EDITORIALS: March 14th

Senator Sal’s Fortunes Rising

No one in politics in this city today has a brighter future than our State Senator Sal DiDomenico.

He is today one of the best known and most highly respected politicians and if all things are equal, his dramatic rise will be shortly be capped with the prize of them all, the state Senate presidency.

Sal’s humility and accessibility are strong points considering he is, after all, a politician.

Sal’s honesty and his integrity are unquestioned.

He is a politician not seeking to make his personal fortune from serving the citizens of Everett.

Sal is not a taker. He doesn’t have an ounce of greed in his system.

He is, above all, a gentleman the voters of this city can be proud of.

He is also a family man absolutely incontestably loyal to his wife and to his children.

In Sal DiDomenico, we find a very gracious, self-deprecating man whose rise in the state Senate is continuing.

His recent appointment as the Senate Assistant Majority leader puts him a few steps away from gaining the ultimate prize – the State Senate presidency.

If and when he becomes the President of the Senate, it will be the biggest political prize scored by an Everett politician in the city’s modern era.

Governor Charlie Baker and a huge crowd attended Sal’s St. Paddy’s Day event Friday night at the Charlestown Bunker Hill Knights of Columbus.

What that large and adoring crowd shows and proves is Sal’s rising popularity.

For us here at the Leader Herald who have followed and supported Sal’s rise since the beginning of his political career, there is a great deal of pride in having such an honest figure near to the top of his game in state politics and coming from this city.

Thank you, Sal – and here’s to you grabbing that state Senate presidency – which is the prize of them all for you and for the citizens of Everett!

Our Electric Bill

Last week we ran a front-page story decrying the waste of taxpayer dollars because the city is buying electricity without a contract, which is akin to paying full price when you can get a big discount.

We ask that the mayor intervene in this situation to make sure the right re-seller is hired or the proper broker is engaged to bring the lowest possible price for energy to the city.

The city can gain great savings from using wind energy as well as solar to defer the cost of buying electricity from major providers.

Obviously, this needs to be looked into and immediately.

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