The rise of Mike McLaughlin

We wish to mark with an exclamation point how noticeable to us is the passion and the oratory of Councilor Michael McLaughlin.

It is both unusual and exciting to watch McLaughlin in action before the city council.

He is always prepared. He is always thoughtful. He is always polite and well informed.

All of the above marks his rise as a leader here and shows his potential as something that might blossom in a rather grand way.

At recent meetings of the council, his exhortations before the council have all been right on the mark, and delivered with passion and fervor for what he is doing.

McLaughlin has seemed to us to make great sense, and to express himself clearly, and to make of himself a powerful, young and tempting voice for voters to look over as a possible leader of the council.

He is self-deprecating and he has learned how to reach out to those in need, as has been shown with his interest in those with autism, or those suffering from poverty and need.

His own life has not, by his account, been easy. It has been complicated and difficult at times for him when he was growing up.

However, as an adult, and as a city councilor, he has come to shine, and to be noticed as someone who has a great future in politics here.

We have come to know Mike McLaughlin here at the Leader Herald.
To know him is to like him.

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