DiDomenico Congratulates EHS on Successful Pre-Registration Drive

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Last week, Senator Sal
DiDomenico joined Cyara
Lambert, Everett High School
students, and the Everett
Election Commission at
their pre-registration drive.

Senator DiDomenico was the
original sponsor of legislation
that aimed to close the voter
participation gap between
younger eligible voters and their
older counterparts by allowing
16- and 17-year-olds to preregister
to vote.

The Senator’s
bill was ultimately included in
the 2014 Election Laws Reform
Act signed into law by Governor
Deval Patrick.

Sixteen and seventeen-yearolds
are now able to pre-register
to vote, after which they are
placed in a pending status in
the Central Voter Registry and
appear on voter rolls when
they turn 18. Last week’s voter
registration drive at Everett High
School was made possible by
that landmark electoral reform bill.

“As legislators, we should
do everything in our power
to support our youth and
provide them with the tools
to become active participants
in our democratic process,
and I strongly believe that
empowering our young adults
begins with pre-registration,”
said DiDomenico. “I want to
especially thank Everett High
School student Cyara Lambert
for organizing this important
event, and congratulate everyone
at Everett High School and the
Everett Election Commission
who helped to make the preregistration
drive such a great
success! It was very special
for me to see so many of our
young people showing up to
pre-register to vote so they
can participate in the electoral
process when they turn 18. Their
enthusiasm and dedication is
a testament to the importance
of our legislation, and I was so
pleased to have participated in
last week’s event.”

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