If MBTA Sale is Real, Costs Will Be Whopping

By Joshua Resnek

If the reports of an impending sale of the MBTA maintenance facility at the end of Broadway to Wynn Boston Harbor are true, the costs for the land will represent one of the largest transactions in Everett’s history.

According to information on file with the Everett Assessor’s office, the maintenance facility sits on 14.480 acres.

The land is valued at slightly north of $10 million and the building at $4 million.

Sources claim the transaction value could be three to four times that amount, and might include as well Wynn Boston Harbor paying to build a replacement building wherever the new maintenance building is to be located.

The building at the present Broadway site has no value to Wynn Boston Harbor.

It is the 14 additional acres abutting the casino-hotel that interests him.

The building will likely be torn down and used for open space, parking, valet area or a half dozen different uses that will compliment the casino and hotel.

Sources said they would not be surprised if the transaction cost Wynn Boston Harbor close to $40 million or more.

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