Mayor Sends $500,000 Request for School Department Funding

No out of state travel edict

By Josh Resnek

The mayor has asked the city council to appropriate $500,000 to fund Everett High School’s championship marching band, musical groups and its Stem program participants to allow them to travel out of state to compete.

Whatever remains from paying for those various travel expenses would be put toward meeting School Department contract obligations.

The City Council was informed of this at its Monday evening meeting at city hall.

The City Council sent the mayor’s request to committee.

In addition, the Council asked for a member of the School Department, and the mayor’s office to meet with members of the Committee to discuss the $500,000 transfer.

Should the Council report this out of Committee, which it is expected to do, it puts to rest the mayor’s previous edict banning out of state travel for EHS championship organizations.

That edict caused an uproar among the parents of EHS students as well as the students themselves.

Several teachers spoke before the School Committee last week urging the mayor to restore the funding necessary in front of about 100 students holding placards urging the mayor to do the same.

According to School Department officials, all travel plans have been restored, fund raising efforts are again underway to augment the funding provided by the mayor.

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