The overlay plan

It is our understanding that sitting on the mayor’s desk and
awaiting the sweep of his pen – his signature that is -is the very
much needed Overlay Plan.

This is a plan that must be signed into law here immediately.
Doing so will put to rest the kind of circus like antics about parking
now taking place at meetings all the time before boards like the
Zoning Board of Appeals.The Overlay Plan puts into effect the idea that Everett is growing
and that Everett needs to grow and that Everett cannot survive
without growth.

Projects now coming before the council or the ZBA suggest that
many thousands of new Everett residents will not and do not own
cars and prefer public transportation. This is not a pipe dream or a
scam as some board members suggest in the public arena. It is
the board members making such assertions who embarrass
themselves and who show no understanding whatsoever about
how the world turns.

By finally signing into law the Overlay Plan, the mayor lays out
how the city will redevelop its most valuable squares and
business areas by no longer demanding parking requirements.

This won’t satisfy residents who believe they own their parking
spaces on the street.

Public parking spaces cannot be owned by anyone except
members of the public.

At a hearing earlier this week, a ZBA member asked if it would be
OK to have a sticker system that allows only Everett residents to
park in public spaces on the street.

No one has a legal or mandated right to the space in front of their

This is why it is called public parking.

The mayor needs to end such mindless outrages by people who
ought to know better who serve on important boards in this city.
He needs to sign the Overlay Plan and to get on with the business
of developing this city – which is a crowded place growing more

When the growth stops, the city dies.

Sign the Overlay Plan, Mr. Mayor.

Stop the games.

Let’s get on with it.

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