Two Giants Return To Patriots

By Josh Resnek

The return of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to the Patriots playing field Monday afternoon is huge medicine.

This return to the field of two of the NFL’s greatest stars and performers, legendary players actually, marks a moment to be cherished by fans of the legendary Patriots.

Yes, they lost the Super Bowl last year.
That was then. This is now.

Our sport memories are so short.

I can’t even remember who won the Super Bowl last year.
I just know it wasn’t the Patriots.

I am a Patriots fan.

I watch no other football – none. Only the Patriots is my bill of fare on Sundays – and if there is no Pats game for me, Sunday doesn’t seem right. Sunday feels empty and I am left to wander.

This return of two titanic football prodigies, Brady and Gronk, marks another year we will delight in both of these stars performing on the field together on the same team!

What a thing of beauty to watch whenever they connect.

There is nothing quite as perfected as Brady taking the snap, taking a step back in the pocket, time grows suspended, bodies and arms are coming at him wildly, he cocks his arm, he snaps the ball which leaves his hand like a bullet out of a gun.

Gronk dives for it. He reaches out with the full extension of both his arms, grabbing the ball out of the air maybe an inch or two above the field before crashing down upon it and rolling over and jumping up like an acrobat – this powerful, graceful, athletic giant of a man.

This may very well be the last hurrah for the Patriots led by Brady and Gronk.
Enjoy that they are back, that the Pats are at it again with Brady at the helm.
He is, inarguably, the greatest ongoing show in the NFL.

Aaron Rogers – eat your heart out.
You just don’t compare with Tom Brady, Gronk and all the supporting actors and players in the greatest NFL show on this earth.

Go Pats!

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