The Revolution Ax Issue

We have researched the controversy swirling around Revolution Ax wanting to open a bar with recreational ax throwing as the hook in our fair city.

At first blush, even the thought of the Licensing Board allowing such a place, is a long yard.

But should it be?

Probably not.

Axe throwing bars – where patrons throw axes in a controlled situation – are very common all over the United States. There are thousands of such bars with axe throwing as the hook.

To date, there has not been a single instance of a death or injury at an axe throwing location in the United States.

Again, the sound of it is much worse than the reality.

The bark is much worse than the bite.

And there are no bites.

We would ask the Licensing Commission to approve the Revolution Ax application.

The Licensing Board can impose all kinds of conditions upon which the licensee must comply in order to maintain the license.

We would ask the Licensing Commission to grant the license and to give the company 6 months to perform.

If at the end of six months everything is OK, then a permanent license or the yearly license should be granted.

What is given can be taken away.

That’s what the Licensing Board is all about.

Grant the license and get on with it.

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