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The Jay Ash Visit Says It All

Everett is undergoing a commercial and residential
transformation as never before.

Not even since the rise of the Industrial Revolution, when
Everett went from a pastoral farm-like community, to a place
bustling with factories and commercial interests, has the city
known such a dramatic period of growth.

Marking this exclamation point was the visit last week to our
city of Jay Ash, the director of Economic Development and
Housing for the state of Massachusetts and one of Governor
Charlie Baker’s most talented, trusted and relied upon cabinet

When Jay Ash speaks, the governor listens.

Ash coming and meeting with business leaders and politicians
here is an indication that Everett gets the advantage at the
State House. As a result of this crucial visit at a time when
transportation, housing and expanding business interests
collide, Ash takes back to Boston a working knowledge of
what exactly is going on here.

Having Ash as a friend does not hurt.

Those of us who have known him since childhood understand
that he is loyal, smart and entrepreneurial, as was shown in
his leadership in neighboring Chelsea where that city is also
being transformed.

We thank Ash for coming here and for taking note of the
Everett miracle and more importantly, being there for us at the
State House when he is needed.

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