EDITORIALS: January 11

School Committeewoman Millie Cardello

The joint City Council/School Committee convention Monday evening at city hall elected Millie Cardello to serve the next two years on the School Committee.

The convention did the right thing.

Cardello has served the city and its children for nearly all of her adult life. She has a proven track record as a School Committeewoman, Councillor,and Alderman.

Serving on the School Committee again will come naturally to her as she understands how government works in Everett.

That is to say, Ms. Cardello is someone who knows what to do for the children of this city.

There will be no learning curve for her. She is a real pro. We congratulate her on this great political victory in the knowledge that she was opposed by powerful forces who want city government their way or no way in Everett.

In the end, Ms. Cardello’s personality, charm, honesty, integrity and her understanding of the task at hand won out over the rather bold faced efforts to snuff out her candidacy.

We again congratulate Ms. Cardello on winning the School Committee seat left vacant by the untimely death of Richard Baniewicz. Mr. Baniewicz himself would have been pleased with Ms. Cardello’s win.

Living in Everett and Voting Here

Part of the drama that played out at Monday’s joint City Council/School Committee convention was epitomized by the rather longwinded and banal remarks made by City Councilor Mike MacLaughlin and his colleague, the mayor’s nephew, Councilor Anthony DiPierro.

MacLaughlin, as was predicted, because above all the actions of the Ward 6 councilor are always predictable, did not vote for Ms. Cardello. Neither did DiPierro.

MacLaughlin likely voted as he was told to vote by his high powered friends in this city who seem to exert a hold over him.

MacLaughlin nominated Patteson. DiPierro seconded the motion. Both made unusually longer remarks than necessary.

MacLaughlin’s vote was cast and his speech made ( if in fact it was a speech of his own creation) at the likely request of others who perceive themselves as powers at city hall because of their friends and relationships.

DiPierro is cut from the same mold. It is one thing to speak genuinely from your heart. It is another to say what others who hold power over you tell you to say.

MacLaughlin voted for the money candidate, not the candidate who ran her own show, made her own calls, and who lives here in the city where she votes about which there is not a hint of doubt.

Perhaps in 2 years, when all is said and done, Amanda Patterson will stand for election and have all her ducks lined up properly, which would include her biggest supporter, her father, the clerk of committees for the City Council.

Nagging public questions about residency, or whether one who votes here lives here or in another city, are not conducive to winning efforts. This was proven Monday evening but was entirely lost on Councilors MacLaughlin and DiPierro.

The city is not broke

Mayor Carlo DeMaria told the Leader Herald last week the city is not broke, as suggested in a commentary printed in the newspaper.

In fact, the mayor said the city has plenty of money – free cash, et cetera, to meet all obligations.

Then why, we wonder, and residents and taxpayers ought to wonder as well, does the mayor feel the need to cut School Department expenses by $8 million, a Draconian action that would change substantially, and for the worse, public school education in Everett? The commentary centered on the belief that the mayor wishes to charge school children to play in the band, to play football, baseball, basketball and everything else that is played at the high school level.

We felt this is wrong last week. Nothing has changed about how we feel about this in 7 days.

If things are so good here, and city hall awash with so much money because of the largesse of Mr. Wynn, then why the need to pick on the public schools?

The reason, plain and simple: Politics.


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