Mayor Loath to Lose Wynn; Silence Would Have Been Golden

The mayor quoted in the Boston Globe this week as “loath to lose Wynn,” reveals an extraordinary lack of understanding about how one in such a position today could utter such a thing without permanently tarnishing himself.

To be clear: “Loath” means to be reluctant or unwilling.

We know, or at least we like to believe, he didn’t mean he loathed Steve Wynn leaving.

Again, we are left to wonder.

Such a statement soils his administration with a stain that cannot be removed.

Was Steve Wynn for all his gross and bizarre behavior – alleged rape, monumental serial acts of sexual harassment, payoffs to former employees who he allegedly made pregnant to keep them quiet – better than anyone else who may come along for the mayor?

Yes, he was, according to our mayor.

Overlooked, paid no attention to, meaning nothing to our mayor are Wynn’s depraved acts, and the corporate culture he built.

No matter how great a businessman Wynn was, his private life, which was not private, ruined him, causing him to go into a well-deserved exile.

He is now hopefully in a place where he can’t hurt women any longer.

That the mayor, who has younger children, has not denounced Wynn and the sexual harassment culture that is pervasive in the business he founded and grew, is a mistake, an oversight of mountainous proportion for a man who believes this city is his own and that he has the moral temperament and resolve to lead the way.

The mayor cannot talk about the Wynn company’s offensive culture – offensive to women, offensive to men, offensive to all of us – because of personal reasons better left unwritten in this editorial.

That being said, loathing the loss of Wynn Resorts is loathing the loss of a culture of indifference to womens’ rights, to business place laws, to common matters of respect.

Wynn Resorts turns out to be a vile organization with leadership who all, to a person, apparently knew about Mr. Wynn’s depraved private life and relationships with his employees and others.

The Wall Street Journal investigative reports have nearly proven that the leadership at Wynn Resorts from top to bottom understood that the boss did what he wanted, whenever he wanted, to whomever he wanted. Naked manicures. Sex massages inside his face. And on and on and on.

The Wynn leadership also have been shown to know that when those affected by the boss’s perverse intrusion into their lives complained, they were, almost to a person, told to keep their mouths shut unless they wanted to be fired.

It is the same way here in Everett where the mayor attempts to rule with an iron fist. Everyone working for him understands they work for him, not for the city. If they don’t do as he demands, they are red or asked to leave.It was the same way with Mr. Wynn and Wynn Resorts.

Now the mayor says he has the right to stop the sale of the Wynn Resorts casino project.

And maybe he does.

But what does he get for doing this except to sink the project, sink the city, and to drown himself.

The mayor should be told for his own bene t to think before he speaks – this, for those of us who know him, will be impossible to do.

What a bunch of disingenuous degenerates the Wynn leadership team has turned out to be.

Wynn Resorts has shown itself to be un t to be in this city.

We don’t loath the possible loss of Wynn Resorts.

We welcome it as a matter of doing what is right.

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