This Budget Debate is Priceless

By Josh Resnek

The debate about school department spending in this city by the city council and the mayor defies logic.

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with the mayor and the city council questioning school department spending.

What is wrong is questioning how to cut school spending. School spending cannot be cut.

Running the city’s schools is an expensive proposition from year to year.

Far more expensive and imperative is keeping up an espirit de corps, so all the troops working for the kids believe that this is something to live for and to devote ones life to.

You can put a price tag on public school education. Continue reading “— EYE ON EVERETT–”

Council’s Hearing on EPS Budget Earns a Grade of … Incomplete

SD Budget Meeting
School teachers concerned about losing their jobs are shown filing out of the City Council chamber at Everett city hall last week following a meeting of the School Department, the School Committee and the City Council to discuss the 2019 School Department budget.

By Josh Resnek 

The School Department meeting with the City Council last week featured a huge crowd of concerned teachers, the entire School Committee and Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire with his entire team, discussing the new budget.

Foresteire told the council that even with an additional $6 million or so provided by the city to the schools, the budget will be about $5 million short.

Several councilors, led by Councilor Mike Marchese wondered aloud how to cut school spending.

Marchese toyed with the idea of cutting the day care and early morning child care, from the all day schooling which Everett’s youngest students are provided. Continue reading “Council’s Hearing on EPS Budget Earns a Grade of … Incomplete”

Mayor should ante up $5 million

The mayor and his Chief Financial Officer Richard Demas must be made to understand that the School Department cannot run its game for the full year with what it is being given.

The School Department needs more than it is being given, perhaps $5 million more.

This is incontestable fact – not mismanagement or overspending, either or both.
With the added $5 million, the School Department would not have to lay off 100 employees. Continue reading “Mayor should ante up $5 million”

The Casino Land Deal

Gattineri’s Lawyer:

“We Will Do Whatever Must Be Done to Get Justice”

By Josh Resnek

The Wynn Resorts casino story has taken yet another odd twist with a lawsuit filed in Federal Court last week asserting that Anthony Gattineri is owed $19 million for his share of the land conveyed to Wynn Resorts.

He claims he is owed this money and that the deal was made with a handshake!

Gattineri, one of the owners of FBT Realty, alleges that Robert DeSalvio, a senior executive at Wynn running the Everett Encore project, offered him $18.7 on a handshake if he’d sign paperwork that paved the way for the highly contested land sale to Wynn for $35 million instead of the negotiated price of $75 million.

The negotiations for the land the casino is being built upon are epic – the stuff of a novel – with a gangster, and a former business partner of the Gaming Commission chair all involved in the land deal.

“This law suit is not designed to interfere with the building of the casino,” said Attorney Stephen Gordon, who is representing Gattineri.

“A handshake is an enforceable contract. It is the equivalent of a legally binding agreement. I will do everything that is necessary for my client. Everything,” he said.

Gordon told the Leader Herald he had already been visited at his office by two senior Mintz Leven lawyers. Mintz Levin represents Wynn Resorts and Encore. Continue reading “The Casino Land Deal”