Sexual Harassment Issue Takes Center Stage

By Josh Resnek

DiPierro and Smith Enter the fray; A Three-Way Race?

S t a t e  R e p r e s e n t a t i v e
candidate Gerly Adrien, who
is trying to unseat the state
rep here, is making sexual
harassment a primary issue.

With the September primary
not so far away, the issue, as
expressed by the candidates or
not, will form a great part of the
campaign rhetoric.

“A real leader protects the
vulnerable and works to make
sure that everyone is safe in
their homes, workplaces and
communities,” Adrien said as
reported on a website last week.

Adrien, who ran against the state rep two years ago,
is making waves

Screenshot 2018-04-04 at 10.42.13 PM

about the
#metoo sexual harassment
issue, an issue that is not going
to go away, and which the state
rep and the mayor have had not
a word to say.

With the mayor reportedly
supporting the state rep, Adrien
is facing a two front war in her
effort to unseat the rep.

Toss into this mix Everett
City Councillor Anthony
DiPierro, who, it is reported,
will be running the state rep’s
campaign for the mayor. Di
Pierro brings to the table great
election race credentials.
He also showed great savvy
consistently as a younger guy on
the city council – even serving
as city council president.

DiPierro’s alignment with the rep
is a strong advantage to him in
what is perceived to be a close
race, made even closer by the
possible entry into the fray of
former state rep Stat Smith.

Although Smith has yet to
say publicly he is running,
numerous sources reveal that
he is a candidate for the seat he
held before losing it.

Smith is a popular guy in

However, even Smith has to
understand that if he wishes
to steal the seat, he needs to
work, and to work rather hard
to capture the seat in a three
way race.

The possibility and likelihood
of a three way race tends to give
each of the candidates a better
chance to capture the seat.

Vote splitting in the shrinking
demographic that will come out
to cast a ballot in the September
primary makes this a race
where, as usual, every vote

Identifying votes and getting
those votes to the polls on
primary day is what this race
will be all about.

If indeed it is Adrien, Smith
and the rep all in the race,
this easily becomes the most
interesting state rep race in this
city for years.




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