Legal fees to criminal attorneys not a good sign; Councilor Marchese doing the right thing

Let’s face it, the payments of hefty legal fees to criminal attorneys every month by the mayor is not a sign that everything is the way it ought to be in the corner office at city hall.

The mayor has said nothing of substance to voters, taxpayers, colleagues and even to his friends and contributors about the attorneys fees he is paying.

There is only the public knowledge of the fees, $130,000 worth, and no insight to the reason for the payments to criminal attorneys representing him.

Any way one chooses to look at this it is a sign that the mayor is quite possibly facing criminal legal entanglements.

If this isn’t the case, then voters, taxpayers, contributors, colleagues in government and friends need to know.

Councilor Mike Marchese is correct in speaking out about the mayor’s responsibility to come clean with his legal dealings with criminal attorneys.

As Marchese has noted in the Leader Herald in this issue, this isn’t just about criticizing the mayor or attempting to throw mud onto his name. It is about doing what a councilor is supposed to do, questioning the mayor about his legal health and representing his constituents at the same time.

Where there is smoke there is fire.

Legal payments for criminal representation paid by the mayor from his campaign is there smoke.

The question remains – where is the fire?

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