Tedge Reunited With Master at Everett Police Station

By Josh Resnek

Everyone loves a dog story because just about everyone who owns a dog loves their dog.

Such is the case with Tedge, a little dog who was thrown out of a SUV in Everett last month and who was reunited with his owner yesterday at the Everett Police Station amid a bit of fanfare.

Theron Miller, 54, of Montana picked up Tedge, his Chihuahua-beagle mix at the station Monday afternoon following a long drawn out affair that began at the end of January.

Miller, a truck driver, lost Tedge on January 30.

He made a delivery at a warehouse in Everett. He let Tedge out of his truck to run around. A few minutes later Tedge was gone. He kept searching but to avail.

Then he went on line and found a picture of Tedge placed there by the Everett Animal Officer.

According to the Everett police, Tedge was thrown out of a moving vehicle on Revere Beach Parkway.

He was later rescued and brought to an animal hospital in Woburn where one of his hind legs was amputated.

“I’m glad this had such a happy ending,” said Theron.

If Tedge could speak he would have agreed.

The Everett Police Department contributed to this report.

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