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$1 Million in Legal Fees Should Be Questioned

The fiscal wisdom of the mayor paying the Boston law firm Mintz Levin almost $1 million in legal fees should be challenged by the city council and the city auditor and treasurer as well as the city solicitor.

What needs to be challenged or at least questioned is the open ended billing that Mintz Levin is allowed to charge the city in an effort to wrangle Exelon into paying more in taxes to the city.

How much is enough is the question that must be asked or at the very least debated.

Also to be challenged or at least questioned is the possible conflict of interest that exists because Mintz Levin is representing Wynn Resorts and the City of Everett at the same time.

The city is inextricably connected with Wynn Resorts for better or worse and so this implies the city is inextricably connected to Mintz Levin in this instance.

Toss in the representation of the city by Mintz Levin in the Exelon matters and the picture is perfect.

Millions of dollars in legal fees to the same firm influencing the same parties.

There is no question about the value or the level of service being performed.

The question is about the expense of nearly $1 million by the city on a legal effort that very likely will not succeed.

That’s quite a wager by the mayor for a small city like ours when the mayor makes the point that every dollar counts.

What mayor gets to wager $1 million on a risky bet?

Henry ‘Hank’ Rocco

The city has lost one of its most prominent members of the business community with the death of Henry Rocco, President of Salvatore Rocco & Sons Funeral Home.

He was 94.

Mr. Rocco’s father Salvatore founded the funeral home in 1927.

Mr. Rocco followed in his father’s footsteps.

“Hank” as he was known, was a very bright kid growing up and attended Boston College High School.

He was a graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

During World War 2 Mr. Rocco served in a top secret capacity as a member of an elite group of decoders who broke the Japanese codes.

However, his first and greatest love was his family and this city, and a testament to this was the huge crowd that attended his wake at Rocco’s Monday afternoon.

We extend our condolences to the Rocco Family, and especially to Stephen and Richard whom we know so well.

Henry “Hank” Rocco was the real thing.

His family is a reflection of this.

May he rest in peace.

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