Slush to Judgment: Richie’s No. 1

Richie's Slush

By Josh Resnek 

Those of us from this area who love slush, who are aficionados of slush throughout a long life, understand this: Richie’s Slush now stands at the top of the slush mountain in this area.

Richie’s today is the best slush in Greater Boston, bar none.

Saturday afternoon, I pulled off the Revere Beach Parkway, got out of my car, walked up to the ordering window, ordered a small slush, paid and

went to the pick-up window where Stephanie handed me a small slush.

The small slush is huge by any standard of measure.

The small slush comes with a huge ice cream sized head.

It is perfectly sweet – just enough sugar and lemon, and ground almost to a fine mist that is tight because it comes outside almost frozen.

After a few minutes, you are sipping the slush through a straw quite nicely.

Takes more than a few minutes to disappear.

It is an altogether first class, old-time, treat. Only one local slush was better than Richie’s – or should I say – different from Richie’s.

Two older Chinese folks had a hole in the wall serving slush in East Boston just outside of Central Square.

Until they closed down their small operation, their slush – rich, sweet, and with a texture quiet unlike any other, not frozen and yet so so firm with a clear coloration but smooth – not quite as mixed and pulverized as Richie’s slush.

It was that texture that made it so special.

Four years ago they closed down.

The end of an era.

Richie’s opening again last week is the return of the local champion and hero in a stand – alone marketplace where their slush rules.

Richie’s is numero uno.

End of discussion about local slush.


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