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Racism, Sexism, Corruption Focus Shifts Back to DeMaria

By Josh Resnek

All eyes are now turned to Mayor Carlo Demaria.

The mayor’s absolute, unconditional silence about overt racism revealed about his cousin and campaign manager Councilor Anthony DiPierro has him staggering following DiPierro’s resignation Monday.

The resignation of the mayor’s communications chief Deanna Deveney, and the mayor’s extraordinary silence about her racist comments are made all the more inexcusable as Deveney is a lawyer.

In a press release announcing their departure released yesterday, which was not sent to the Leader Herald, the mayor continued his drift from the emerging Everett mainstream of protest against perceived racism of the city government by the city’s minority majority population now rising up.

In that press release the mayor used the word “healing.” He implied wrongs had been committed, that changes needed to be made but did not comment a word about DiPierro or Deveney’s actions insulting, demeaning and otherwise marginalizing Black people and Brown people, Hispanics and Brazilians with outrageous racist memes and statements.

“It is hard to talk about healing while the mayor said nothing about the perpetrators of hate he protected for more than two months in the hope it would all go away if everyone waited long enough,” said John Puopolo.Continue Reading

DiPierro and Deveney Are Gone! Resignations Follow Uproar

By Josh Resnek

The resignations Monday morning of Councilor Anthony DiPierro and the mayor’s communications chief Deanna Deveney ends a 7 week city hall bombardment that has shaken the administration of Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

Anthony DiPierro

DiPierro’s racist antics and ant—Black hatred be- hind closed doors, which he shared with Deveney and others, revealed
by the Leader Herald and the Boston Globe, led to Monday’s extraordinary news that they had both finally resigned following weeks of efforts to get them to do so.

While questions remain whether or not they resigned or were fired by the mayor has not been firmly established.

The situation for the mayor seemed to worsen as the day went by when about 300-400 Everett High School kids chanting and carrying signs marched to the front of city hall for a protest after leaving the high school early to do so.

The mayor apparently released a statement indicating DiPierro and Deveney resigned and that more work needed to be done to right his ship of state.

City hall is said to be reeling over the resignations or the firings, however one wishes to look at DiPierro and Deveney’s exit. “The mayor needed to act. He was done if he didn’t act. He may be done after acting,” said councilor Mike Marchese.Continue Reading

EHS Students Walk Out To Protest Racism; March To City Hall

By Josh Resnek

Everett High School students organized and marched on city hall Monday afternoon, leaving school en masse from the high school before dismissal and marching up Broadway in unison to Everett City Hall carrying placards.

Hundreds of Everett High School students marched on city hall to protest racism Monday afternoon in a symbolic effort to be heard.

In front of city hall, about 400 students chanting “enough is enough” and “the mayor has got to go,” shut down city hall and for a short period of time, owned a territory of the city that is generally opposed to their presence, and to their cries for equal treatment.

It was an incredible scene given the circumstances of the day.

Two Everett public officials involved in overt racist acts resigned their positions.

Councilor Anthony DiPierro and the mayor’s communications chief Deanna Deveney had resigned two hours before the kids descended on City Hall.

They were found to have sent out racist memes, used the N-word and Deveney referred to Black people as “darkies.”

For almost 7 weeks they defied citywide calls to step down.

No Everett elected public officials except for Councilor Mike Marchese demanded their resignations.

The moment presented an incredible spectacle and not without its ironic twists.Continue Reading


How The Casino License Was Won

By Walter Pavlo

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued an Opinion on FBT Everett Realty (FBT) v The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) which reversed an earlier decision to dismiss the case. The action was originally brought by the land owners of FBT in 2016 after it claimed it was forced to take a $40 million discount on the land, which was originally agreed upon to be sold to Wynn for $75 million. The story behind how that discount came to be and what made FBT sign for the sale of the land for such a loss has remained mostly a mystery. However, FBT’s case may now move forward and answer these questions and more about the inner-workings of how Wynn won the license.

What we all must remind ourselves is that the license for the casino in Everett was a zero sum game for the two bidders for the license, Wynn Resorts and a group of investors behind Suffolk Downs and its gaming partner (Caesar Entertainment and then Mohegan Sun). This was not a battle for a marijuana license or zoning for a building, it was a license to print money. Backed by billions of dollars, the two groups went at each other to win the license and along the way the most interesting of things started to happen, almost as if being orchestrated.

At the beginning, there was almost no doubt that Suffolk Downs would win the license. It had the back of Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, the storied horse track was dying a slow death and a popular, self-made, local entrepreneur Joe O’Donnell was backing the project. Steve Wynn and his team were outsiders, showman, who used the influence of New England Patriot owner and billionaire Robert Kraft to partner on a site in Foxborough. Only, Foxborough wanted nothing to do with Wynn. Suddenly, almost as if it were planned from the start, Wynn touched down on the land in Everett. Within weeks, and fresh from rejection in Foxborough, Everett was a chosen site for Wynn’s casino project.Continue Reading

Looking at the News

The Week That Was

By Josh Resnek

Just a few observations about life in Everett as May gets ready to turn into June.

The protest in front of city hall of Everett High School students is unlike anything I have seen in covering the city as a journalist in more than 20 years.

The resignation of Anthony DiPierro was not unexpected but it is shocking never the less as it shows the mayor’s power is in decline.

It has been in decline since Fred Capone almost beat him last November when the mayor spent $400,000 to get re-elected as opposed to Capone spending less than $100,000.

It is notable that in defeat, Capone’s voice has become razor sharp and bold. He is acting very much like a candidate for mayor.

For many thousands of Everett voters in this politically divided city, Capone’s resurgence in defeat is a resurrection of sorts.

Capone represents integrity.

The mayor represents something less than that.Continue Reading

$40 Million “Discount” Haunts Wynn Resorts Land Deal in Court Reversal

By Josh Resnek

Former owners of the land the Encore casino and hotel is built on are getting another chance at recovering $40 million cut off the $75 million purchase price as a result of SJC ruling.

The state’s highest court handed a win Monday to the former owners ruling that a judge had erroneously dismissed a lawsuit they filed against the Massachusetts Gaming Commission in a bid to collect an additional $40 million for the Everett land.

The state Supreme Judicial Court found that the Gaming Commission took “highly unusual” action in 2013 after discovering that a business- man with a criminal record and organized crime ties was suspected of having a hidden interest in FBT Everett Realty LLC, which had negotiated a deal to sell the Everett property to Wynn for $75 million, according to a report in the Boston Globe.

The decision dredges up years of questionable actions, stuttering and half-hearted investigations and the acknowledged effort of a combination of powerful interests to convey the land at a discount to Wynn.

The $40 million reduction in the price of the land is perceived by some as a bonus given to former Wynn Resorts president Stephen Wynn.

Wynn negotiated for the sale of the land with Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the owners of the land, FBT Realty.Continue Reading

— Eye on Everett —



“How do you think Anthony’s resignation went down?” I asked the Blue Suit.

“I know exactly how it went down,” the Blue Suit answered. “Tell me then, how did it go down?” I repeated.

“It went like this, Josh – exactly like this. After Maura Healey announced to all of New England listening to the Jim Braude and Janet Egan Show that ‘he should resign, that him serving as an elected public official was unacceptable’ it was as if the world was turned upside down for Anthony…and by association…for Carlo.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Until the Attorney General opened her big mouth, Carlo and Anthony felt they had the racism problem licked, if you know what I mean. They felt that all the fuss being made would die down, that the problem would go away like an unwanted cold in the middle of summer. In fact, they were hoping to get to the June recess of the city council when the public speaking portion with all those new voices would be quieted down and everything would return to normal,” the Blue Suit added.

“So how did the Attorney General’s ‘big mouth’ as you put it, contribute to the problem?”

“Are you kidding me, Josh? Maura Healey’s demand that Anthony should resign hit Carlo and Anthony with the force of a powerful right hand uppercut to the chin. They were dazed. Mind you, not knocked out, but dazed at first. When they regained their steadiness, they still believed Anthony did not have to resign. But, and this is a big but, when Carlo realized the extent to which Healey’s comments were making the rounds, and he juxtaposed that against his desire to survive the many battles he is facing, he made a decision.”

“And what was that?”Continue Reading

Inflation and Rising Prices Causing Money Difficulties to Magnify

Prices Soar For Gasoline, Food, Clothes, Housing

By Josh Resnek

The inflation blues are hitting home for all of us.

In 2020, the inflation rate was 1.2%.

This month, the inflation rate is at 8.56%. The highest inflation rate during modern time was in 1917 when it reached 19.66%. Inflation erodes our purchasing power. It erodes the value of our paper money.

Energy prices have soared.

They have increased 30.3%.

Gasoline prices have almost doubled.

Filling up our automobiles at more than $4.20 a gallon translate into more than $80 for a 20 gallon fill.

This compares to last year at this time when the same fill could have been done for half the price.

There seems to be no end in the rise right now – a terrifying reality.

Try to buy a new car. Prices are about 12% higher than sticker when you go to pay.

Because the Fed has raised interest rates, loans cost more than several months back.

Home values continue their inflationary rocket ship like behavior.Continue Reading

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There Is a Lack of Political Leadership

Comments by Fred Capone at City Hall Protest

What you have seen here and heard here today is the real Everett, a diverse but united community – not the Everett that you are reading about in the papers, watching on TV and following via social media. The negative reflections are the actions of a few. Sadly, they originate from our elected officials – those whose primary function is to make our city a safer and better place for all of us. The recent disclosure of the disturbing city video demonstrates that racism has been rampant throughout the current administration. The fact that racism and corruption have not even been mentioned let alone go unpunished by the majority of our elected officials, underscores the lack of political leadership that has been allowed to continue for far too long.

Everett High School students marched today in solidarity, they were amazing, and the Everett High School Class of 2022 has taken a bold stand and they have done us proud. I commend them for using their collective voice in a mature, responsible, and thoughtful manner to say what our elected officials will not – “Racism in any form is wrong and will not be tolerated.” Their action shows me that the future of our city is in good hands, but we must address the current void in leadership.Continue Reading

Graduation Barbecue With Different Tastes and Textures Than Most

By Josh Resnek

(Photo by Josh Resnek)

My daughter Kate graduated from BU’s School of Communications over the weekend.

We threw a barbecue party for her in our back yard.

My wife was in charge of the menu, as always, and as always, she worked like a slave to make this party work.

It came off nicely.

The bill of fare was this: baked salmon – a long slab of it. A bit pricey but delicious if you like baked salmon.

I can’t stand baked salmon.

Roast beef.

My wife bought a five pound roast beef at Whole Foods. She cooked it up long before anyone arrived – and everything except for barbecue was cooked and ready before the first arrivals came through the gates into the backyard.Continue Reading


We Are The Voice

The Everett Leader Herald is the only voice willing to risk our income, our reputations and our business interest in this city by reporting the news.

We do not hide the news in the Leader Herald.

We are the voice. We hold public officials to their oaths. We report their misdeeds. We editorially condemn municipal corruption, exclusion, racism and retaliation.

We report from week to week the crude and unacceptable behavior of most of our elected public officials when it comes to treating Black people, Brown people, Hispanics and Brazilians.

We report elected public officials laughing over racist jokes.

We print racist memes intended to degrade Black people sent out by elected public offials.

We express shock and surprise when the city government does not call for action to weed out the haters in city government.

Our effort to report what the mayor does compromises our relationship with him.

He promised to put us out of business four years ago. He said we weren’t writing the right kind of stories.Continue Reading

Mike Sainristil Football Camp

Campers work on drills and catch footballs at the Mike Sainristil Football Camp at Veterans Memorial Stadium. (Photos By Jim Mahoney)