Much More Than a Name

By Josh Resnek

The swirl of rumor and reality
mix indelicately now when
it comes to reporting what is
going on with the Everett casino

Suffice to say the mayor has
had not a meaningful word of
insight into what is going on –
despite a bland letter to the editor
and a more recent video taping

In fact, about the only thing
the mayor had to say is that he
is worried.


If the mayor has read the Wall
Street Journal pieces that have
been published, then he knows
what everyone else knows – that
is – this is a project under duress
with speculation abounding
about how this drama plays out.
We know for sure that just about
everyone in the line of command
at Wynn Resorts including their
longtime attorney was aware of
Steve Wynn’s sexual degeneracy
and proclivities, and this includes
the past efforts to keep employees
quiet or to threaten to release
them if they spoke up about his
sexual harassment.

This has been documented
scrupulously by the Wall Street
Journal in at least 12 reports that
led to Wynn resigning, selling
his stock, and leaving the project

While everything remains
going forward full force at
the construction site, Wynn
executives here like Robert
DeSalvio or Gregory John have
no idea whether or not they will
have their jobs when September
rolls around.

As for the casino project itself,
it can and might well be sold – as
it can be put on the market like
any other project that has run into
administrative hassles.

It will definitely be sold if
the Gaming Commission takes
away its license – a possibility
right now that looms like an
atomic bomb being held over it
like a Sword of Damocles by the
Gaming Commission.

Wynn Resorts itself could
also be sold, but only to one
of the half dozen casino titans
operating in the world today.
Wynn has already sold his
stock and his ex-wife is about
to do the same, which leaves
the multi billion gaming and
entertainment giant with a host of
smaller percentage owners and
the present administrative team
answering to the stock holders.

One of the great problems
is that the new Wynn Resorts
president Matthew Maddox
knew of the paternity settlement
at the time the company applied
for its casino application, as
reported pristinely and with dates
and times by the Wall Street
Journal and reported as well by
the Leader Herald on the basis of
those reports.

The Maddox suitability
issue will not go away soon
or easily although the Gaming
Commission is moving like
a snail to come out with its
investigative report which is
apparently set for the summer.
A recent Wall Street Journal
report last week detailed how
nearly every executive in the line
of command at Wynn Resorts
knew about the issues facing
their leader Steve Wynn.

It remains to be seen whether
or not the company itself will be
sold or just the project, but the
name changing offer seemingly
tossed up as a solution by the
head of the project here is too
little too late.

The Gaming Commission said
as much in its statement last
Thursday when Stephen Crosby,
its chair, said: “They continue
building the project at their own

If the company is to be sold,
then it is most likely a deal
put together by Wynn for the

Wynn has sold his stock
but this does not remove him
from the worldwide gaming
business. He remains a force to
be reckoned with fully capable
of putting deals together because
he knows everyone who would
gather around such a table.

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