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Mike Mangan

Mike Mangan’s appointment last week by the city council to act as its new legislative liaison was the right thing to do.
As a former councilor, Mangan understands exactly what the council does and more importantly from his point of view in this new position, he understands exactly what it needs.

He has pledged to be available at all times and to cater to the council’s manifold needs.

We believe him.
He is a sincere guy who we believe will devote the time and energy necessary to aid in guiding the city council.
His presentation to the council last week, we thought, was the most sincere and most representative of what the council wanted to hear before taking the vote that gave him the job.
Sometimes voting for an old friend who knows the way is good government.
In this instance, we believe this is absolutely true.
Congratulations to Mike Mangan.
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