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The mayor of Everett (above) is paid more than his counterpart in Boston.

Mayor’s Salary Ranked with Highest in the United States

By Josh Resnek

A report published in this week’s Boston Business Journal reveals that the mayor of Everett’s salary is among the highest in the nation for a small city mayor.

The mayor of Everett makes more in salary than Boston Mayor Martin Walsh.

Walsh gets about $175,000.Continue Reading

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Everett Football is Back

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The $2.5 Million Question

Do Schools Get Money or Does Mayor Spend It?

By Josh Resnek

The $2.5 million of state funding secured by Senator Sal DiDomenico in July and scheduled to be distributed to the public schools to hire back laid off teachers and to improve the size of overcrowded classrooms, may not be distributed to the EPS.

A number of city hall sources, including  a prominent councilor, told the Leader Herald last week the $2.5 million was likely to remain in the city’s general fund account at the mayor’s request.

“The schools are not going to get this money,” the mayor said, according to the source. “He said the schools had gotten enough, including the $6 million it got recently to make up a shortfall.”Continue Reading

— Eye on Everett —

The View From Outside Everett

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By Josh Resnek

Forbe’s Magazine writer Walter Pavlo wrote a scathing piece on the evolving casino/hotel mess down the street.

He wrote about salvaging the mess since the resignation of Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chair Steve Crosby has sent the whole investigative process into a nosedive.

He asked this question in his last posting on the magazine’s widely read Internet site: “The restart button needs to be hit. If you think things are bad now, just wait,” Pavlo wrote in Forbes.

Then he asked this question: “Everett, the host city for the casino, is grappling for funding for its schools despite receiving nearly $20 million from Wynn Resorts. Who’s looking into that?”

The Leader Herald is looking into this. We have been on it for quite some time.Continue Reading

Mayor to Use School Funds to Lower Taxes

Leader Herald Staff Report 

The mayor announced Tuesday that he will not be transferring the $2.5 million the state intended for the public schools into the school account.

“The $2.5 million will remain in the general account and be used to lower taxes,” he said, according to his spokesperson, Tom Philbin.

Senator Sal DiDomenico, who was able to raise the money in the state’s supplemental budget for Everett, said he was very disappointed with the mayor’s decision.

“The purpose of this additional Chapter 70 funding was to be used for our public schools. I have been advocating for more resources for our schools since the state formula was adjusted, and we have been successful. By definition Chapter 70 money is funding for our public schools and that was the expectation when these funds were secured.”Continue Reading

Encore’s Tocco Headlines Meeting Without Headlines

Encore executive John Tocco shown speaking to cut council Tuesday evening.

By Josh Resnek

Encore’s John Tocco delivered another tour de force performance before an absolutely empty council chamber during several hours of seemingly endless debate and comment on matters about sanitary sewers and storm drains to asking the police to rid the city of the bad element hanging out in the Walgreen’s parking lot.Continue Reading

Crosby’s Resignation Magnifies Uncertainties Facing Wynn Resorts, City of Everett

Massachusetts Gaming Commission Chairman Steve Crosby resigned last week, the latest in the ongoing saga of the Wynn/Encore property in Everett.

By Josh Resnek

The resignation last week of Gaming Commission Chairman Steven Crosby continues to reverberate here, especially, and around the state.

His resignation signals the uncertainty facing Everett, Wynn Resorts and everyone involved in building the monster along the Mystic which is now heading toward completion – although hundreds of millions remain to be spent to reach that point on June 19, the proposed opening day.

Crosby’s sudden and unexpected resignation is more than it seems, and is certainly that for him – but he’s not telling us why he quit.

Why did he quit?

How does his departure change anything about to happen?Continue Reading


Leader Herald Staff Report

Last week we reported the dive Wynn Resorts stock has taken since the Everett project got underway.

The big fall came when Steven Wynn resigned and was forced to sell his interest in the company.

It went down about 30 points but then came back a bit.

The recent fall turns out a good thing for him. He got about $2.1 billion for his stock when he sold it in June.

As of Tuesday, Wynn stock had fallen to $119.00, down from the near to high Wynn sold it at about $170.

In fact, when the market opened Tuesday, Wynn stock opened with it at $115.00.Continue Reading


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The City of Everett has unveiled this first-ever bus stop flower bomb in the country. The flower bomb is the newest addition of the first-ever level boarding platform in Massachusetts.Continue Reading

Everett and the Silver Line a Step in the Right Direction

Silver Line`1.jpg
(Photo By Lorenzo Recupero)

By Carlos Lopez
Special to the Leader Herald

The recent development of the Silver Line (SL-3) running through Chelsea has paved the way for Everett to possibly become the next city directly interconnected with the center of Boston.

The SL-3, the newest addition to public transportation in Chelsea, opens up traffic to a different section of Boston, and with it also comes the potential of connecting local residents to entirely different job markets and social experiences.

The Silver Line not only improves transportation within Chelsea, but allows speedy trips to Logan Airport and a connection to the Red Line for anyone in the immediate area.Continue Reading

All Aboard

First water shuttle in Everett’s history coming to life at Casino

Wynn Ferry

By Josh Resnek

The initiation of a ferry service between several locations along the waterfront in Boston, across the Mystic River and ending at the casino in Everett, marks a major event in the evolution of the Mystic River waterway.

Wynn Resorts LTD has tapped a Charlestown boat builder to construct three water shuttles, sleek but sturdy ferries to move casino goers and anyone else who wishes to explore the distance between the Boston waterfront and Everett once the casino is up and running.

This is historic in every way.

This will allow tourists from all over the nation to take advantage of the near $100 million of improvements made by Wynn Resorts to the environment in and around the casino/hotel and especially to the shorefront where the project is situated.Continue Reading