Looking Back in Everett: 1978

Shown above is the noted sculptor Douglas Abdell in Everett at Duncan Galvanizing during the summer of 1978 when he was just starting out. His sculptures have been purchased by galleries and private collectors all over the world. He now lives in Spain.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The internationally renowned sculptor and artist Douglas Abdell did much of the casting for his giant sculptures at Duncan Galvanizing right here on Norman Street in Everett between 1977-1979.Since 1890, Duncan Galvanizing, located in Everett, MA (just outside of Boston) has enjoyed a reputation as one of the finest hot dip galvanizing companies in the United States. Today, it is the recognized leader in full-service architectural metal coatings. Back then, when I was young, Abdell and I were buddies and we have remained buddies for nearly a lifetime. Since becoming the publisher of the Everett Leader Herald, knowing how I was hanging out in Everett so many years ago gave me an interest in sharing this bit of art history with our readers.





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