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Primary Day Expected to Produce Very Light Vote

By Josh Resnek

Tuesday’s primary election for the at-large race will produce a lighter than usual vote, according to city hall officials.

Without a mayoral election powering the primary, many voters will be inclined to stay away from the polls.

One city hall official predicted 2200 as the total citywide vote when all is said and done Tuesday.

“Anyone scoring 800 votes or near to that is a sure winner,” said Councilor Wayne Matewsky.

Matewsky predicted those with a vote total as low as 400 would make the cut-off in the at-large race.

The at-large race is a citywide vote.

The top ten out of eleven finishers will make the ballot for the November finale.

One of the eleven present candidates will be eliminated by the primary Tuesday.Continue Reading

Crimson Tide Lose Game and More in Football Opener

Everett’s Khouri Dottin (99) rallies his fellow players during a varsity match between Everett and Springfield Central at Veterans Memorial Stadium Friday September 6, 2019. (Photos by Joseph Prezioso)

By Lorenzo Recupero

Everett High School’s football season got started on a somber note, with junior Egan Gouveia being carted off via ambulance after sustaining an injury while colliding with a teammate in the games opening kickoff.

The Crimson Tide went on to play a lackluster game, losing 42-12 to Central High School in their first opening game loss in several years.

Even with one of Massachusetts’ top teams losing in surprising fashion, the focus throughout and after the contest was on Gouveia’s status.

“Our prayers our with Egan,” said Everett coach Theluxon Pierre to the Boston Globe following the game. “We got word that he’s doing OK, so that’s the most important thing tonight,” said Pierre, who stood beside his junior linebacker until ambulances were able to immobilize his back and neck and move him from the field.Continue Reading

Looking at the News

New Light Shed on Parlingate Library Controversy

By Josh Resnek

The Mayor, who has been quoted as saying he never saw a library he wanted to enter during four years at college, has come to take a commanding interest in the management, or mismanagement, of the city’s library system.

The system is utterly demoralized by the administrative changes ordered by the mayor that have been made in recent months, according to sources.

The facts of the matter have come to light about why Parlin Library officials stopped sending old city photographs and descriptions to the Leader Herald after we had been publishing the popular series for longer than a year.

In this dispute alone the seeds of the changes the library has undergone were planted.

It was the mayor’s doing entirely, the remaking of how the library system is run and the placement of a city lawyer without library experience or library training to run the system, according to sources who spoke with the Leader Herald.Continue Reading

Everett Football is Back!

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— Eye on Everett —

You think Fall River is bad… come over to Everett

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM
By Josh Resnek

Dear Andrew Lelling:

You’ve been having a lot of fun in Fall River lately.

I’m inviting you to Everett.

You and FBI Agent Elio need to take a close look at the obvious. Kickback Carlo DeMaria is in his tenth year of organized, obscene, uniquely disguised municipal theft and greed.

Everett isn’t Fall River.

The mayor won’t allow marijuana here.

He can’t trust himself to decline huge cash payments from marijuana businesses wanting to locate here.

But he brought a casino here.

That was worth something to him as he does not do things that fail to reward him personally.

“What’s in it for me,” is his mantra.

According to a law suit now winding through Federal Court in Boston, he received a sizeable kickback in return for delivering the land used for the casino and hotel site to Steve Wynn.

I’ve talked with a number of people with knowledge of the kickback, including one who says he can identify how Kickback Carlo was paid, exactly how much he got, and who aided him in executing the arrangement.Continue Reading


The Madison Street Tragedy

The death on Madison Street last week of two women trapped on the second floor of a raging inferno during a three alarm fire that consumed the multifamily structure should be a reminder to us all about how fragile our safety is in our homes.

This Madison Street structure was eaten alive by the fire in a matter of minutes.

Wooden homes especially, and multi-families in particular, can go up in flames in an instant, trapping residents inside with circumstances such that firefighters arriving minutes later cannot penetrate the flames, the severe heat and the thick smoke.

This is exactly what happened last week when Everett firefighters arriving on the scene made heroic efforts to gain entry to the second floor.

According to firefighters, the fire was bad enough but that the rooms and hallways crowded with furniture and clothes and piles of bric a brac made maneuvering inside an impossibility.Continue Reading

Fire Claims Lives of Two on Madison AveScreen Shot 2019-09-04 at 6.50.56 PM.png

By Josh Resnek

A fast spreading three alarm fire that engulfed a multi-family home on Madison Avenue Sunday night has claimed two lives.

Fire authorities say the fire may have started on the second floor, which is where two women who died had apparently been living.

Residents on the third floor interviewed by authorities said they heard an explosion that was followed swiftly by massive flames and thick smoke.

They told officials they felt lucky to escape and that it was a split second of time that was the difference between life and death for them.Continue Reading

Attorney Matthew Lattanzi On the Rise at City Hall

By Josh Resnek

First, the mayor appointed young Matt Lattanzi as the assistant city solicitor.

Then, he made Lattanzi the chief administrator at the Parlin Library, after the city council went along with his directive to restructure the library system.

Now, in quick succession, the mayor has appointed Lattanzi as a member of his executive senior staff, according to a release issued by the mayor’s office last week.

What exact role he will play as a senior executive staff member remains to be seen but he is a step again closer to the mayor.

Lattanzi receives $81,000 a year for wearing all those hats.

Lattanzi’s rise with the mayor comes at a time when the mayor is mulling making some changes with his senior staff.Continue Reading

Encore Serves Another Successful Round of Boxing at Casino

image1 (5).jpeg
Brockton’s Brian Urday (white trunks) lands a hard right to the head of Greg Bono at Encore’s boxing showcase August 23, 2019. (Photos by Anna Jeleniewska)

By Lorenzo Recupero

Encore’s second round of boxing was a knockout success from start to finish.

Murphys Boxing, the promotional team putting together the showcase, yet again drew a sold out crowd in Encore’s Picasso Ballroom, the casino’s largest, and kept them enthralled throughout.

Encore’s spectacularly lit ballroom coupled with Murphys Boxing’s fight night set up makes it easy to imagine you’re watching boxing from a seat in Vegas, with Bruins singer Todd Angilly performing the national anthem included, of course.

And what a night of boxing it was at Encore Boston Harbor Friday.

Of the eight matches put on the canvas, six of them ended with a knockout punch to the head or body.Continue Reading