ABC Cigar Boasts Selection, Style

A box of cigars inside ABC Cigar in Revere

Photo and Story
By Kate Resnek

Cigars, unlike cigarettes, do not have the reputation of being so addictive and menacing. When thinking of cigars, it is easy to conjure images of strength and manliness like Hugh Heffner or Winston Churchill.

Cigars are everything for some men these days. Everett doesn’t have an ABC Cigar Store, which is why we went to Revere for this story.

ABC Cigar on Revere Street is a throwback to a time long past but a true contemporary place if you want your brand of cigars.

For the men working at ABC cigars, it seems to permeate their personality. Inside the quiet and smoky store, the men sit and joke with each other and, of course, they smoke their brand of cigars.

Good cigars and great cigars are relatively expensive. A solid first class Dominican specialty cigar is going to cost you $10 or more.

A fine box of Macanudos can go for better than $300.

At ABC the large selection and obvious knowledge from the employees (from experience) can help the most seasoned to the newest of cigar smokers.

They are there to sell you cigars and they know what they are doing, and they can aid you in getting what it is you want.

ABC Cigar in Revere.

A very special place – and there aren’t many others like it in the area.

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