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Crimson Tide ousted – again – by Central Catholic, Referees

Christian Machado (47) bows his head in the end zone following Everett’s MIAA Division 1 North Semifinals loss to Central Catholic. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso)


By Lorenzo Recupero

Over the last five years, no one has beaten Everett more than the Central Catholic Raiders.

In Saturday’s MIAA Division 1 North Semifinals, C-C made sure it remained that way, topping the Tide, 39-37, in overtime.

Since winning back-to-back titles in 2016 & 2017, C-C has been the largest thorn in Everett’s side, keeping them from a shot at a three-peat while knocking them out the playoffs the last two years in a row.

In those two Everett-ousting wins by C-C (8-1), three and two points were the margin of victory.

Last year’s difference was a last-second field goal and this time around a 2-point conversion rush in overtime.

The back-and-forth slugfest between the two division 1 powerhouses Saturday at Lawrence was the thriller all knew it would be, featuring several lead changes, big-time plays, and even a little dusting of referee decisions that some in attendance would say altered the outcome of the game including a second half snafu that gifted C-C an extra down that eventually lead to a tie-breaking touchdown.Continue Reading

Exelon Generation Donates Robotics Kits to EHS

Generous Gift Greatly Expands Opportunities for Science Students

Executives from Exelon Generation joined students and educators inside an Everett High classroom on Thursday morning to celebrate a generous gift that enhances and expands student access to cutting-edge technology.

The donation comes in the form of eight robotics kits, totaling $12,800. The purchase greatly improves the ratio of kits-to-students and will facilitate better student learning and experience in robotics and engineering classes.

“These robotics kits will allow our students to go from groups of five to groups of two for their projects,” said math and engineering teacher Anna Seiders. “This will have a profound impact on their learning experiences. We cannot thank Exelon Generation enough for their continued support.”

Her students agree wholeheartedly.Continue Reading

Encore reports $41.7 million loss at Everett Casino

By Josh Resnek

Encore officials told their investors last week that the new operation in Everett lost $41.7 million during the first quarter of operation this year.

Neither officials nor investors were apparently too disappointed about the announcement as it was mostly expected.

Encore officials have conceded that it could take as long as three years to maximize income and profits and to pay down the $2.6 billion that was spent building out the casino and hotel.

Despite the reported loss, the Encore Boston Harbor remains by a wide margin the most successful casino and hotel in the region by a wide mark.

Total income from gaming was about $140 million during the first quarter ending on September 30.

The annualized income from gaming will likely total about $600 million this year, according to company officials and industry analysts. That would be about $200 million or more off projections originally set for about $800 million before the doors opened late in June.Continue Reading

Postseason Football is Back!

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— Eye on Everett —

City Hall Shakeup

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM
By Josh Resnek

The talk of the city is the outcome of last week’s municipal election.

If you are the mayor, you can think of nothing else even though he tells the yes men surrounding him that the election didn’t mean anything.

The election meant everything.

The results are mind numbing.

For the mayor, they are, frankly, incomprehensible, a disaster of the first order.

It is as if everyone he told to vote his way voted another way and the outcome was like handwriting on the wall – and this isn’t just me writing hyperbole – it is Everett voters understanding exactly what they did.

No one likes being told by the mayor who to vote for because they work for the city.

City employees showed their independence of him voting for their hearts rather than letting him pull their strings.

For the likes of his cousin Councilor Anthony DiPierro and his paid lackey and comrade in arms Gerry Navarro, last week’s outcomes across the board went against the mayor.

Navarro once told me recently the mayor could never be beaten. “He’ll be the mayor forever,” he said to me.

“That’s a bad bet, Gerry, following the outcome of this election,” I’d tell him.

“He’s not going to be the mayor forever and this election proved it.”

Let’s start at the top of the list of those the mayor supported who all lost and work downward.Continue Reading

Who is the ticket topper? Gerly or Matewsky?

By Josh Resnek

The city’s Election Commission is awaiting final determinations about ten votes from the Registry of Motor Vehicles to determine who topped the ticket in the councilor at large race.

Although Councilor at Large elect Gerly Adrien topped the voting in unofficial returns released by the Election Commission on Election night – she scored two more votes than Councilor at Large Wayne Matewsky – as provisional votes were approved in the aftermath, the two became locked in a top the ticket battle.

As of Wednesday morning, Adrien and Matewsky were tied at 1973 votes each, quite an unbelievable coincidence of votes for the two at- large councilors.Continue Reading


Superintendent choice about exclusion, Discrimination

Someone needs to stand up and to be heard before a vote is taken on who the next superintendent of schools is going to be.

School Committee Chair Thomas Abruzzese has all but disqualified himself with his recent rant and rave to the other 14 members of the search committee, a stern, angry warning to all those who don’t think like him to begin doing as he says or to resign.

At Wednesday evening’s meeting of the superintendent choice committee, four finalists we know of will be introduced to the public at the end of the committee’s executive session by Abruzzese. There will be apparently one fellow from Holyoke, a receiver, two applicants from Chelsea’s public schools, who were passed over for the Chelsea position, and a third fellow from Cambridge.

Abruzzese has hijacked the proceedings with his handpicked committee, which includes among others, his daughter-in-law.Continue Reading

Gridiron Flashback

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 9.52.57 PM.png
This week’s Gridiron Flashback bounces us back in time to the 1990-91’ season, when John Saga- rino (featured above) posted 28 total points to lead the Crimson Tide to their first ever EMass title in a 72-65 win over Catholic Memorial.

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Adrien tops at-large, McLaughlin hammers Lattanzi, Martins beats Marcus, Tri Le buries mayor’s write-in, Capone scores biggest vote Unopposed

(Photo by Joseph Prezioso)

Del Isola dumped from at-large, Murray defeats Ela for School Committee, Cardello tops school committee at-large, Sarnie and Lambert win at-large school Seats

By Josh Resnek

Gerly Adrien scored a stunning victory, topping the ticket in the at-large race becoming the first woman of color and ethnicity to serve on the city council.

Adrien, who is Haitian, ran a highly organized disciplined campaign and was aided by professional organizers and a cabal of Everett supporters.

Her election and topping of the ticket is an eye-raiser for the mayor.

Another eye raiser – a certain sign of a changing political landscape – is the drubbing Councilor Mike McLaughlin gave to the mayor’s friend and closest supporter, businessman Al Lattanzi.

The mayor invested heavy political capital in Lattanzi’s race, which seemed headed for a victory except for McLaughlin’s dogged grass roots campaigning from door to door.

The mayor’s help in this instance was thoroughly rejected by voters with Lattanzi’s drubbing.Continue Reading