Kevin O’Donnell and Colleen Mejia doing Their jobs and quite well

The mayor’s chief of staff Kevin O’Donnell and City Solicitor Colleen Mejia are two unsung heroes working inside Everett City Hall.

We have watched or been in the presence of Mr. O’Donnell dozens of times.

He is always polite, prepared, and projecting the air of certainty about issues great and small for an administration that is very demanding and difficult at the same time.

Working for the mayor can be trying, an experience only those with strong spines can endure.

Mr. O’Donnell is such a man.

He very quietly dispatches the mayor’s important business with calm and ease. He is level headed and juggles many moving pieces from day to day.

We have never seen him flustered or heard him complain.

He is a soldier for the mayor but he remains his own man.

He’s a straight up guy that gives the city a better public image wherever and whenever he shows up.

Nice going Mr. O’Donnell.

City Solicitor Colleen Mejia really showed her stuff Monday evening at the city council meeting where she answered councilors’ questions about the First Amendment right to free speech.

City Solicitor Mejia is above all, a lawyer – and so she came prepared to the meeting, her notes in front of her – and more importantly, she brought a solid legal understanding of free speech to the city council.

We are not sure the council understood her reasoning as some councilors said they were going to search out the city charter for information about what they can say or not say moments after she told them they could say anything they want within the general boundaries of propriety.

City Solicitor Mejia told them the First Amendment to the US Constitution covers it all. She said they can say what they want.

She was too polite to say they can search out the city charter until the oceans are dry and the First Amendment wins out above all. End of discussion.

She, too, exudes confidence and understanding about what her job entails.

Kevin O’Donnell and Colleen Mejia, two great examples of the city being well represented at whatever they do and wherever they go.

They go way beyond the bar for the administration as human beings.

Thank you Kevin and Colleen.

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