McLaughlin Asks for Answers About Travel Expenses

City Councillor Mike McLaughlin put City Auditor Eric Demas on the carpet Monday night ordering him to answer two questions.

“I want to know what has been paid by the schools for school administration travel and what has been paid by the city for the mayor’s out-of-state travel,” asked MacLaughlin.

Demas said he would reveal those exact figures once he has collected them, indicating it would be a bit more difficult to get the School Department out of state travel figures than the mayor’s. 

This point was considered moot by Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire who told the Leader Herald: “Demas will not nd one dime of out of state travel by school administrators, and he knows it,” he said. “End of discussion.”

It was another example of Demas supporting his role as the mayor’s voice at the meeting.

The mayor, who was at city hall earlier in the evening, left Demas to do his bidding.

“I will get you this information,” Demas said to McLaughlin.

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