MBTA Maintenance Facility Sold?

The Leader Herald has learned the sprawling MBTA Maintenance Facility at 80 Broadway will reportedly be put under agreement to Wynn Boston Harbor within days.

January 18, 2018_Wynn 1
A view of the rising Wynn Boston Harbor development through the MBTA Maintenance Facility at 80 Broadway in Everett — property that Wynn is reportedly on the verge of purchasing.

The multi acre site with massive structures on it borders the Wynn Boston Harbor property and would represent a major acquisition for Wynn, who is seeking to control everything adjacent to the hotel and casino site to control the aesthetics of the area.

Prices Wynn might be paying for the MBTA property range from $25 million to $40 million, according to those claiming to have knowledge about the upcoming property transfer.

“It could be higher or lower than either of those figures,” said a local developer who claimed to have knowledge of the upcoming transaction.

The MBTA refused to comment.

– Joshua Resnek

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