Tragedy on Broadway

Two Dead, Two Injured

By Joshua Resnek

A speeding pickup truck heading north on Broadway carrying three people last Wednesday morning swerved and then fishtailed out of control, slamming into a City of Everett trash truck killing two occupants of the pick-up truck and sending a city employee to the hospital.

According to Everett Police Lt. Frank Hoenig, the victims in the fatal crash are Felicita Malave, age 41 of Chelsea and Ismael Malave, age 71 of Everett.

The occupant of the city owned trash truck is Paul Blauvert, age 39 of Everett.

He was treated and released at the hospital.

The driver of the white pick up truck is Edgar Rolando Pivaral Marroquin, age 39. He is the husband of the deceased female and remains hospitalized.

This case remains an open investigation by the Everett Police Department. The Malaves passengers in the white pick up truck, and are father and daughter.

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