Everett’s Field Under the Weather

By Lorenzo Recupero

Spring is here and with it comes the start
of baseball and softball seasons at Everett High
School. But. unfortunately, for matters out of
anyone’s hands, a ball may not fly at Everett’s
home field for Monday’s scheduled 4PM season opener
against Saugus.

According to Everett Superintendent, Frederick
Forestiere, the field may not be available for the
start of the season because of recent inclement
weather, including spring time snow.

“Weather has not permitted use of the field,”
said Forestiere, who noted this type of thing
has happened before, given we are here in New
England and weather doesn’t always cooperate.

“It would be an unsafe field if its muddy. The
kids have to be able to run in it or there’s no real
chance to play a game,” said Forestiere, who
informed the Leader Herald that work crews
have not been able to tend to the diamond or
even do prep work, such as lining the field and
trimming the grass.

Both teams have been using the Everett High
gymnasium as a practice facility to supplement
not being able to play on their home field at
Glendale Park.

Should the field not be ready for Monday’s
home-opener, the game will be postponed and
rescheduled on the back-end of the season.

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