The topping off party

Last week’s topping off party at the Encore Casino and Hotel is
arguably one of the most seminal moments in this city’s long

No project of this magnitude has ever taken place in Everett or in
neighboring cities, ever.While problems regarding the license still abound and are yet to
be determined, the topping off in a very real way is a shout out
that the project is moving ahead at top speed and rushing to
completion, although this remains about one year away.

Who owns the license to the casino is not so important as the
project being finished, the doors opening and the gambling tables
and slot machines operating and generating millions and millions
of dollars in income and tax dollars.

This is what matters to the people of Everett, to the owners of the
casino and hotel, and to the license holder, whomever that might
be when all is said and one.

Congrats to Encore on the topping off.

It is an achievement.

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