EDITORIALS: January 25

DiBiaso Moves On

Just six weeks ago Everett’s legendary winningest coaching prodigy John DiBiaso announced his retirement after almost 39 years in the Everett Public School system.

His retirement produced lamentations from nearly everyone who realized what a tremendous loss for the city his retirement from our programs would be.

Now comes the news last week that DiBiaso’s retirement is to be short lived. He announced he will be coaching for Catholic Memorial High School next year in a stunning move that sent a shock wave throughout the sporting community here and throughout the high school sporting world in Massachusetts.

DiBiaso was introduced by Catholic Memorial officials as coach, as well as associate athletic director.

No matter what he does or where he goes in the future, DiBiaso remains a treasured and unforgettable member of this city’s success club – that is – he performed as no one else might ever perform again for this city in the roles he so faithfully served.

Everett football will go on without him.

In fact, the way he built the football system, the system will survive without him and for the next few years, Crimson Tide football should remain a powerhouse and a winner.

DiBiaso’s loyalty to his friends and colleagues in this city is not to be questioned – not after three decades of service to the City of Everett and its student athletes, and their parents.

What must be done again, and with grace and good feeling, is to extend to him another round of thanks for a job well done, for a job so well done that it is really something beyond compare.

We also feel the need and the responsibility to remind our readers and all those Everett parents and residents and the young men he has coached over the decades, who know DiBiaso, and who love him for what he has done, that we send him off with our good wishes.

We wish for DiBiaso’s next challenge to be like the success he knew here, and for exactly the kind of leadership he brought to Everett to be replicated at Catholic Memorial High School.

He will do this, because he is a stand-up guy, a coaching genius, a loyal friend and son of this city forever.

Everett Square Discussion

On Wednesday, January 24, there is an important meeting scheduled at the Connolly Center at 6:00 p.m. to discuss with the city’s consultants a revitalization for Everett Square.

We urge every property owner, resident and business owner to attend The discussion about the future for Everett Square is a worthy one. Efforts to outline a more robust Everett Square have been a long time coming.

What we see in this new era that is upon us is an Everett Square that is going to grow upward, with taller buildings and more density, more apartments and businesses, and efforts made to lessen the effect of the automobile, since Everett Square is already clogged in unending lines of traffic nearly all the hours of the day.

What to do? This is what the discussion is about.

Unbelievably enough, more people, more activity and more business is what will make Everett Square more inviting and more like one might expect to see of a great small city.

This meeting is the beginning of the challenge to remake the Square into something more in line with the 21st Century we are living in than with the past – although the past should never be forgotten or the benefits of retaining elements of the past overlooked.

President Peter Napolitano

Council President Peter Napolitano needs to steer the council toward an independent future.

The council doesn’t work if it is a rubber stamp for the Mayor Carlo DeMaria or any mayor for that matter.

The council only works as the true voice of the people who elected the membership, and who demand from their councilors the ability to take tough stands or to endorse meaningful and beneficial programs or legislative efforts without fanfare or controversy.

It is always a tough balancing act to control and to direct.

But we know President Napolitano is capable of uniting the council when necessary. We wish him the best.

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