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Council in favor of Pope John as a public school

Smith, Marchese, Lattanzi lead the fight

By Josh Resnek

A stunning thing happened at the Everett City Council meeting Monday night.

The council showed independence and resolve with a strong vote of confidence given to the conversion of the vacant Pope John High School facility into a 7th and 8th grade home in order to begin fixing a serious overcrowding situation that exists in nearly all the public schools.

Councilors expressed their sentiments unequivocally, and those sentiments are that Pope John remains, that the facility will be used to mitigate overcrowding, that it will not become another housing development as desired by the mayor.

For Mayor Carlo DeMaria, this was a jaw dropping wake up call.

When Councilor Al Lattanzi, admittedly one of the mayor’s chief supporters and backers, stated his intention to support using Pope John as a school again, it represented a historic moment of sorts in the current history of city politics.

I support this,” he told his colleagues.

For Lattanzi, it was a remarkable moment where he made the decision to act on his own without guidance from his friend the mayor to support the needs of the city’s public school children.

His favorable remarks about using Pope John as a public school resonated with his colleagues and with those listening in the council chamber.Continue Reading

Crimson Tide roll Lynn English

By Lorenzo Recupero

The game plan for Everett High School football changes from match to match depending on their next opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, according to third-year coach Robert DiLoreto.

If the motive is striking their opponent’s weaknesses, the Crimson Tide’s game plan this past week was loud and clear: run, run, run — and run some more.

The ground-game effort made all the difference, as the Tide (2-1) shutout Greater Boston League rival Lynn English behind 5 rushing touchdowns en route to the 37-0 victory.Continue Reading

“Residents starving here,” mayor alleges

“I see kids living In closets every day. Day In and day out”

Marchese Calls Charges “Defamation”

By Josh Resnek

The mayor claimed Everett residents are starving for lack of food, and their homes are being foreclosed upon because they can’t afford to pay the taxes, two major statements that he failed to verify with any evidence, dates, names, addresses, extemporaneous notes of any kind and copies of orders that he may have given to city employees to inspect such reports he talked about in the public forum.

The mayor’s claim that “I see kids living in closets every day. Day in and day out,” was considered a defamation by Councilor Mike Marchese.

“It’s all a lie. These charges were made by the mayor to divert interest from the Pope John controversy. In his desperation to persuade the city population that the city cannot afford to make more space for Everett’s public school children because people are starving, were made with no evidence, no corroboration by the Health Department, the Fire Department, the Police Department or the Department of Public Works,” Marchese said. “It was done to defame those against him.”Continue Reading

Encore cools off with arrival of fall; revenues drop, stock jumps Monday

Gaming figures at Encore for the month of August were down about $6 million from July.

By Josh Resnek

Encore Boston Harbor Casino and Hotel revenues dropped about $6 million from August when reported by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission on the 15th of September.

The softening of the casino marketplace as the seasons change was not expected, but then, there is a great deal of volatility to the marketplace and no real way to predict what exactly figures will be from month to month.

The big news this week was the announcement by the government of China that the gambling resort in Macau has a new and improved COVID-19 recovery plan.

This is expected to allow thousands more gamblers the possibility of visiting the resort’s gaming houses without running into complicated difficulties with restrictions caused by COVID-19 which has plagued the industry there since 2020.

News surfaced over the weekend that Macau had been OK’d to resume issuing electronic visas for individuals and tour groups in late October or early November. J.P. Morgan analyst Joseph Greff said that would be the “first meaningful” easing of travel restrictions to the gambling center since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.Continue Reading

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Is Capone campaigning? Of course he is

Neither he nor DeMaria can let it go

By Josh Resnek

The blue lettered sign on Sal Sacro’s apartment building in Everett Square is a prominent reminder that Fred Capone remains an influence in this city and that he is not yet done with running for mayor.

Fred Capone

His 210 vote loss to incumbent Mayor Carlo DeMaria last November followed the mayor’s $420,000 spending effort to buy his way into another term.

Capone spent little more than $100,000 trying to unseat DeMaria.

During the campaign, he never publicly confronted DeMaria nor did the two debate in a contest where Capone claimed to have taken the high road.

Capone always insisted he wasn’t about to get into the gutter with the mayor.

He kept his word. He didn’t. He lost.

After such a close loss, Capone may have rethought the high road strategy. Many Monday morning quarterbacks here claim had Capone fought the mayor more vigorously and publicly during the campaign, he might very well have beaten him in the election. No one really knows, except maybe his wife, as she is a very strong influence on Capone.Continue Reading

— Eye on Everett —


Frank and honest conversations between the mayor’s Blue Suit and the Editor of the Everett Leader Herald.
(If you think the mayor’s Blue Suit doesn’t have a mind, pay attention to what he has to say.)


The weather has been gorgeous. The past four or five days, minus a very few clouds, have been impressively blue skied, brilliantly clear and warm pre-fall days.

No matter who you are or what you have going in your life, these are precious days to savor. You don’t get many of these days in a year – and in a lifetime, most of us will get these days maybe 100 times. Suffice to say, you want to clear your head, get out of your house, put on a sweater, and find a place where you can think, and dream, and plot the next move in your life.

The mayor’s Blue Suit and I discussed a variety of events this week when we met on Tuesday. As usual, we talked as we drove around the city with the windows down, with so many people walking on the sidewalks waving to the Blue Suit or shouting his name excitedly as they watched us drive past.

“They love me,” the Blue Suit said to me.

“Many, many Everett people believe what I say to you. I know they do. That’s such a good feeling, to be know by so many people, to share information them, and to discuss exactly what is going on in Everett,” the Blue Suit added.

“I am one of the best known characters in this city. I’m proud of that. I think I’ve earned my reputation. After all, do you know another Blue Suit like me?”

“No, man,” I answered. “If you are nothing else, you are one of a kind. I mean, before meeting you, I never knew a Blue Suit quite like you. Unbelievably enough, many Everett people believe you are real,” I said.

“Let’s not go there, Josh,” the Blue Suit cautioned me. He was angry.

“I hope this isn’t going to be another one of your talks about me not existing, not being real, and not being alive. You know, I know, that many of the mayor’s secrets are mine because of the close relationship I share with him. For instance, do you know how the mayor felt after his chief of staff Erin Deveney didn’t defend him against the pro-city council onslaught Monday night for Pope John?”Continue Reading

A shining moment in the life of City Year

EPS plays a prominent role in opening day celebration

Superintendent Priya Tahiliani (right) helped welcome AmeriCorps members to the 2022-2023 school year as part of City Year Greater Boston’s annual Opening Day event, further highlighting the flourishing partnership between the Everett Public Schools and one of the nation’s preeminent educational service organizations.

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with City Year during my 19 years in the Boston Public Schools,” Superintendent Tahiliani said during her remarks on Friday, September 9th at the Hotel Commonwealth. “So, I have known very well the incredible impact that City Year Corps members have on our students. And I must say that bringing City Year to the Everett Public Schools has been one of the highlights of my superintendency.”

With critical support from Chief Financial Officer Anu Medappa Jayanth and Budget and Grants Director Shirley Peng, Superintendent Tahiliani welcomed City Year to Everett at the start of the 2021-2022 school year. There are five-member AmeriCorps teams in all Everett’s five K-8 buildings — the Keverian, Lafayette, Parlin, Madeline English, and Whittier. Everett is the first city outside of Boston to partner with City Year, necessitating a name change to City Year Greater Boston.Continue Reading

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Why does the city refuse to bring justice to an Everett woman allegedly raped by a firefighter?

By Wendy Poste

Every woman in this city should demand justice as I am demanding justice after being raped by a former Everett firefighter who was a convicted sex offender and who was given an award for his service by the EFD.

He served for years and years and everyone in a position of power here knew this and did nothing and have continued to do nothing.

The city of Everett and its entire leadership allowed a firefighter who was convicted of Indecent Assault and Battery of a child under the age of 14, placed on probation for 3 years and a CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER FOR LIFE continue working in a position of trust thus distracting the rest of the firefighters who are focused on protecting our City is heinous!

This evil person was sent to his car more than once during his years to “distract him from his urges”! Had this been dealt with swiftly and fairly in 1997, it would have saved me from living a nightmare. This firefighter drugged and raped me, and I had no idea at all that he was a monster! I have nightmares regularly, and there are days that my PTSD takes over and I am unable to function……. all because City Government chose to ignore the facts presented to them. Two police chiefs, two fire chiefs and four mayors chose to ignore this situation. Shame on the entire City! Will you choose to ignore my plea, too?Continue Reading

Looking at Politics

The charmed life of a racist and disgraced former city councilor

By Josh Resnek

June city hall rally by high school students. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

Five months ago Anthony DiPierro finally stepped down from his city councilor’s position after a public outcry that ensued following revelations that he had been trading hard core, N-word racist materials and memes with friends and other members of the administration.

As the mayor’s cousin and his chief supporter, DiPierro enjoyed considerable insulation and protection from the outside world.

When the racist, anti-Black memes he had sent around on the Internet came back to bite him, the public outroar here was historic.

Neither the mayor, nor his colleagues on the city council nor school committee members asked for his resignation.

That only came after Black, Brown and Hispanic Everett High School students left their classrooms and marched down to city hall en masse where they held a demonstration outside.

More than 300 high school kids chanting and holding signs demanding DiPierro’s resignation made an impact.

That demonstration and widespread media coverage of it, led to the mayor ordering DiPierro to resign.

A short time later, DiPierro handed in his resignation.

A short time later US Attorney Racheal Rollins announced she was conducting a probe of the Everett city government’s racist acts, and that if enough evidence of wrongdoing came to the fore, she would begin an official investigation into racism, discrimination and retaliation in Everett.Continue Reading


The council rising up

We are witnessing right now the rising up of the City Council which finds itself suddenly empowered to act justly in confronting a great issue which the mayor has not been willing to address.

The overcrowded public school crisis, and the mayor’s desire to put affordable housing before providing for the city’s public school children has been check mated by a City Council apparently in favor to a person to use Pope John as a new public school facility.

It isn’t so much affordable housing that is the rub.

It is the mayor dragging his feet and putting a development proposal not supported by the neighborhood in front of efforts that have gathered widespread public support to put an end to the overcrowding in the city’s public schools.

The Council rising up in this instance and supporting the use of the former Pope John High School as a public school, reveals the extent to which the City Council has taken up the mantle of leadership during a crisis that the mayor has refused to acknowledge in any meaningful way.

The rising up of the City Council represents a new chapter in the evolving political history of the city.

Councilor Stephanie Smith’s passion and her stridency demanding change is notable.

Councilor Mike Marchese’s demands for action resonate.Continue Reading

Everett Panthers hang on, top Lynn Rams as time expires

The 14U Everett Panthers eked out the victory Saturday, clawing past Lynn, 7-6, for their second straight win. The Panthers (4-1) got their only score of the game during the first half on a special 40-yard run by speedy receiver Uchendu Onyeagoro. Their defense held up and made timely stops throughout the game and during the Rams’ final drive, which ended in the red zone as time ran out.(Photos by Alicen Encarnacao)