A Fine Solution

By Josh Resnek

The transformational performance by Wynn Resorts President Matthew Maddox before the Gaming Commission last week is a look into the heart of darkness.

According to the Wall Street Journal investigative report that brought down Steve Wynn, Maddox, his right hand man for 12 years, knew all about the $7.5 million paternity payment paid by Wynn in return for a woman’s silence about her pregnancy allegedly caused by Wynn.
Maddox lied before the Gaming Commission by failing to reveal this small matter and many others, when the Gaming Commission was conducting an investigation into Wynn’s suitability.

In other words, the Wynn application and many of the answers on it, were fraudulent.

This is why Steve Wynn has resigned and sold his stock.

This is why three new women board members have been appointed.

The Gaming Commission is apparently investigating all of this in order to come up with a decision on whether to approve Wynn Resorts as suitable or not.

The Gaming Commission is not the Supreme Court.

It is not even Superior Court.

Do not expect a profile in courage from the Commission.

Many of us watching this circus understand clearly that everything the Commission is doing will lead to the license being approved for Wynn Resorts, that Wynn Resorts will be found suitable of having a Massachusetts gaming license.

This doesn’t make the Commission unworthy but such a decision without a huge fine to impress upon Wynn Resorts that the Commission is the boss and that Wynn Resorts isn’t, is what is needed.

I would fine Wynn Resorts $50 million for nearly bringing the house down on this crucial investment in Massachusetts.

For Everett, nothing is more important than this development.

Therefor, the Commission should do the following:

Order a $50 million fine paid right away.

$25 million for the state; $25 million for Everett.

Such a fine would be paid in a heart beat by Wynn.

$50 million is nothing to this company.

Order Wynn Resorts to apologize for its outrageous behavior against its women employees and its men and women employees in general and to promise that sexual harassment and intimidation at Wynn Resorts against its employees is being eliminated.

Maddox should be made to publicly apologize for the company’s egregious behavior against its employees and to promise at the risk of the license being suspended by the Gaming Commission that Wynn Resorts will now follow the golden rule.

The Gaming Commission must order Wynn Resorts to set up a foundation funded with $10 million and $1 million annually thereafter to stand as a beacon of light and a safe harbor for Wynn Resort employees against sexual harassment.

If the Gaming Commission is going to bend over backwards to make the suitability investigation work, then it must ne Wynn Resorts.

Everyone with an ounce of common sense knows the Gaming Commission

investigation is a joke.

In Massachusetts, poor working-class slobs have their license to drive revoked everyday by the Registry of Motor Vehicles for not paying their taxes on time.

Maddox, who is worth about $50 million, delivered an Emmy Award winning performance before the Gaming Commission last week.

The liar dictating to the Commission what ought to happen is like the convicts running the prison.

Fine Wynn Resorts. Put them on probation.

Let them sweat a bit – like an average man or woman whose had their license suspended by the Registry because they failed to pay their taxes on time.

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