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Taxes Rising 11% Next Year, Despite Casino Money

By Josh Resnek

Taxes will be rising by as much as 11% next year according to a spate of city hall officials who spoke about it but who wished to remain unnamed.

The 11% figure first came up during a finance hearing before the city council.

Eric Demas, the city’s chief financial officer, answered a question raised by Councilor Rosa DiFlorio.

The exchange took place when the council was debating  the School Department’s $6 million payment to cover its needs.

DiFlorio asked Demas about taxes, about how much they might be going up.

“11% up,” she was told. Demas did not respond to a call from the Leader Herald.

Final tallies of the city’s income and expenses in November will determine the final outcome.Continue Reading

Everett Football is Back

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Wellness Center Employee Files Sexual Harassment Claim

By Josh Resnek

An Everett woman has alleged she was bullied and sexually harassed at her job at the Wellness Center, the Leader Herald has learned.

The young woman has apparently filed an official complaint with the city’s Human Services chief, Steve Supino.

Supino was unavailable for comment, according to Tom Philbin, the mayor’s communications chief.

The woman alleging she was bullied and sexually harassed at the Center on Broadway in the former high school building, is believed to be considering a lawsuit against the city.Continue Reading

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The End of Homecoming

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM
By Josh Resnek
There will be no Homecoming this year.

The powers that be, mainly the mayor and CFO Eric Demas, have deemed it too expensive and there for irrelevant.

They both believe that every dime of spending by the School Department for items like the Homecoming is an abomination. What is gained and what is lost?

The School Department will save as much as $50,000 when all is said and done. This can be put against the annual underfunding effort that has led to 100 teachers and aids being dismissed from the School Department. In this instance, the end of Homecoming can be perceived as a gain.

What is lost is not quite as easy to demarcate exactly.

What is lost is the city’s major annual parade, a giant event with thousands of Everett residents from all walks of life participating.Continue Reading

Waiting for Answers

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 6.45.21 PM.png
Crews continue work on Encore Boston on Route 99 in Everett. (Josh Resnek Photo)

Is Property For Sale; Will Wynn Resorts be Fined?

By Josh Resnek 

A report from the Motley Fool widely published last week speculates that the Encore project in Everett may again be for sale, or is likely being discretely shopped around the casino world.

Motley Fool, one of the most influential investment advisors on the Internet, detailed an apparently emerging scenario where rivals MGM Resorts, Caesars and Penn National Gaming could be players for the casino.

The reasoning of the article pointed to the fact that many inside the industry don’t know what the MGC is going to do. However, Wynn Resorts president Matt Maddox is believed to have some insight into what the investigation will result in for Wynn Resorts. But he doesn’t know what that is.

The Motley Fool article pours gasoline on the fire of interest on what Wynn Resorts is doing to protect its investment in every way.Continue Reading

Crimson Tide Pick Up Where They Left Off

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 7.58.07 PM.png
Coach Theluxon Pierre (above) wins his first game in charge of the Crimson Tide, as EHS becomes the first program in the history of the Commonwealth to reach 800 victories.

By Lorenzo Recupero

Everett High football is boasting a new coach, system and look this year but the results are all the same: The Crimson Tide win.

Behind a balanced attack and tough defense, the reigning division 1 state champs dispatched a top-tier Xaverian squad, 34-21, to open the season last Friday.

The victory is head coach Theluxon Pierre’s first and the school’s 800th, the most by any school in state history.

In the off-season, after the departures of coach John Dibiaso and starting quarterback Jake Wilcox, The Crimson Tide looked vulnerable.

Even still, Friday’s victory was not as confounding for Pierre, though. The first-year head coach knew all along that his reconstructed roster would open the season with a W.Continue Reading

Mayor, Commission Charged With Violation of Open Meeting Law

By Lorenzo Recupero

The mayor and the School Finance Commission have been charged with violating the state’s Open Meeting Law by Joshua Resnek, publisher of the Leader Herald.

The mayor and the Commission have until October 4 to deal with the issue and report back to the Attorney General’s office, according to Assistant Attorney General Carrie Benedon.

On September 4, Benedon granted a request from the city, through its attorney, Janelle Austin, for an extension to respond to the complaint.

The complaint was led by Publisher Resnek for the Leader Herald following Resnek’s removal from a public meeting ordered by the mayor.

“In your request, you state the Commission will review the complaint at its next scheduled meeting, on September 27. With the hope the parties involved can use the additional time to reach a mutually agreeable resolution to the complaint,” Benedon wrote to all the parties.

The action taken by the Leader Herald is the result of Resnek being ordered by the mayor to leave the Commission’s public meeting, and for a “private conversation” to take place, as ordered by the mayor.Continue Reading

Everett and the Silver Line a Step in the Right Direction

Silver Line`1.jpg
(Photo By Lorenzo Recupero)

By Carlos Lopez
Special to the Leader Herald

The recent development of the Silver Line (SL-3) running through Chelsea has paved the way for Everett to possibly become the next city directly interconnected with the center of Boston.

The SL-3, the newest addition to public transportation in Chelsea, opens up traffic to a different section of Boston, and with it also comes the potential of connecting local residents to entirely different job markets and social experiences.

The Silver Line not only improves transportation within Chelsea, but allows speedy trips to Logan Airport and a connection to the Red Line for anyone in the immediate area.Continue Reading


Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 4.38.45 PM

The City of Everett has unveiled this first-ever bus stop flower bomb in the country. The flower bomb is the newest addition of the first-ever level boarding platform in Massachusetts.Continue Reading

Mayor’s Healthy Eating Initiative Welcomes Fresh Food Truck

To continue the momentum of the citywide healthy eating initiative, started by the mayor’s administration, on Monday, July 30th the City welcomed a fresh food truck to the community.FT1

The addition of the Fresh Truck is another example of how the Mayor has remained committed to bringing more health and wellness opportunities to the people of Everett.

Opportunities that include the healthy meals program, “Kids in the Kitchen” Workshop, nutrition consultation, tness challenges with segments of healthy eating, and an upgraded healthy meals program for senior citizens.

The mayor stated, “I am pleased to hear about the continued growth of the healthy eating initiative. This program is extremely important to me as it offers residents with options to improve their health.”Continue Reading

All Aboard

First water shuttle in Everett’s history coming to life at Casino

Wynn Ferry

By Josh Resnek

The initiation of a ferry service between several locations along the waterfront in Boston, across the Mystic River and ending at the casino in Everett, marks a major event in the evolution of the Mystic River waterway.

Wynn Resorts LTD has tapped a Charlestown boat builder to construct three water shuttles, sleek but sturdy ferries to move casino goers and anyone else who wishes to explore the distance between the Boston waterfront and Everett once the casino is up and running.

This is historic in every way.

This will allow tourists from all over the nation to take advantage of the near $100 million of improvements made by Wynn Resorts to the environment in and around the casino/hotel and especially to the shorefront where the project is situated.Continue Reading