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Casino may not open in June; City officials had no idea

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At the center of this photograph a grandfather and his grandchild are enjoying a stroll through a new piece of green park growing across from the nearly completed Encore Casino and Hotel. It is
1p.m. Monday afternoon and there isn’t a bit of traffic.

By Josh Resnek

The June 23 opening date for the Wynn Encore casino and hotel has apparently been put off for at least a week or maybe two weeks according to Wynn CEO Matthew Maddox.

The nearly 3 million square foot mega project, the largest single business development in Massachusetts in state history, will likely have to wait until the beginning of July to open, according to a spate of articles following Maddox’s comments.

His comments came on May 9, during a first quarter earnings call, to investors and investment companies. “I don’t know if the opening date will be June 23 or a week or two later, because we’re going to make sure that it’s flawless,” Maddox said. “And clearly the regulatory complexity we’ve been through has been a challenge. And so now we’re doubling back. We may give ourself another week (or two), we may not. But the property looks great.”

News of the opening date change caught local politicians, and especially the mayor, by surprise.

No public comments about the delay were made to public officials here by Wynn Resorts executives on the ground in Everett, chief among them, John Tocco.

Tocco is Encore’s liaison to the city government.

“That shows you what they’re willing to tell us. What they are willing to tell us is whatever they want us to hear,” said Councilor Wayne Matewsky, a sharp critic of Encore’s ability to share important information with the city and with him.

The mayor did not respond to the Leader Herald’s request for a comment.Continue Reading

$208 Million Budget

By Josh Resnek

The city will spend $208 million in 2020 to keep the ball of municipal government rolling, according to the mayor and Eric Demas, the city’s Chief Financial Officer during presentations they made to a joint convention of the city council and the school committee Monday night at city hall.

The mayor read from a prepared text informing the city government that this year’s budget presentation was perhaps his best ever.

He said the 2020 budget, to be discussed more vigorously during a Saturday session before the city council at city hall, would reveal itself to be 4% above last year’s budget but representing, in reality, aa 0% increase over last year when all is said and done.

The mayor detailed the restructuring that is going on, which includes a mix of layoffs, retirements, transfers and jobs remaining unfilled.Continue Reading

Everett Baseball

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— Eye on Everett —

He Should be Up but he is Down

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By Josh Resnek

I am a careful observer of the mayor.

This column is an up close look at him.

I am going to refrain from referring to him as Kickback in this column. I will not repeat that I know he talks with the FBI about his friends and that we have proof of this. He knows this. Many others have learned of this. There are more than a few people who don’t want to speak with him for obvious reasons.

I am not going to write a word about his treatment of local vendors who refuse to take care of his personal services without him paying.

And there is no need to mention that those in Everett wishing to avoid the long arm of the city make contributions instead to the mayor’s campaign account, “Buying a table to keep him away from me and my business.”

Neither will I dredge up old incidents in his Revere donut shop where he allegedly assaulted and sexually harassed a female employee, and elsewhere where other such allegations have been made and reported in great detail in the Boston Globe.Continue Reading

Great success will stop traffic; Officials becoming agitated


By Josh Resnek

The casino is going to bring great success.

But with every success comes the other side of success.

In Everett, a traffic Armageddon will likely be the other side of success.

If the casino achieves the full measure of its economic possibilities, it is assured that traffic on major roads leading to and from the casino is going to stop, at least until officials determine how traffic problems can be ironed out or resolved.

A half dozen city councilors led by Leo McKinnon, Mike McLaughlin, Wayne Matewsky and Peter Napolitano bemoaned the city’s fate and complained about not being informed about traffic mitigation issues now being discussed at city hall on Monday.

Their collective voice and cry appeared greatly magnified for those of us who watch the council carefully.

They seemed upset and worried; more worried than upset about the traffic situation now developing as the casino is about to open.

“They have left us out of the loop,” McKinnon told the Leader Herald. “I’m disgusted,” he said at the meeting.Continue Reading

Crimson Tide Baseball Snaps Skid, Tops Somerville

By Lorenzo Recupero

Following back-to-back losses to Revere and Lynn Classical, the Crimson Tide are back on track after snapping the losing streak with a convincing, 11-5, victory over Somerville Monday afternoon at Glendale Park.

Led by senior pitcher Jared Corbett, who picked up his first W of the year, the Crimson Tide knocked-off their league rival for the second time of the season.

Somerville’s pitchers never got their footing and the Crimson Tide (4-7) batters took advantage of it, providing the cushion needed with a 7 run first inning. The bullpen held up the rest of the way.Continue Reading

Everett most stressful city to live in Massachusetts?

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By Josh Resnek

Where you live can absolutely impact your stress level, especially when you consider factors such as nightmarish rush-hour traffic, population density, income, and the cost of living. According to a rating of US cities compiled by Zippia, Everett ranks 22nd as the most stressed out.

It is listed as the most stressed out city in Massachusetts, as well.

Hard to believe?

Yes it is.Continue Reading


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Layoffs at City Hall

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A view of Everett City Hall from the Leader Herald office on Church Street. (Josh Resnek photo)

By Josh Resnek

A series of firings, layoffs and reassignments have rocked Everett City government early this week.

In a variety of moves approved by the mayor, and apparently orchestrated and carried out by Human Resources, the city’s Chief financial officer Eric Demas and the mayor’s city hall staff, between 25-30 city employees have been fired, laid-off or reassigned.

The effort is to save $1 million to be consistent with the city budget requirements which must be fulfilled.

The city’s cash needs are up. Income hasn’t risen to make up for shortfalls.

The Leader Herald reached out to the mayor for a rundown of all the changes made Monday afternoon.

The mayor’s office does not communicate with the Leader Herald and did not return our request for information.

This we know, from a variety of sources, including some of those involved.

Only non-union job holders were affected by the mayor’s moves.

Former Councilor Frank Nuzzo was apparently let go from his ISD position.

Ed Mastrocola of the city’s 911 call center was let go.

Steve Supino of the Wellness Center was reassigned to a weekend position as a city problem solver.Continue Reading

Cardinal Please!

Pope John XXIII alumni listened attentively.

By Lorenzo Recupero & Joe Prezioso

The battle cry of the Pope John Tigers roared loudly across the school’s auditorium Monday evening as hundreds of current students, administrators, alumni and local politicians offered their feelings, ideas, and support for how to keep the Catholic School open amidst a $1.5 million shortfall that threatens to shutter the school’s doors for good if the money isn’t handed over to the Archdiocese by May 23.

That leaves the school, which opened its doors 54 years ago, just 23 more days to come up with a colossal amount of money or the roughly 300 students attending now will be searching for an education elsewhere.

A Broward County Florida insurance firm-turned- ‘Ponzi scheme’ headed by the same man that bilked Pope John XXIII of about $1.5 million, cost Florida, policyholders $100 million, according to Florida investigators.

Philip Morgaman owes Pope John XXIII about $1.5 million after declaring a bankruptcy and failing to make his monthly payments according to his contract with the school.

His company provided the school with foreign students and with their boarding, which was very successful for a number of years. In the end, it appears Morgaman took the money from the students’ parents and failed to hand over to the school its fair share for educating them and for putting them up in the school dormitory. Only through the heroic actions of Carl DiMaiti has the school remained open this long.Continue Reading

Everett Youth Football Leaders Rally at State House

Dozens of players from around the state showed up to the protest held by Massachusetts Youth Football Alliance on the steps of the State House. (Photo by Joe Prezioso)

By Lorenzo Recupero and Joe Prezioso

Many local youth leaders and advocates of the freedom to choose to allow elementary school children to take part in contact sports such as tackle football made their way up to the State House on Tuesday, April 16 as part of a growing protest of Bills H. 2007 and S.1223. Both are currently progressing through the legislature.

The bills, presented by Paul A. Schmid III of Westport, MA, and Bradley H. Jones Jr., of North Reading, MA, was presented to the legislature to help “prevent the practice of tackle football for children in grade 7 or under”.

The official website for the bill making its rounds states it’s “an act for no organized head impacts to school children.”

The bills were referred to the Committee of Public Health by the house on January 22 and the senate concurred.

The 2.5 hour rally combating the bills featured some big names, including guest speakers and former NFL players Merril Hoge and Andre Tippet.

The Mass Youth Football Alliance, USA Football, Pop Warner and American Youth Football have all teamed up to counter the bills that most certainly jeopardize participation in local youth football leagues across the state.Continue Reading