Thank you senator Sal

Senator Sal DiDomenico has put together the major parts of a small miracle on Beacon Hill for this city’s public school students and for the public school students in 14 additional communities.

The House needs to approve legislation including DiDomenico’s miracle language about how the equation determining what is given to needier communities like Everett and Chelsea is arrived at.

Bottom line, if the House passes this and then the governor signs it, then the miracle will have happened.

First efforts to determine exactly how much more money cities and towns like Everett and Chelsea will get when it comes to educational funding from the state as a result of DiDomenico’s effort except to say it will result in millions more in badly needed funding for the Everett public schools and schools in 14 additional communities.

This is a big deal – if it happens – and it appears as though this miracle may come to pass.
If it does, then it stands as one of Senator DiDomenico’s major achievements since being elected 10 years ago.

Here’s to the House passing the legislation with DiDomenico’s language in it
Here’s to Governor Baker doing the right thing and signing the bill into law.

Here’s to miracles happening.

Thank you, Sal.

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