You Can’t Win Them All

The Eagle’s victory in Super Bowl L2 is a disappointment for those of us who love the Patriots and who believed to the last play that a tie could somehow miraculously take New England onward to victory in an overtime.

No such thing happened.

This was a great game. A wide open display of offensive football such as we have not seen many times in the Super Bowl.

Now comes the aftermath, the avalanche of sportswriters and radio sports junkies who will all chime in for the next two weeks that the dynasty is over, that Brady is done, that Belichick blew the game with a bad strategy and on and on and on.

Getting to the Super Bowl is the real victory.

Winning it is the frosting on the cake.

There should be a parade for the Patriots because they showed true grit all year and never gave up, not to the last play of the biggest game of the year.

We tip our hats to the Pats.

These are classy great athletes who gave us an enormous amount of first class sports entertainment all year…and nearly took home the Lombardi Trophy again.

Thank you, Pats.

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