What a story Matt Maddox told me

Wynn Resorts
not about
Steve Wynn

By Josh Resnek

The new president of Wynn Resorts Matthew Maddox called me. He told me the conversation was absolutely confidential and not to be discussed with anyone.

“You are to say nothing about this phone call. It never happened,” Matt demanded.

I told him not to worry, that I was going to write about everything he said in the Leader Herald.

He hesitated a moment hearing this. Then he spoke with authority.

“Go ahead. Put it in the Leader Herald. No one reads your rag anyway.” I laughed at that.

“You’ve got a great sense of humor, Matt. That’s what everyone says about you.  I like that,” I said to him.

“Tell me Matt, what have you been discussing on the phone calls between you and Steve Wynn since he resigned?” You told the Gaming Commission that you and Steve have talked a number of times since it was revealed he is a sexual degenerate.

“Josh, you know we don’t talk about the business,” he said lowering his voice while trying to contain his laughter.

This is exactly what he told the Gaming Commission last week.

I thought to myself its like me telling a sportswriter that Bill Belichick and I speak often but we never discuss football.

“Can you imagine those Gaming Commissioners believing that Steve and I don’t talk about the business when we speak! If they can believe that they can believe anything,” he said.

“What do you two really talk about? I mean you worked together for 12 years?” I asked Maddox. ‘What is the conversation when he calls you or you call him?”

“We talk about the important stuff – you know – ebidta, earnings, the price of the stock, gaming revenues and whether they are up and down. We also talk about strategy, about where the company should head. After all, Steve is a lot smarter than I am. We also talk about the really important things – you know –  manicures and messages,” he added, laughing heartily. “Steve loved his manicures. I know this and everything else about Steve for a fact!” he said.

“Last week I asked Steve how his manicures are going now after all the publicity and his resignation and the sale of his stock,” Matt said.

“You mean the naked manicures that included the manicurist having sex with him?” I asked.

“Can you imagine Steve doing this stuff, and for years?” Matt joked.

“And how about me telling the Gaming Commission, my wife and everyone who asks, that I had no idea about this stuff after working under him for 12 years! Can you imagine that!” he added.

“God, he did unbelievable things!” he added.

“So what did he say about the manicures?” I asked.

“Steve said he doesn’t do them naked anymore!” Maddox answered.

“Steve told me he now wears a thong and flip flops but nothing else when getting his manicures,” Maddox answered.  He laughed after that.

“Why didn’t you tell the Gaming Commission about this?” I asked Maddox.

“They didn’t ask!!” he said coughing and laughing.

Matt slapped his knees. His laughter is uproarious and addictive at the same time.

“What did Steve say about the messages, Matt. You know, the ones that used to happen inside his president’s office. You know, where he had a message table. Did you ever ask him about what happened inside his office when the message table was being used during the 12 years you worked under him, Matt?”

“Did you ever ask him in all that time why he had a massage table inside his office?”

“Are you serious, Josh?” Matt said to me.

“I didn’t have to ask Steve about that. He gave me all the details after every massage. Steve loved getting massaged inside his office by a female employee.

He didn’t care who it was as long as they finished the message properly, if you know what I mean,” Matt said.

“Part of Wynn Resorts ethic and company culture is doing whatever you are asked of the boss and doing it the right way,” he said.

The slapping of his knees with coughing and hysterical laughter as though he was trying to catch his breath followed.

“What was the right way to do a massage on the boss?” I asked him.

“The right way is however the boss wanted it. If you didn’t do it the right way, you lost your job. You were also basically banned from working in all of Las Vegas,” Maddox told me.

“I didn’t think that was right,” he added. “What do you mean, Matt?” asked him.

“I mean just cause you didn’t want to have sex with the boss at the end of the message isn’t the end of the world. But Steve was tough about the finish. We know how to finish things here at Wynn Resorts. He demanded a special Wynn Resorts finish,” he said.

‘We are finishers,” he added.

“Are you as good a finisher as Steve?”I asked him. “Are you kidding me? I was trained by a master,” Matt replied.

“Can you imagine the Gaming Commissioners believing me when I told them last week that Wynn Resorts being renamed Encore ends the battle?  That the Wynn name is a brand, that it is more than Steve’s last name,” he said.

“If they can believe that, they can believe anything!” he said. ‘Steve told me these Gaming Commissioners are nothing but a bunch of jokers and fools,” Matt said.

With him laughing and coughing, we ended our interview.

Looks like the new boss is just like the old boss, doesn’t it?

Joshua Resnek is the editor of the Leader Herald.

He did not, in fact, have a conversation with Mr. Maddox. 


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