The mayor recently met with Carol Churchill, Communications Manager for Distrigas of Massachusetts, LLC. The longstanding corporate neighbor donated $25,000 for this year’s City’s Summer Youth Job Program.

Distrigas donation supports the Summer Jobs Program that not only employs so many of the City’s youth, but provides them with many of the skills necessary to obtain permanent employment later. At the same time, all Everett residents benefit from the community improvement projects that the youth undertake. For example, last summer kids cleaned up many neighborhood parks, the Northern Strand Community Bike Trail, and many learned valuable skills while working at many municipal locations; including DPW, Communications Department, Human Resources, and the Mayor’s Office.The mayor considers the Summer Youth Program an essential opportunity for teens prior to going off to college. The program helps students pay for books or expenses, and provides job experience for those entering the workforce.

“We are so fortunate to have a great corporate neighbor in Distrigas,” said the mayor  “I cannot thank them enough for their commitment to the city and in helping our youth job program over the years.”

The mayor and the Human Resources Department are working the final details of the Summer Jobs program.  Youth interested in working for the City can pickup applications at the Human Resources Department, 3rd Floor, City Hall.

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