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Leaked video shows Everett councilor making racially insensitive comments, adding to mounting backlash

Councilor Anthony DiPierro (center) during a city council meeting held at Everett High School. JOSH REYNOLDS FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE

By Stephanie Ebbert
GLOBE STAFF, UPDATED MAY 13, 2022, 7:55 A.M. 217

For two months, outraged Everett residents have descended on public meetings to demand the resignation of a city councilor who acknowledged using racist language in messages with city officials.

Despite the backlash, Mayor Carlo DeMaria has stood by Anthony DiPierro, his cousin’s son, saying he made a mistake but deserved a second chance. But now it’s clear that DeMaria knew for most of that time that DiPierro, along with the mayor’s press secretary and other city officials, had also been caught on video making racially insensitive remarks.

A leaked recording of a private Zoom meeting among city officials shows Councilor Anthony DiPierro joking about recruiting Black people to public events to insulate themselves politically against charges of racism.

In the video, posted this week on a Facebook page critical of Everett politicians and obtained independently by the Globe, the mayor’s spokeswoman, Deanna Deveney, asks DiPierro to recruit “one of your dark friends” for a political event.

“I don’t have a lot of those friends, I’m just saying,” DiPierro responded.

“No problem, we’ll find one,” Deveney said. The video, which was taken in 2020 or 2021, shows a handful of city councilors and employees talking about ways to demonstrate they are not racist. Rosa DiFlorio, a former city councilor, tells Deveney she should “hire a Haitian boyfriend to come with you.”

The video has inflamed already tense relations in a city awash in scandals, where city leaders have faced mounting criticism for weeks. To many residents, it has also affirmed suspicions that nothing will be done to address a persistent undercurrent of casual racism.Continue Reading

“Stay Away From Our Graduation. We Don’t Want You There”

Special to the Leader Herald

The Everett High School class of 2022 wanted to make a statement about the racially insensitive comments circulated by Councilor Anthony DiPierro.

Recently a video has appeared showing DiPierro and members of city government making fun of African Americans.

Initially the students were warned against speaking out about the racially insensitive attacks.

Parents and many others feared that they would be retaliated against for doing so.

The students are more determined than ever at this time.

Here is their statement.Continue Reading

Videos Reveal Further Depravity, Black Hatred

By Josh Resnek

Sensational Zoom video images and dialogue showing Councilor Anthony DiPierro, Communications Chief Deanna Deveney, Assistant City Solicitor Keith Slattery and featuring several others whose voices and image can be seen and heard became front page news in the Boston Globe over the weekend.

Racism has come forward front and center in Everett.

With racist talk, with Deveney referring to Blacks as “darkies” and with the others on the Zoom laughing hysterically at her racist sense of humor, Everett revealed the ugly underside of city hall politics.

The Globe reported that the mayor has known that DiPierro, along with Deveney and the other city officials, had been caught on video making racially insensitive remarks.

His response – very likely – they made mistakes. Everyone deserves another chance.

That’s how he put it about DiPierro, who has refused to resign his position despite numerous calls for him to leave the city council.Continue Reading

Encore Cranking Bigtime With Another Spectacular Revenue Month

By Josh Resnek

Revenues were down by slightly over $1M from March to April at Encore Boston Harbor Hotel and Casino but it was a big month never the less.

Some victories cannot be equated with revenues, and last month, was a big moment for the Encore Hotel being given a five star designation by Forbes Travel.

It was also a stellar revenue month with the largest take in the casino’s short history.

Last month, Encore took in $64.8M in gaming revenues.

An unbelievable $35.1M was bet using slot machines while $29.6 M was bet at table games.

Then came April.

There was a slight tail-off in gross volume, but the take remained unusually high and steady.A report issued this week by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission revealed that April revenues came in at $63.7M, off just $1.1M from the March results.

The breakdown was this: $29.6M in table game revenues and $34.1M in slot revenues.Continue Reading

Looking at Politics

Mayor Is In A Corner. If He Acts Against Racism It Is Like Acting Against Himself

By Josh Resnek

The mayor is said to have placed Deanna Deveney, his communications chief, on a paid leave of absence.

Sources claim she has been told not to enter Everett City Hall.

When he acted, it was in response to pressure.

The mayor doesn’t like pressure. None of us likes pressure.

When enough pressure is felt, all of us need to make a move, and so the mayor made a move.

He placed Deveney on a leave of absence. He didn’t fire Deveney but he likely to do that. The mayor doesn’t communicate with the

Leader Herald so we don’t know this for certain. He has to fire Deveney but he doesn’t want to fire her.

If he fires Deveney it feeds the notion that the mayor is able to fire a woman but is unable to ask for the resignation of his cousin and campaign manager, Councilor Anthony DiPierro.

DiPierro as a man receives different treatment from the mayor.

The problem with firing anyone or for asking for a resignation is that the mayor then puts himself in the frying pan, so to speak.Continue Reading

Mike Sainristil’s Versatility Camp

Leader Herald Staff Report

Michigan Wolverine and Everett native Mike Sainristil will always be a Crimson Tide alumni.

That’s why the 2019 Massachusetts Gatorade Player of the Year and stud wide receiver for Michigan University is ready to give back to his hometown via his first ever football camp.

Sainristil’s Versatility Football Camp will be taking over Everett Memorial Stadium on Sunday, May 22 from 10:30am- 2pm. The camp will cater to registered pre-high school athletes free of charge, with two time slots for Kindergarten-4th grade (10:30am-12pm) and 5th grade-8th grade (12:30pm-2pm).

Sainristil, who is bringing to camp the services of his former Everett High coaches and teammates amongst other volunteers, is living out a personal dream of paying it forward to the city that raised him.Continue Reading

— Eye on Everett —


Private discussions between two friends, the mayor’s Blue Suit and Josh Resnek.


“Lot’s talk about, isn’t there, Josh?” the Blue Suit said to me as we drove down to Revere Beach Tuesday afternoon. “Yes, indeed,” I replied. “You hungry?” I asked the Blue Suit as I pulled up to Kelly’s. He looked at me, smiled broadly and said: “Do the bears sit in the woods?”

“OK. What do you want?” I asked.

The Blue Suit thought for a moment. He scanned the menus mounted on the front face of Kelly’s. Surprisingly, there were no long lines. It was too cool and breezy to eat outside. There was a still a chill in the air.

“I’ll have two lobster rolls and a pint of chowder, two hot dogs all around. An order of fries, onion rings and cole slaw – I love Kelly’s cole slaw – a large Coke, and a chocolate frappe.”

“Are you sure you didn’t forget anything?” I asked.

“Let me think…” he joked back to me.

“Naw. I’m all set.” And then he added,” Make sure that’s a large fries please.”

The Blue Suit’s tab came to more than $135.00. I ordered a salad with Italian dressing and a cup of clam chowder for $15 bucks. The total tab for our lunch? About $150.00 bucks.

We ate in the car.

What a mess.

The Blue Suit’s enormous appetite is exceeded only by his love of eating.

He went into the Satter House and did his thing. When he returned we took off.Continue Reading

“Mayor Inept and Hiding,” Says Capone “Won’t Address Racism”

By Josh Resnek

Another round of highly insulting and racially charged behavior by Councilor Anthony DiPierro and the mayor’s chief of communications Deanna Deveney and several other Everett City Hall employees and former public officials has been roundly condemned by former councilor and Attorney Fred Capone.

In addition, Everett High School student representatives have disinvited the mayor and DiPierro from attending the 2022 graduation ceremonies citing their racist tendencies and to do nothing about them.

“I commend the Everett High School Class of 2022 for having the courage to say what the city council and the mayor are unwilling to: ‘Racism in any form is wrong and won’t be tolerated.’

Capone told the Leader Herald he was disheartened and outraged by the shocking, racist audio and video Zoom session participated in by DiPierro, Deveney and Assistant City Solicitor Keith Slattery and others in which anti-Black, racist language was revealed and watched by thousands on a number of websites and Facebook pages.Continue Reading

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COVID Running Amuck Throughout The World And Could Return To US

The emergency is not over by a long shot

By Josh Resnek

As we all sigh with relief as though the worst has passed with the COVID-19 pandemic which changed the world, it appears the virus does not wish to go gently into the night.

CDC experts and followers of the pandemic from the start are nearly all predicting a possible huge resurgence of the COVID-19 virus in the fall.

Many of those who have received three inoculations are being urged to get yet another booster to remain a safer distance from the virus taking us down.

Extra caution is made all the more urgent in the knowledge the United States just passed the 1 million dead mark of those killed by the virus.

Top date, Massachusetts has suffered 20,393 deaths and 1.81M cases.

A resurgence of COVID -19 would include millions more infected in nearly all age groups, millions sick, many more dying, our hospital and health system bogged down again to the point of exhaustion and overload and the economy effected by the disruption to the job market caused by the virus infecting so many.

While the national debate about masks and vaccines continues, so too has the virus.Continue Reading

Quick, Cheap, Delicious Steak Dinner In Less Than Ten Minutes…And SOOO Good

By Josh Resnek

I am always searching for the perfect, quick, absolutely delicious dinner. Mind you, I don’t want a large plate of food, rather, things that are delicious.

Each bite must be a treat and completely satisfy me or the dinner doesn’t work.

During a writing day when I ate scraps all morning (potato chips, and afternoon, mixed with small sweets, Hostess cinnamon squares, glasses of milk and Coca Cola, I finally settled down for dinner.

I had bought several days back a three ounce piece of Black Angus steak at Market Basket.

Truth be known, I do not eat meat anymore. Sometimes however, I cannot resist a bit of beef cooked rare and glazed with a thick sweet and sour essence.

The beef was $5.00.

I also purchased a plastic container of arugula lettuce – maybe $3.00 bucks.

I cooked the beef in an iron pan – maybe three minutes on each side leaving the center rare, and tender, and in this instance, tasty too.

Bank President Richard O’Neil will be given a 3 year contract to remain at the helm.Continue Reading


More Apartments Or More Clean Commercial?

Everett residents would do well to pay close attention to the housing boom going on here. After all, it is impossible to ignore.

May thousands of units have gone up during the past decade. Many thousands more are being planned for right now.

Apartment houses look nice. These developments tend to clean up former industrial areas that were largely useless in their polluted, untransformed presence.

We all know these thousands of new residents do not vote here. Many don’t know they are living in Everett. They don’t shop here. They don’t make investments here. They don’t run businesses here. These new residents in these new apartment complexes are transients – cruising through their young lives, needing a place to live and then moving on.

What’s wrong with that?

Nothing.Continue Reading

Crimson Tide Baseball

EHS takes on Lynn Classical.(Photos By Jim Mahoney)