Come Clean With Exelon

With all due respect to the mayor and the need for privacy about the law suit the city has spent $1 million on against Exelon, can we at least nd out how we are doing?

Are we going to walk away with a win?

How is it looking? Are we going to lose our $1 million which has already been spent on a hopeless cause or are we going to prevail, a word the lawyers like to use?

The taxpayers deserve to know where this suit is at.

They can know how we are doing without revealing legal secrets as the type of litigation going on is not exactly the stuff of a high level CIA operation.

The executive session held two weeks ago at city hall during a council meeting discussing the law suit was the stuff of farce. Not many a secret can be kept from the public these days when something like 15 men and women attended the executive session.

So let’s have it from our lawyers at Mintz Levin.

Where are you at? What have you done? What is being accomplished, if anything?

We want to know. We have a right to know. That’s our $l million we’ve paid to you!

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