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Missing The Mayor

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.04 PM
By Josh Resnek

For the Larger part of the past two work weeks, the mayor has been missing in action in his corner office at city hall.

The mayor’s parking space in front of city hall is perfectly, exquisitely empty nearly all day every day.

We understand the mayor has been ducking phone calls and meetings.

Not wanting to be at his desk at city hall is explainable.

Who wants to work in August when you can be swimming in your gorgeous backyard pool behind his mansion?

Let’s face it, not much gets done during August.

But he’s the mayor.

He got elected to work just like we do.

Many people, including his supporters, expect him to be there or at least to be doing something, anything.

“He has no work ethic. Where is he?” said one of the mayor’s close supporters recently.

“I’m up early and working hard everyday? Why isn’t he?” his friend said as a matter of fact.

What does the mayor do when he is not at his desk in city hall during the summer months?

Is he watching the Red Sox? Doubt it.Continue Reading


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Pension Tensions

City Pension Fund Woefully Underfunded; Among Worst in State

By Josh Resnek

Everett has one of the most underfunded pension funds in the state, this, according to the 2017 yearly report of the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission.

Everett’s pension position is the bottom 11 worst in the state among the cities and towns.

Everett’s pension funding is at 49% of what it ought to be, PERAC reported.

The city’s unfunded liability – what it owes to the pension fund for public employees in Everett, stands at $117.3 million.

In 2018, the city will have paid into the pension account about $14.9 million.

The Everett Pension Board headed by William Pierce distributed $12.6 million in pension benefits in 2018.Continue Reading

Wynn Resorts Working Hard to Restore Company Image

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 2.39.45 PM.png

By Josh Resnek 

As the summer winds down and is rapidly coming to its inevitable end, Wynn Resorts is on the hustle to revamp its public persona and image.

It is a must do exercise for the world’s leading brand in casino/hotel development and management.


Investigations by government gaming commissions into Wynn’s difficulties in Boston that could be extreme and costly have spread to Las Vegas and to Macau. At the same time all the image changing is going on, the investigations are coming to their end.

In Boston, Las Vegas and Macau, where Wynn owns and manages some of the world’s major resorts, investigative reports and conclusions will be released before the end of the summer, according to gaming officials here in Massachusetts, Nevada and in Macau.

This could have a dramatic effect on Wynn Resorts, either way locally and in the broader view of the situation, internationally.Continue Reading

Crimson Tide Ready to Chart A New Course

By Lorenzo Recupero

How often does the departure of one man require three others to take his place? Chances are not too often. But that’s exactly what Everett High’s needed to do.

A brief scan across the Everett High School sports landscape will reveal a lot of change has taken place on the administrative side of things. A clear result of the departure of local legend John DiBiaso, who spent over two and a half decades with the school.

The wildly successful tenure of DiBiaso spanned across the EHS sports scene.

He was both the head coach of varsity football and basketball, while also guiding the school as athletic director. During his time at the helm, EHS football picked up over a dozen state championships and the basketball team became a fixture in the playoff bracket.

It will take a lot of sustained greatness to reach the heights DiBiaso took EHS sports, and going forward it will take a few others to help keep it going.Continue Reading


Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 4.38.45 PM

The City of Everett has unveiled this first-ever bus stop flower bomb in the country. The flower bomb is the newest addition of the first-ever level boarding platform in Massachusetts.Continue Reading

EPS Employees Aren’t Census Takers



We agree completely with Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire and the School Department attorneys Murphy, Lamere, & Murphy that the public school employees cannot be used to collect census records and that private student records cannot be scrutinized for census purposes.Continue Reading

MGM Prepares to Roll the Dice

Gaming In Massachusetts

By Colin a. young

MGM Springfield, the state’s first resort casino, has been humming with activity in recent days as employees complete dry runs of gaming and entertainment operations ahead of the planned grand opening on Aug. 24.

Michael Mathis, president and chief operating officer of MGM Spring eld, said his team is on the one-yard line and has been running through “test scenarios” this week to prepare for its public launch on Aug. 24. MGM Spring eld will be the first resort casino to open under the state’s 2011 expanded gaming law.

“At this point, we’re ready to open, we’re just trying to fine- tune it and get folks in their full roles,” Mathis told reporters Tuesday. “I can’t wait for the public to see the property and our employees on August 24th.”

Gaming Commission Executive Director Edward Bedrosian said the state will have regulators at MGM Spring eld on Tuesday afternoon to observe a test run of gaming operations and will conduct formal evaluations of MGM’s gaming floor operations before the opening.Continue Reading



Susan Pipitone-Braley, Everett’s First and Only Female Firefighter

By Lorenzo Recupero

Everett’s first and only female firefighter, Susan E. Pipitone- Braley (below), passed away on August 1, 2018, succumbing to cancer nearly a year after her battle with the disease had begun. FF2

She served Everett residents for 25 years — on active duty until the day she died –in both fire prevention, which covers code enforcement and fire investigations amongst other things, and her last 12 years on the force as the driver/engineer of Engine 1.

During her time as engineer of Engine 1, Pipitone-Braley teamed with Fire Chief Anthony Carli, an 18 year veteran of the force who recalled his time working by her side.Continue Reading

Women’s Volleyball League Plans Registration Event

The Everett Women’s Volleyball League, one of the longest running sports leagues in the history of Everett, will have registration for the upcoming 2018-2019 season, on Wednesday evening, September 5,2018 from 6:30PM to 8:00PM in the Children’s Room at the Parlin Memorial Library, 410 Broadway.

Team players must be at least 18 years old. There will be a non-refundable $40.00 registration fee and $7.00 weekly dues. Sign-ups will not be accepted without the non-refundable fee.Continue Reading

Mayor’s Healthy Eating Initiative Welcomes Fresh Food Truck

To continue the momentum of the citywide healthy eating initiative, started by the mayor’s administration, on Monday, July 30th the City welcomed a fresh food truck to the community.FT1

The addition of the Fresh Truck is another example of how the Mayor has remained committed to bringing more health and wellness opportunities to the people of Everett.

Opportunities that include the healthy meals program, “Kids in the Kitchen” Workshop, nutrition consultation, tness challenges with segments of healthy eating, and an upgraded healthy meals program for senior citizens.

The mayor stated, “I am pleased to hear about the continued growth of the healthy eating initiative. This program is extremely important to me as it offers residents with options to improve their health.”Continue Reading

Summer Getaways

The famous Motiff # 1 has been the subject of many tourist photos from Rockport, MA.

By Lorenzo Recupero

We New Englanders are spoiled. We have the luxury of taking a less than 4-hour ride in any direction to almost any of the beautifully historic towns and cities in our area that seemingly take you back in time.

And, though, I’m a bit hesitant to share the location of some of these most quaint, charming, and revitalizing stops through the region – with the hope that they may remain their tucked away, not overly populated, picturesque selves – I’ll divulge this info so that you might enjoy these day trips away from home as much as I have.

So, listed by order of nearest distance, here are five regional destinations for your next summer road trip.Continue Reading

Keith Ablow, MD, Selected as Chairman of the Classics of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Library by Gryphon Editions

Ablow Final-1-4. V2jpg (2)Keith Ablow, MD, New York Times and USA Today bestselling self-help author, has announced that readers can now pre-order signed, leather-bound, limited edition copies of his work To Wrestle with Demons, selected as the lead title of the Classics of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Library, published by Gryphon Corporation.

Dr. Keith Ablow was also selected by Gryphon Corporation as Chairman of their series of classic volumes by the world’s leading psychologists and psychiatrists.

Dr. Ablow was the host of the nationally-syndicated Dr. Keith Ablow Show, has appeared hundreds of times on Oprah, the Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Fox and Friends and Inside Edition and is a national leader on new treatments for depression, anxiety disorders, addiction, Lyme Disease and attention deficit disorder.Continue Reading

All Aboard

First water shuttle in Everett’s history coming to life at Casino

Wynn Ferry

By Josh Resnek

The initiation of a ferry service between several locations along the waterfront in Boston, across the Mystic River and ending at the casino in Everett, marks a major event in the evolution of the Mystic River waterway.

Wynn Resorts LTD has tapped a Charlestown boat builder to construct three water shuttles, sleek but sturdy ferries to move casino goers and anyone else who wishes to explore the distance between the Boston waterfront and Everett once the casino is up and running.

This is historic in every way.

This will allow tourists from all over the nation to take advantage of the near $100 million of improvements made by Wynn Resorts to the environment in and around the casino/hotel and especially to the shorefront where the project is situated.Continue Reading

Morris Street Fire

Hero On the Mend

Everett Firefighter Scott Dalrymple Hospitalized at MGH For 6-8 Weeks

Coming Back From Second and Third Degree Burns From Morris Street Fire

By Josh Resnek

From his hospital bed on the 14th floor in the Ellison Building at the Massachusetts General Hospital Everett firefighter Scott Dalrymple said there is still some pain from the burns he suffered.

Firefighter (1)
Everett firefighter Scott Dalrymple is shown having his blood pressure taken by nurse Mary Sarton at the MGH burn unit Monday afternoon where he is revering from severe burns suffered while fighting the fire at Morris Street on July 13.

“But I am going to be OK. Six to eight weeks and I’m out of here,” he added optimistically.

Dalrymple suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns mostly to his hands, his head and his arms attempting to rush up the stairs of the burning home on Morris Street on July 13.

“One minute I was ok and doing my job. The next minute I was burning hot and rushing down the stairs and into the street,” he recalled.

“One minute I was OK. The next minute I almost died,” he said, his eyes welling with tears.

“It happened instantly,” he said.Continue Reading

Chief: Blaze Showed the Strength of the EFD

By Josh Resnek 

The fire on Morris Street that landed two Everett firefighters in the hospital and accomplished the rescue from the burning home of one of its residents trapped on the roof, was not just another day, according to Fire Chief Anthony Carli.

He said the professionalism and knowing what to do evidenced at the scene indicated that each company responding to a fire knows what to do.

“Our men got into rescue mode the moment they arrived on Morris Street,” Carli said. “Normal conditions in a fire can be measured by the level of fire in the basement. Usually, you can get up to the second floor. We always try to go through the front door,” he added.


Two firefighters in full protective gear smashed through the front door shortly after arriving on the scene.

They started up the front stairs, found the fire too intense and then – bang – an explosion sent them running down the stairs and then tumbling out of the building.

Their gear was burning.

They were sprayed with water and then removed to the hospital.Continue Reading

Fire About Irony And Danger; House Was For Sale

By Josh Resnek

The legal three-family home that burned on Morris Street Friday morning was for sale when firefighters arrived on the scene.

What was a valuable three family home selling for $750,000 has been reduced to a charred wreck.

The two firefighters injured when they ran into the burning home are recovering.

Everett firefighter Scott Dalrymple remains in the hospital with burns that will require surgical attention.

Josh Doyon, who ran into the home with Dalrymple has been released from the hospital.Continue Reading