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capuano endorsed by Marty Walsh

It doesn’t get bigger than this in a local political race

By Josh Resnek

The endorsement by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh of Everett’s Congressman Mike Capuano is very big medicine in this political race now fully underway.
Capuano, who is the longtime incumbent, is facing a real challenge from Boston City Councillor Ayanna Pressley.
In this race featuring white versus black, older versus younger, man versus woman, Capuano is believed to have the edge although Presley’s supporters

believe she is going to give him a run for his money.

In fact, there are many Pressley supporters who believe this is her moment, that Capuano’s seat should be her seat.
Capuanto is having something to say about this as he has come out of the box campaigning hard, receiving major endorsements early on from police unions and laborers.
“I am so pleased to have the endorsement of Mayor Marty Walsh,” Capuano told the Herald Leader Monday.
“I trust and believe his faith in me and what I am able to do, and in my record in Congress, will cause many voters to support me, and for this, I am deeply grateful,” he added.
Walsh said that Capuano is the kind of congressman who knows what he’s doing, who has always done the right thing for the poor and the disadvantaged, for the disabled, for women, for the elderly and of all the voters of the district.
Walsh says he’s supporting Capuano because he could lead key committees should the Democrats take the House back from the Republicans in the mid-terms.
The endorsement event was held in Dorchester, where Capuano’s opponent, City Councilor Ayanna Pressley, lives. An official from her campaign said in a statement that the Pressley campaign is focused on building a truly grassroots organization.
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