Gasoline prices rising: Everett drivers likely to notice

By Kate Resnek

Gasoline prices are rising. A definite sign that summer is approaching.

With more people travelling from May to August, demand naturally increases along with prices.

In the summer of 2008 some families were paying close to four dollars per gallon to fill up with a record high price of $4.10 per gallon at one station in Mass.

This summer we are seeing a spike as usual but fortunately not to that extreme with the national average increasing to $2.88 in the last month.Gas1Since April the average price for regular gas here in Massachusetts increased by almost $0.20 with Middlesex County unfortunately having some of most expensive gas in the state at $2.89 per gallon on average. The lowest price drivers are getting for gas in the state is around $2.60 with Everett prices up to $0.40 more per gallon.

Everett drivers are already seeing these increases at local gas stations.

The Citgo on Broadway has the highest price in the city today at $2.99 per gallon for both cash and credit. A price that is well above the national and state average. Drivers are welcome to fill up there but there are certainly better options.


Prices at Citgo at 318 Broadway (top) and Super Petroleum at 356 Broadway (above)

Ferry St. Gas & Service isn’t far behind Citgo at $2.89 and is the closest you will get to the state average.

Some Everett fill-ups like Sunoco on the Revere Beach Parkway are offering more competitive pricing.

Sunoco may be a better option that Ferry St. at $2.83 per gallon for regular unleaded and is a good option for anyone traveling on the parkway.

But for the best price in the city one need only go to Super Petroleum right on Broadway.

Coincidentally, this station that is offering gas at $2.75 per gallon for cash and $2.85 for credit, is right next door to Citgo which is priced at almost $0.25 more per gallon.

For both cash and credit customers Super Petroleum is an inexpensive and central choice.

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