Congressman Capuano Challenged by Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley

Leader Herald Staff

Everett’s longtime Congressman Michael Capuano is being challenged in the upcoming Democratic primary in September by Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley.

Capuano has served this district for almost 20 years.
Pressley announced her candidacy Tuesday.

Capuano, from Somerville, is one of the most liberal voices in the Congress. He has held the seat – the 7th Congressional District – since 1998.

Capuano is white. Pressley is black.

She is also a liberal.

She told her supporters she has a new approach – as though Capuano is the old approach that needs to be redone.

For his part, Capuano said he was ready for a contest, that he has the fight inside to campaign and that he still enjoys being in the Congress for all its faults.

He has been elected 10 times.

This would be his 11th effort versus Pressley’s first.

Pressley lives in Dorchester but was brought up in Chicago.

She faces a strong battle from Capuano.

Also, Capuano has $760,000 in his campaign account.

Pressley is now going out to raise money.

These are two candidates who both hate President Donald Trump.

The Democratic Primary will be held on September 4.

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