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By Josh Resnek

Signage on Everett City Hall. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

The city council appropriated $500,000 last week for lawyer’s fees already generated by the law firm Greenberg Traurig to defend the city against a racism investigation announced five months ago by the US Attorney’s office that is ongoing.

Greenberg Traurig is the same law firm representing the mayor for the past several years.

Assistant City Solicitor Keith Slattery and the city’s outside counsel, Greenberg Traurig Attorney Linda Ricci, both appeared before the city council to inform the city of the outstanding bill that needed to be paid, with the admonition that another bill can be expected and soon.

“The investigation is very broad in scope. It goes back five years. It covers the whole city of Everett. The stakes are

very high. This is a very significant investigation,” Ricci told the council.

She said no law suit had yet been filed. She said her primary role in defending the city in this government investigation is to avoid a civil lawsuit being filed.

“Everyone – the mayor, the city council, everyone is part of this investigation,” she said.Continue Reading

School Committee votes to discuss extension of superintendent’s contract

Four members continue their anti-Tahiliani stance

By Josh Resnek

The School Committee membership decided Monday night to notify as to whether or not they will be inclined to discuss the possibility of a contract extension for Superintendent Priya Tahiliani by December 1st as required by her contract.

The vote was 6-4, and frankly, came as a bit of a surprise.

The wording for the measure is taken from the November 21 School Committee agenda: That the Everett School Committee notify the Superintendent of Schools in writing no later than December 1, 2022, whether or not it wishes to commence negotiations for a successor agreement.

School Committee member Millie Cardello voted for the measure, an unusual move for the senior committeewoman who has shown a propensity to vote as the mayor votes.

The mayor voted against the measure, as did committeemen Jason Marcus, Joe LaMonica and Mike McLaughlin.

The mayor is opposed to Tahiliani and has been for quite some time.

It is no wonder.

Tahiliani filed a complaint against him to the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination claiming racism and sexist behavior.Continue Reading

Electricity price soars as Eversource seeks 43% price hike for Mass users

Leader Herald Staff

First came National Grid’s 63% price rise now in effect that was announced on November 1.

Now comes Eversource, the Everett electric giant supplier who has just asked for a 43% price rise.

In the latest indication of how expensive energy is going to be this winter, the utility Eversource is seeking a 43% increase in the cost of electricity for its customers in eastern Massachusetts. For customers in western Massachusetts, it’s a 42% increase. In filings this week with the Department of Public Utilities, the company proposed changing the basic supply rate — the raw cost of the electricity you use — for customers in both of its territories, according to a WBUR report.

Ratepayers in eastern Massachusetts would see their electricity costs rise from about 18 cents per kilowatt hour to 26 cents per kilowatt hour, while those in the western part of the state would see the rate change from 15 cents per kilowatt-hour to 22 cents per kilowatt-hour.Continue Reading

Looking at the Federal Investigation

City could face a world of hurt; Legal fees could total $millions

By Josh Resnek

For five months, there had been only silence coming from the top echelons of city hall about the Federal Investigation into racism and discrimination in Everett that had been announced last June by US Attorney Rachael Rollins.

US Attorney Rachel Rollins As is typical of such investigations, the US Attorney’s office does not comment on ongoing investigations and had not commented on the Everett investigation.

The institutional belief that this was just another smokescreen for an investigation that would yield nothing became a prominent feature of idle talk among city hall denizens over the months.

Then came the sudden Monday night appearance at the city council meeting of Assistant City Solicitor Keith Slattery and the city’s counsel, Attorney Linda Ricci of Greenberg Traurig seeking the payment of a $500,000 legal bill that had been run up since the day after the Federal investigation had been announced last June.

This came as a total surprise to the unwitting city council.

So too did the likelihood of another $500,000 invoice to be paid coming on the heels of this first invoice for the same amount.

Bottom line, the city is facing well over $1 million in legal fees to defend itself against allegations of racism and discrimination – and the case has not really begun in its fullest iteration.Continue Reading

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Casino Expansion Includes Dedicated Card Room Space

By Leader Herald Staff

Encore Boston Harbor casino. (Photo by Jim Mahoney)

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission announced last week it is carefully discussing whether or not to allow the planned expansion of table gambling from the Encore site on the former Monsanto property

to a site across the street on property not part of the footprint where gaming is allowed by right.

Some months back, Encore announced it was going to build an entertainment venue with thousands of seats and a parking garage.

The MGC learned Encore is hoping to have a dedicated gambling area at that new site.

The caveat – the new site is not approved for gaming.

Only the former Monsanto site is approved for gaming. As part of the original deal that brought Wynn Corporation to Everett in 2013.

The question is, can gaming be allowed across the street at the new entertainment facility?

According to the MGC, that is exactly the question being looked into by commissioners and by MGC lawyers.

Such a question is not expected to excite much negativity on the part of the MGC.

The MGC tends to be a flag waver for whatever Encore wants to do.Continue Reading

— Eye on Everett —


Private Conversations between the mayor’s favorite blue suit and Josh Resnek, Leader Herald Editor.


Let’s face it, I don’t anyone, no one, who talks to a blue cloth suit. May I ask you, the reader: Do you know of anyone living or dead who talked with a blue cloth suit?

The author of this column, me, Josh Resnek, editor of the Leader Herald, claims the Blue Suit and I share a close relationship, much like best friends or comrades in arms or brothers and alter egos. The Blue Suit because of his very close relationship with the mayor, allegedly tells me many things about the mayor. The Blue Suit insists everything he tells me is true in the weekly column. Such an affirmative assertion of the truth from a cloth suit is as fantastic as me writing about the resurrection of a human being after they had died and then writing about speaking at length with the resurrected party.

The Blue Suit does not like when I talk about the possibility he is not real. The Blue Suit and I have shared many discussions – and some of them difficult – about his paternity – and who his mother and father were, where they came from, what launderette they were cleaned at and where the Blue Suit grew up and on and on.

Suffice to say, the mayor’s Blue Suit and I know one another very well. We discuss matters great and small about Everett’s politics and the mayor’s manifest city hall machinations as if such a thing were possible.

My claims are the same with each Blue Suit column.

We speak with one another.

We eat with one another.

We laugh together.

We argue.

We endlessly speculate about our favorite topic – the mayor.Continue Reading

EHS Turkey Bowl Empty

In a football town such as Everett, Thanksgiving Day football is about as desirable as the turkey being served in many households across the nation on the holiday.

This season, Everett football fans and Everett High players and coaches will have to go without the main course and all its fixings as the team could not find an opponent in time for Thanksgiving Day.

Although lamenting the lack of football on the much anticipated fall holiday, Everett Coach Robert DiLoreto has some plans to celebrate the team and all their success this season.

“It is a very empty feel- ing for our team, coaches and players to not have a game on Thanksgiving this year because Thanksgiving morning is all about high school football in Massachusetts. We hope to find a new and long lasting rivalry starting next season,” said DiLoreto.Continue Reading

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I Was Jonesing For A Delicious Treat Not Too Heavy But Just Right

By Josh Resnek

As many of our readers have come to understand, my eating habits can be considered peculiar. But they are not.

What I am devoted to in my eating existence these days is to eat only what I want, when I want it, in smaller servings made fresh every time.

There is one other caveat to my eating habits.

I only want to eat dishes that taste delicious.

I don’t need a large serving of anything.

I prefer smaller servings of something delicious.

OK, now that that is out of the way, let me describe what I ate for lunch Tuesday afternoon.

I went to Whole Foods and got 6 slices of Parma prosciutto sliced thinly.

I suppose there is better – and most likely to be bought either in Italy or a fine butchery in France.

Then I bought a container of fresh mozzarella and a small container with perfectly tasting ripe cherry tomatoes.

In the bread aisle I searched for just the right bread as I was jonesing for a small sandwich.Continue Reading

Offering Alternate Relief, Boston Reiki Clinic Open To Public

By Lorenzo Recupero

Contreras offering a patient Reiki therapy at Boston Reiki Clinic on Wolcott Street.

By the time we are adults, whether it be to tend to a muscle ache or otherwise, most of us have experienced a professional massage.

It works the inner linings of our achy muscles, following the natural flow of each strand, easing them back closer to normal with each stroke from the therapist.

Massage therapy pinpoints a troubled location in our bodies to help improve our overall relaxation, blood flow, and energy while easing a physical pain.

Now what if, for those aching in other ways, beyond a back spasm or creaky joint, there was a way to massage our essence, or life force, as a means to feel better by natural healing power, would you try it?

For those that answered yes or at least felt the query piqued some Interest, Boston Reiki Clinic is at your service.

The first of its kind Reiki therapy clinic in our area, owned and run by certified Reiki practitioner and Everett resident Sandra Contreras, is open to cater to those in need of a different kind of “cleansing”.Continue Reading


A Blatant Example of Racism and Discrimination

The efforts by the administration and its mouthpieces on the School Committee to deny Superintendent of Schools Priya Tahiliani an extension of her contract reeks of racism and discrimination.

At a time when the city has just had to ante up $500,000 for legal fees regarding the US Attorney’s investigation into racism and discrimination in Everett for the past five years, it seems so out of the orbit of good government to be playing games with the superintendent’s contract extension.

A vote taken at Monday evening’s School Committee to allow a discussion about the possible extension does little to change the deal.

Does anyone in government, or at least the four members of the School Committee who voted against the Monday measure feel that maybe, just maybe, the US Attorney’s office is watching such shenanigans?

We don’t think so.

Yet it is impossible to properly convey the feeling that the administration’s anti-Tahiliani stance is part and parcel of the racist tendencies of this administration and of its followers on the School Committee.Continue Reading

Everett Panthers Fall To Springfield At Regional Championship

In a battle of the top two American Youth Football 14U teams from New England, the Springfield Tigers topped the Everett Panthers, 34-0.

The Panthers end the year AYF 14U Massachusetts State Champions. (Photos by Alicen Encarnacao)