Mckinnon’s Ready To provide For Memorial Day BBQ

By Kate Resnek 

McKinnon’s is ready to serve its hungry customers for Memorial Day Weekend.

While Memorial Day gives Americans time to remember fallen veterans it also falls perfectly at the cusp of summer time.

Summer and barbeque go hand in hand, and Memorial Day weekend is undoubtedly the (un) official kickoff of the grilling season.

Everyone will be out grilling this Memorial Day in Everett and across the country and buying supplies for this weekend’s festivities is on many people’s to-do list this week.

Of course, you could go to Market Basket or Stop & Shop, but in Everett many people will be taking their business to McKinnon’s.

McKinnon’s quality, prices, and atmosphere keeps Everett residents walking up and down the aisles. This week McKinnon’s has deals on all things barbeque with some of the best quality meat you can buy for their price.

For fresh-made sirloin burger patties customers will need only $4.89/lb this week. There are also deals on sirloin strip steak and bone-in ribeye steak at $8.49 and $7.99/lb and there will be no shortage of steak being cooked in backyards this weekend. Ribs and chicken wings are being offered at $4.88 and $2.69/lb respectively.

But a barbeque isn’t only meat, and McKinnon’s is stocked this week with everything a family could need for their own meal.

From homemade and brand name marinades and BBQ sauces at around $2.50 a bottle to $0.99 bottles of mustard to fresh-made egg and potato salad at $2.99/lb McKinnon’s is stocked with deli items made fresh daily and low-cost condiments.

This weekend if you decide to shop at McKinnon’s you should expect good deals for quality meats and produce and an all-important friendly atmosphere.


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