Pioneer Residences rising on Revere Beach Parkway

Rout 16 Development
Construction site of Pioneer Residences on route 16

By Josh Resnek

The Pioneer Residences at 1760 Revere Beach Parkway are dramatically taking shape and form as construction speeds up into the Spring season.

Hundreds of tradesmen are working the site, which is being built at a cost of about $24 million. When finished sometime in the late fall, Pioneer Residences will have added 286 units of high end housing stock to the city’s rental inventory.

Expectations are that the sprawling residential apartment complex located on the site of the former Harley Davidson store will be rented overnight, with many of the units rented before completion of construction.

When the developers received their building permit some months back, they handed the city a check for $365,000. Projects like these are what the modern Everett construction experience has become, with more residential housing developments either online or being planned.


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