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Why is the mayor paying criminal

attorneys to represent him?


By Josh Resnek

Most of us will not spend a dime on an attorney unless we absolutely must.

But there are times when an attorney will sit us down when we have a problem or a problem is building on the horizon and say: “You need counsel. It is going to be expensive. You can’t handle what you are facing yourself. Get your checkbook out. Hire an attorney to protect yourself.”

The mayor is no different.

He has been paying criminal attorneys to represent him since 2015.

Total amount spent so far from his campaign account – $130,000 and apparently rising.

He told us last week that he hired these attorneys – a criminal attorney from Newburyport now a judge and Greenberg Traurig, the famous law firm that Rudy Giuliani was working for – for strategic advice.

Strategic advice?

What is that, Mr. Mayor?

Is it protection from Federal prosecution?

Is it for appearances before the Grand Jury?

Is it about something having to do with the casino land or whatever?

Tell us, please.

We’d like to know.

Who is the we?

The we are many of the voters who put you in office, the taxpayers who rely on your leadership, some members of the city council that reports to the people the city’s business and which is duty bound to hear from you what the problem is, if any.

Some of your contributors to your campaign would like to know, Mr. Mayor.

Were the fund raisers held last year for a campaign without an opponent to raise money to pay for the criminal lawyers?

Maybe that explains all the fundraisers when you ran without an opponent.

The Gaming Commission might want to know if you are having a criminal problem.

Everett is a host city – and you preside over that agreement.

If you are having a criminal problem does it put the city’s host agreement in jeopardy?

Are you having a problem, Mr. Mayor?

Is the $130,000 spent for criminal lawyers you have come to like as friends and you feel they need to be rewarded with your campaign money?


You are not one to give your money away.

If you are not having a problem, then please tell us.

Tell us the $130,000 is a reward to criminal lawyers and not a fee to protect you from prosecution.

Tell us what these payments are about, Mr. Mayor.

You can end the speculation with the snap of a finger.

If the $130,000 in fees to criminal attorneys are about nothing, then let us know.

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