Thank you Marjorie White

Marjorie White, the well known and highly respected President of the Everett Bank, has recently enjoyed her 50th Anniversary with the bank.

During her tenure, the bank has grown dramatically to become a local giant known for its humanity and interest in its depositors and their needs.

This is why the bank is always crowded with customers which gives testament to how vast the banks’ resources have become as it nears the $1 billion mark in assets.

Marjorie White has fostered the bank’s noticeable espirit de corps.

When you walk into the Everett Bank one is met with friendliness and calm, the kind of certainty depositors are always seeking.

Marjorie White is not just a banker, she is someone who cares deeply about the city her institution serves so well.

A golden anniversary for a woman with incredible energy and charm who shows no signs of slowing down seems a bit much.

After all, 50 years a long time to do anything, let alone to grow a great bank in a community like Everett and to remain absolutely loyal to the task.

We wish Marjorie White a happy anniversary.

We wish her many more years of success and good health.

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