Councilor McLaughlin: Wynn Remains the Right Choice


As we have seen over the past several months, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission has stated that they would carefully watch the actions of Wynn Resorts’ Board of Directors regarding the Steve Wynn allegations.

I have full confidence that Wynn Resorts has taken every action possible and necessary to remove themselves from Mr. Wynn and the allegations surrounding him. This leading to my full confidence in the Region A gaming license staying in the capable hands of Wynn Resorts.

It is furthermore the reason why I respectfully ask the members of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to look favorably on the request to remove Steve Wynn as a qualifier in the suitability license process. Equally, at the same time, asking that they removed the name of Wynn from the Everett site finally making it a full separation.

This project, for myself as a City Councilor, has never been about one individual but rather about the careers, economic growth and overall potential for not only the City of Everett but rather for the State of Massachusetts. It is why I, as the District Councilor, still fully support and welcome Wynn Resorts to the city of Everett in namely Ward 6.

If you would like to speak on this matter please feel free to contact me at (781) 560-3791 or

Michael J. McLaughlin
Ward Six City Councilor

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