Chandler Bests Senator Sal in Balloting

By Josh Resnek

Assistant Senate Majority Leader Sal DiDomenico almost became the Senate president in balloting held last week at the State House.

When all leadership votes had been counted, Senate President Harriet Chandler from Worcester stood at the top of the mountain in State Senate political jockeying.

“It was a great experience. The Senate president and I enjoy a great relationship. That relationship will go on,” DiDomenico told the Leader Herald during a brief interview Monday night.

DiDomenico had been in the running for the presidency since February, when Chandler replaced Senate President Stan Rosenberg who stepped aside because of complications caused by sexual harassment charges as well as charges that his husband had made use of Rosenberg’s position to advance his own interests.

Rosenberg has since left his husband but the battle to be the permanent State Senate president went on.

DiDomenico declined to say exactly how the vote went or what might have caused him to lose when it appeared he had the votes during different periods last week.

Monday night, DiDomenico was, as usual, good natured about the loss and complimentary about the Senate president.

“I am proud to stand by her side,” he said of Chandler. ‘She is a great lady and a great legislator. I am proud and pleased to be the Assistant Senate Majority Leader,” he added.

DiDomenico Council
Senator Sal DiDomenico came inches from being voted the Senate president by his colleagues last week in tough balloting. Undaunted, and appearing very much at ease at City Hall Monday night, DiDomenico said the effort was “quite the experience.”


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