School Safety Enforced

Because of the massacres of children that have taken place all over the nation in our public schools, the School Department and the Everett Police Department have taken action.

At the high school, for instance, there are two police of cers on duty at all times when school is in session. Also, teachers patrol the front and back doors at all times, which are locked after school begins.

All rooms where students are being instructed during class hours are locked. Everyone has been instructed what to do in case of an emergency.

All of these safety preparations do not preclude the worst thing that can happen – that is – a disaffected school age student shooting his way into any of our schools and attempting to shoot as many children as he can.

There have been dozens of massacres and rampages by lunatic kids all over the nation in the past 20 years.

The Everett safety precaution extends to all the public schools throughout the city.

Teachers intuitively know problem students. They watch them carefully. They are trained to report dangerous students.

The national call for stricter gun control is an important rst step but won’t do very much to make guns less accessible.

There are something like 200 million weapons being held by Americans all over the nation.

The shooter was carrying a shot gun and a .38 caliber revolver in the atrocity committed at Parkland High School in Florida last month where 17 high school age students were shot to death.

These are among the most common weapons in the nation. How to stop the massacres?
Protect against them as we are doing here in the public schools.

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