Summer Youth Job Program Returns for 2018

The mayor is pleased to announce that the Summer Youth Job Program has returned and will be accepting applications.

The Mayor and his administration offer the Summer Youth Program to provide essential opportunities to teens prior to going off to college. The program helps students pay for books or expenses, and provides job experience for those entering the workforce.

The mayor stated stated, “The impact of summer employment is long lasting, giving young people more confidence and commitment in their community, schools, and personal lives.

The mayor has successfully operated the Summer Youth Job Program for nearly a decade. Last year the program hired over 150 students and has enabled them to succeed throughout the rest of their lives.

Everett residents also benefit from the community improvement projects that the youth undertake. For example, last year the students cleaned up many neighborhood parks, the Northern Strand Community Bike Trail, and many learned valuable skills while working at many municipal locations; including DPW, Communications Department, Human Resources, and the Mayor’s Office.

Everett residents from ages 15 to 21 years old who are seeking summer employment are encouraged to apply. Working papers will be required if you are under the age of 18. Job placements are located throughout the City of Everett. There will be two sessions, which will run 4 weeks long and up to 20 hours per week. Each hired student is permitted one session.

Applications can be obtained from through May 24th at Everett City Hall, Human Services Department or by visiting

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