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LaMonica Wins Recount with Cornelio

Margaret Cornelio and Joseph LaMonica pose for the Leader Herald before the start of the recount Sunday. (Photo by Josh Resnek)

The Lesson: Every Vote Counts

By Josh Resnek

A recount of the School Committee at Large race Sunday at Everett High School resulted with incumbent Joseph LaMonica adding one vote to a three vote lead over his opponent, Margaret Cornelio.

About 100 men and women, many of them city employees and or relatives, supporters and friends of LaMonica and Cornelio, gathered inside the EHS cafeteria at 9:00 a.m. to take their respective places at tables where the votes were recounted.

When all was said and done a few hours later, LaMonica came away with the victory – the closest engagement between political rivals in this city in quite some time.

Cornelio said she was disappointed but congratulated LaMonica.

LaMonica said he was very pleased.Continue Reading

Falliday Giveaway

Special to the Leader

If you’re a lover fresh scents and chic home decor, this weekend’s Falliday event in Chelsea is a must visit.

The 1012 Candle.Co (https://www.1012candleco.com) will be on-site at the Merrit Club in Chelsea, Ma Sunday afternoon as part of their fall pop-up event.

Ahead of the event, organizer and 1012 Candle.Co owner Kassandra Alvelo setup a GoFund me to benefit one family, but she hopes to raise more funds to extend the help to others in need this holiday season. Continue Reading

City Council Unfazed by Mayor’s $40,000 a Year Longevity Giveaway

Capone Measure Removing It Put Off

By Josh Resnek

With four members absent and the sponsor of a measure to curtail the mayor’s longevity payment of $40,000 a year at home with COVID-19 being one of them, the matter was put off for two weeks.

By that time, it is believed Councilor Fred Capone, who has come down with COVID-19, will have returned to normal and will be available to attend the next meeting of the council.

Without Capone there Monday night to lead a lonely charge, Councilor Mike Marchese was left the business of dealing with the issue.

“Let’s send the matter to the Attorney General for a legal ruling,” Marchese suggested.

“The $40,000 a year longevity payment to the mayor is all wrong,” he later told the Leader Herald.

Marchese also wondered how the longevity payment is made.

“Does the mayor receive a check for $40,000 or are the taxes taken from it? And if the taxes aren’t taken from it, how do we know the mayor has paid the taxes on it?” he said.

“Maybe the IRS ought to look into this as well,” he suggested.Continue Reading

Why is Matt Maddox Stepping Down? Mystery Surrounds His Departure

Who leaves a job at $25 million a year?

By Josh Resnek

The mystery surrounding Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox’s departure from the company continues to grow in the absence of additional information first published in the New York Post and the Las Vegas newspaper last week.

The Post reported that Maddox had been investigated by the Wynn Board of Directors about a potential problem that was allegedly company related but had come up with a clean bill of health, apparently, according to industry sources.

However, Maddox leaving is big medicine in the gaming world.

Maddox sits at the very top of the premier gaming enterprise in the world, a gaming juggernaut about to explode with billions of new business when their sports betting platform takes shape and form.

Industry analysts say that Wynn Resorts is trying to get out of the hotel business, and even the casino business, in order to pay closer attention to the making of billions of dollars on Internet gaming.

Rumors circulated two weeks ago that Wynn was attempting to lease its gambling and hotel operation here to Mohegan Sun at a pretty penny while at the same time redoubling its effort to become the nation’s leading gaming on line industry giant.Continue Reading

— Eye on Everett —

The Blue Suit

Josh Resnek discusses Kyle Rittenhouse, and Carlo’s talk with President Biden, with the mayor’s Blue Suit. As usual, the mayor’s Blue Suit leaves no stone unturned.


I asked the Blue Suit where he’d like to have lunch after I picked him up as he walked down Elm Street Tuesday afternoon.

“What do you want. You name it. I’m treating,” I told the Blue Suit.

He was very pleased to hear I was treating.
“You know what I’d like?” he asked me.
“Let me guess,” I answered. “You want charcoal broiled steak tips and lamb.”

“How did you know this?” he shot back. “That is exactly what I want.”

Then he joked with me.

“The best charcoal broiled steak tips in the city can be found at Oliveira’s,” he said with certainty.

“You mean the place on Broadway that burned down?”

The Blue Suit placed his hands on his stomach over the jacket of his suit as if holding onto a medicine ball.

“Roger that, Josh,” he said to me.

“So now you think you’re a comedian. I mean, charcoal broiled steak tips from Oliveira’s! Don’t give up your daytime job for comedy…you’ll starve.”

We cruised the city up and down Broadway, up and down Main Street, all around the Exxon land and near to Distrigas.

‘So what do you think of that kid Rittenhouse, you know, the kid carrying an AR-15 automatic rifle who killed two men and wounded a third during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020?” I asked the Blue Suit. “I want your answer, not Carlo’s, please.”Continue Reading

Everett Crimson Tide Pop Warner Cheerleaders Win New England Regionals

The 2021 Everett Crimson Tide Pop Warner A and C team cheerleaders. (Photo by Julie Mayo)

Special to the Leader Herald

With first and second place finishes at the New England Regionals November 6, the Everett Crimson Tide Pop Warner Cheerleaders earned a trip to the Nationals Competition in Florida in Decemeber.

The competition will be taking place from December 4 -11 at Universal Studios, with the Crimson Tide scheduled to compete December 8.

Now Everett Pop Warner is calling on Everett residents for help raising the funds needed to send the girls to Nationals.

There’s approximately 50 athletes attending and EPW is looking to help cover the cost of rooming while at the competition, which is about $650 per cheerleader. This does not include airfare, food, or other travel expenses. Program staff have said no donation is too small, and every dollar will help.Continue Reading

Everett Residents Should Get Booster Shots Ahead of Dangerous Spike

Dr. Fauci Predicts Uptick in Virus

By Josh Resnek

One to four cases of COVID-19 have been reported every day in Everett’s Public Schools since the school year began. This includes students and staff.

No schools, classes or grades have been shut in the EPS system in 2021.

The staff is mostly vaccinated.

The local population is largely vaccinated but with smaller, yet major percentages unvaccinated.

COVID-19 remains a part of the EPS program and of every public school system program even at this late date.

Defending against a return of COVID-19 is part of the daily routine for schools everywhere throughout Massachusetts.

Mask requirements through the New Year across the state’s public schools remain in effect.

Many experts who study the COVID-19 virus are predicting a winter of our discontent about to hit us like a deadly collision.Continue Reading

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Thanksgiving Game 2021

Crimson Tide bounce back, topple St. John’s Shrewsbury, 44-14

Senior running back Jayden Clerveaux (featured) tallied two touchdowns and 136 rushing yards in the Thanksgiving win over St. John’s Shrewsbury. (File photo/Jim Mahoney)

Perillo Headlines “E” Club of Everett 50th Gala

The “E Club is celebrating its 50th year!!


The “E Club is celebrating its 50th year!! Our 50th Dinner will be held on Saturday, November 27th. We would like as many “E” Club Alumni and Members to attend as well as anyone that would like to be there to help us celebrate the students at Everett High School. We have given out $34,000 alone! Let’s keep the ball rolling Crimson Tide!

Paul Perillo will be our Main Speaker! Paul started his sports career at Everett High School in Baseball and later continued as Captain for Boston University. He covered sports for the Herald for 11 years before being offered a job with the Patriots; The job offers of a lifetime. He has now been with the Patriots as a writer and spokesperson on WEEI, for 21 years.Continue Reading


The Mayor’s Salary

Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s salary is an outrage.

The city council’s acceptance of his salary and its endorsement and approval is also an outrage.

The mayor makes more than the mayor of Boston and the mayor of Springfield and Worcester…and more than every mayor in the state of Massachusetts.

The mayor’s salary here is also OK’d by the city’s officious CFO Eric Demas.

It is believed Demas, the architect of the award winning city budget, is the architect of the $40,000 a year longevity payment to the mayor.

Demas and the budget creators have somehow managed to have the payment made to the mayor without making the record of it accessible to the public in the city budget.

Such a public accounting move in a Massachusetts municipality is truly award winning.

Nearly everyone inside city government and out understands the city charter intended the payment to be $2,500 each year for every term served by a mayor.

The mayor has received $160,000 in longevity payments during the past four years.

According to his cousin, Councilor Anthony DiPierro, nothing can be done to change this even if the council wanted to until four more years have passed.Continue Reading

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria is Massachusetts’ highest-paid mayor, but he faces blowback over his $40,000 ‘longevity bonus’

Some city officials say the annual payments are excessive, undeserved

By Andrea Estes and Jeremiah Manion Globe Staff
From the Front Page of The Boston Globe November 22nd

The mayor of Everett, a city with fewer than 50,000 residents, has become the highest-paid city leader in Massachusetts thanks to a controversial “longevity bonus” that one political rival denounced as “asinine” and the city clerk reported to the FBI as possibly illegal.

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria was paid $236,647 in 2020, which is more even than then-Mayor Martin J. Walsh earned for overseeing Boston, a city 15 times larger. DeMaria’s base pay of $185,000 was lower than Walsh’s $199,000 paycheck, but DeMaria’s $40,000 bonus and other perks pushed his total income significantly above Walsh’s.

Defenders of DeMaria, who was narrowly reelected to a fifth term earlier this month, say that he deserves a good salary, though his spokeswoman stressed that DeMaria got no special treatment. His annual bonus has been approved by both the city’s attorney and chief financial officer.

“The salary that Mayor Carlo DeMaria earns is the same salary that any mayor elected by the residents of Everett would earn,” said spokeswoman Deanna Deveney.

But several other city officials say DeMaria and his allies are manipulating the language of a vaguely worded city ordinance to collect $40,000 a year in bonuses when he should be getting only $10,000 every four years.Continue Reading

Fred Capone Statement


Many people have asked me to pursue a ballot recount and it was given serious consideration. 200 votes are not much of a difference in a final tally of nearly 7300 votes, however, it is an extremely unlikely number to make up in a recount process. After consultation with several election law attorneys and the elections division of the Secretary of State, I feel it would be irresponsible to ask the taxpayers to bear the expense of a recount process that will not yield the desired result.

That said, there were other issues and concerns that came to light regarding election day. Although a recount procedure will not address these matters, in furtherance of our campaign for honest, transparent government I will share them with you.Continue Reading

The Season of Lights

Daigle Electrical contractors install the Christmas lights at Sweetser Circle. (Photos by Jim Mahoney