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Customers checkout at Glendale Package Liquors in Glendale Square 

Comparison Shopping For Adult Beverages

Story and Photos
By Kate Resnek

Everett has many options for people to buy beer, wine, and liquor but for the best deals it might be in your favor to take the short drive up the Revere Beach Parkway to Kappy’s in Medford.

Kappy’s is a behemoth located at 10 Revere Beach Parkway that has a gigantic selection of beer wine and liquor in its large, almost warehouse style store.

The Leader Herald randomly selected Glendale Package Liquors in Glendale Square to compare with Kappy’s prices.

The Glendale Package store is small but what it lacks in selection it makes up for in convenience.
So, is it worth it to make the drive to Kappy’s or will convenience win out?


In almost every category Kappy’s had the lowest prices. This includes discounts of up to $3.00 on 12-packs of beer.

With liquors the price difference was within $1.00-$3.00 with a 750 of Svedka being $4.00 cheaper at Kappy’s.

In the category of wine, however, the Glendale Square liquor store was less expensive for both wines selected with both the Yellowtail and Barefoot brand wines being each a dollar cheaper.


Customers browse Kappy’s large selection

So if you are just looking to pick up some Bud Light or a bottle of wine staying in Everett is a completely reasonable choice.

But, for liquors and less generic beers and wine Kappy’s is probably your best options. With low prices and a huge selection Kappy’s lives up to its reputation.

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