to go?” I asked him.

“There’s a place over in Malden where Carlo goes for private meetings when he doesn’t want to be seen.”

“What is it called and where is it located?” I asked.

“It’s called the Bistro. It’s on Exchange Street,” the Blue Suit answered.

So we drove over to Malden in my red Honda.

We ended up at the Bistro. I parked. We got out of the car. We walked inside.

‘I’d like a table in the back room if it isn’t being used,” the Blue Suit asked the concierge. “We’re looking for some privacy,” her added.

“Of course. Right this way,” the concierge answered.

I thought I caught him looking at the Blue Suit strangely. “May I have your name, sir,”
he asked the Blue Suit.

“I am the Blue Suit,” he told the concierge.

The concierge looked a bit taken aback.

“Are you Carlo DerMaria’s Blue Suit?” the concierge asked. “Yes, I am.”Continue Reading

Congratulations, Lewis Cine!

Leader Herald Staff Report

In the University of Georgia’s first National Championship victory since 1980, it was EHS and Crimson Tide football alum Lewis Cine that stole the show.

The junior defensive back finished with 7 tackles (6 solo) and a pass deflection in the 33-18 win. He was named the 2022 CFP National Championship Defensive Player of the Game for his efforts.

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Fallout From Encore Land Deal Earns Wynn Resorts Victory in Federal Court

JANUARY 16: Encore Boston Harbor is reflected in the Mystic River. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

Gattineri to Appeal Failed $19 Million Lawsuit

By Josh Resnek

A promise and a handshake by a high ranking Wynn Resorts official with one of the casino land owners was not enough to allow the landowner’s Federal lawsuit to prevail.

Anthony Gattineri’s contract dispute arising out of the sale of the Everett land for the construction of the Encore casino and hotel sought to have Wynn Resorts pay him what he believed was due from the sale.

He wanted $19 million he believed he was owed after the price for the land was dropped dramatically by agreement between the Gaming Commission, officials from Wynn Resorts, and even his own partners in the real estate deal.

Gattineri’s fight to regain money he believes was his and to fully exonerate himself after being prosecuted for crimes related to the land sale, (he was found innocent in Federal District Court by a jury), is another barrier in then long road to ultimate justice for the Winchester businessman and entrepreneur.

“I am appealing this ruling. I am not giving up until I get what I am owed,” Gattineri told the Leader Herald.

Gattineri’s claim arose from a meeting he had with a former Wynn Resorts executive Rob DeSalvio, one of the key players in the Everett Encore project.

Gattineri claimed DeSalvio promised to make Gattineri “whole,” according to the 25 page ruling issued by F. Dennis Saylor IV, the Chief Judge, United States District Court in Massachusetts.Continue Reading

Partial Payment of Driver’s Fines Being Driven by Rep. McGonagle

An Antidote to Suspension, Revocation

By Josh Resnek

Have you ever racked up fines that got so high your driver’s license was suspended and you weren’t allowed to drive and your life virtually came apart as a result?

If Everett Rep. Joe McGonagle has his way, a bill he has co-sponsored with Senator Sal DiDomenico on the senate side of the aisle, will allow for partial payment of fines instead of relying only on suspension and revocation.

The matter was taken up last week at a Joint Committee on Transportation.

McGonagle appeared before the committee.

Rep. McGonagle said he spoke from personal experience, having former employees who faced continuous roadblocks of not having their licenses due to their owed fees. He says the breaking point came a few years ago when a constituent approached him about his issue and reached out to DA Marian Ryan to see what could be done.

DA Ryan also spoke before the committee.Continue Reading


Bombs Away

This week’s School Committee agenda is the rough equivalent of an effort to place School Superintendent Priya Tahiliani on notice that everything about her job and those who she hired is about to change.

In Everett language, this translates into this: the SC agenda is intended to tie Tahiliani’s arms behind her back and to tie her feet together at the ankles. The agenda also provides for stipulations that act like a thick sock stuffed into her mouth.

The agenda is way overboard. Its creators are aware of this but they don’t care.

Attempting to rig the process of forcing Tahiliani to leave is part of the mayor’s plan to control the School Department and to reorganize it the way he wants, to hire whom he wants, and to fire whomever he wishes.

In the case of Tahiliani, the School Committee is attempting to rid itself of a woman of color.

This should be easy to accomplish.

There are 8 votes pledged against Tahiliani and her appointments.

This means that when the votes are taken, the mayor will not have to vote against Tahiliani. He is likely to vote for her to remain to show how fair the process is.Continue Reading

Everett 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

The well-attended 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament at the Gentile Rec Center featured play from four age groups and was for both boys and girls. (Photos by Jim Mahoney)