Second Time the Charm?

Adrien Running Hard for Everett State Rep. Seat

‘My Time is Now’

According to her count, 28 year old state representative candidate from Everett Gerly Adrien, says she has knocked on 1,200 doors.

“By the time the primary rolls around,” she predicted during an interview at the Leader
Herald offices on Church Street, “that number will be 10,000.”

The traditional door knocking strategy to get her name out to
the people is the tough side of campaigning.

“I know what I have to do and I am doing it and I won’t stop until this seat is won on September 4,” she added.

The Cedar Street resident who grew up in Everett is running for the second time.
Last time out 2 years ago, Adrien lost the primary to the incumbent from Everett by 600 votes.

This time out, Adrien says she will reverse all that by
following her instincts instead of listening to what everyone else told her to do.

In the last three weeks, Adrien knocked on 1,200 doors, attended Senator Sal
DiDomenico’s big holiday party, a St. Patrick’s party for the elderly, but missed out
on the Friendly Sons affair because, “I wasn’t invited.”

Adrien said she reached out to the mayor last week asking him for his support.

“He told me he was remaining neutral for now,” she said.

What is the reception she gets when knocking on doors or attending city events?
“I have had a good response. When I greet voters and  residents at their doors I tell
them what I stand for,” Adrien added.

What is that? “Education, economic development and quality of life,” she said.
Adrien has that younger, independent, educated woman’s view of the changing world.

“We need someone who gets something done instead of boasting of his great relationships with the people on Beacon Hill. I can’t live in a bubble like him. I have to talk with the people.”

“I will fight for everyone. This is something I have wanted since I was 10 years old. This is what I want to do in life. I can’t be controlled. I won’t be a rubber stamp for anyone,” she said. “Our rep doesn’t communicate with the people. You can’t reach him or get a meeting with him. I’ll be transparent and available,” she said.

Adrien said she will have 4 town hall style meetings a year, that she will be independent and that she will work with the people. “I really am about this place. I have chosen to make my life here. My entire family lives here. I love this place. I believe
in it,” she added

Adrien is a Bentley graduate. She is studying for a masters degree at Boston University while at the same time planning for her wedding in the Spring of 2019.
“This is my time,” Adrien added. “This is my seat…and I am going to outwork and outperform my opponent to get it,” she concluded.

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