Exelon’s announcement some months back that the giant energy company was closing down the generating plant along the Mystic River caught everyone by surprise.

At the time, we wrote that Exelon had given the city its answer to a multi-million law suit against the energy giant being handled by former Governor William Weld of the noted law firm Mintz Levin.

The city has spent more than $1 million in legal fees to force Exelon into a negotiating corner – and they’ve answered by announcing the closure of the plant in Everett in 2022.

Now comes Exelon with a new filing intending to keep two of the generators up and running but only if consumers pay a monthly fee to do so.

Not as bad idea from the energy giant.

Let the customers pay for the privilege of the generators running!

Nice touch.

Exelon does some nice things for students in the local public schools. In fact, what Exelon does is way over the top.

Exelon is an over the top company run by longtime energy experts.

Charging the consumer to keep the heat on instead of just charging for the energy shows how over th top this company is.

Let’s see what happens.

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