The Gaming Commission’s inability to do the right thing hurts everyone

Let’s face it, if you are a moral type and think for a moment that the Gaming Commission is going to do its job and to follow its rules and to uphold the mandate it has been given you are going to be disappointed.

Chairman Steven Crosby is a failure in life, and he is a failure as the head of the Gaming Commission. His involvement with the casino land fiasco should have caused anyone with a sense of morality to resign – but he didn’t and he won’t.

So don’t expect just legal rulings from the commission led by Crosby.

Then again, Crosby doesn’t control the commission quite the way he has for the past three years.

The commission quite rightly has been deeply embarrassed by its investigation arm, who spent millions looking into Wynn Resorts and its leader Steve Wynn to find him absolutely, incomparably  suitable to be the licensee here in Massachusetts.

We all know how successful that investigation was.

We all now await the outcome of another Gaming Commission investigation into Wynn Resorts suitability to be the licensee.

If history is our guide, Wynn Resorts will again be found suitable.

This is exactly what the Gaming Commission was told it has to do by the new Wynn Resorts President Matthew Maddox last week.

Maddox  has said the project will not be sold and that he and Wynn Resorts are here to stay.

We wonder if the Gaming Commission sees things this way during its “investigation.”

And what, might we ask, is the Gaming Commission investigating, if anything?

Is it wondering if the Wall Street Journal’s investigative report on Wynn Resorts was made up of lies?

The Gaming Commission’s first investigation was a pile of rubbish that uncovered nothing. Why should any of us think this second investigation could be anything but a mirror image of the first?

Keeping a tarnished Wynn Resorts is probably better than anything else the Gaming Commission might come up with.

What is moral and right does not matter so much as what makes better business sense.

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